Pres. Lungu Sends Warning Shots To UPND, “I’ll Not Allow You To Set This Country On Fire”

President Edgar Lungu has sent a warning to opposition United Party for National Development members allegedly plotting to destablise the country in the wake of their leader’s arrest.

Leading opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was arrested on Tuesday after a midnight raid on his residence and is charged with treason which is a non bailable offence.

Addressing a public rally in Mbala, President Lungu says he has been informed of plans by the opposition to destablise the peace of the country.

“Some disgruntled UPND members are saying they’ll set this country on fire because of the arrest of HH, I will not allow that,” he declared.

“The arrest of one politician can’t set this country on fire. We are all equal before the law including myself. In this country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

President Lungu says he had also obtained intelligence information that UPND members of parliament met last night in Lusaka to plot their next move.

“Those MPs who met in Lusaka yesterday to plot anarchy, we will pick them and lock them up,” he warned.

Hichilema was arrested following an incident in Mongu in which his convoy clashed with the presidential motorcade.


  1. vrujie

    Mwalasebana ba ecl,just sit relax think like a God fearing leader and correct your wrong deeds before God’s presence. You say rule of law…wondering, do you..your self follow what you friends to follow?challenge me if at all you’ve never broken the simple and straight forward constitution. You’re mad mr president because 1.you never handed power to speaker after petition was filed 2.your ministers continued after parley dissolved. So you see too much irregularities in your doingz.foolish.. And i know what is haunting you… Kkkkkkk

    • hummer where it hurts

      Quot.(those MPs who met in Lusaka yesturday to plot anarchy ,WE WILL PICK THEM AND LOCK THEM UP.)he “warned”.People of my ancestors’ land make me understand.yesterday ecl said he will not interfere in the police’s work, today he said we will pick them….

      • Urjeni

        BHe is hend of all armed forces so what do u know fool of hummer

        • hummer where it hurts

          A ujeni na welele mukwasu Ku sukulu aka tsiri dzise m’pudziro e fumira pa dzenera.Wotsauziwa ana bvya nkwangwa pa kotsi.

      • chichi 2

        He is the commander of the armed forces. He has powers to command the police to pick those MPs.

      • Pepe

        … can you trust him on any thing?

      • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

        Know what? Politicians have very short memories and ECL is a lawyer. Anyway politicians are politicians. My only advice to UPND MPs is to defy ECL so that they get arrested together with their president for solidarity!

      • Amagenge

        He is the boss of the police. Commander in Chief and so he can give executive orders. Besides everything the police do, they do them in the name of the president. In situation of war or upheavals he becomes the final word. Hope this helps

        • hummer where it hurts

          If this is not interference then find a better word for me bwana termite.

        • hummer where it hurtsiiiim m

          If this is not interference then find a better word for me bwana termite._(macenkenene).

    • Chang su lee

      Some of you you’re cursed nothing good comes from your mouth

    • Chang su lee

      Some of you you’re cursed nothing good comes from your mouth

      • obress choonga

        What do you mean? Some of you are cursed nothing good comes from mouth.

    • Sharon

      Mr President the simple solution is to promote democratic values – freedom of speech, association, assembly … If opposition MPs met, it is within there right to seek a way forward, all you are doing is intermediate them, that is what we pay them for. As a Christian I find it unfortunate that ALL you have for us at Easter are threats to our hard earned DEMOCRACY.

    • Sky

      Even if the president is wrong you can not insoult the president you the one is foolish swaine!!!!

      • Jarabo

        If the son of God could be insulted and beaten, what a drunkard? He deserves it because he is insulting the integrity of innocent majority Zambians.

  2. Chichi

    Fuck this dude. Who was he trying to warn? I guess he was drank as usual, so don’t mind his silliness.

    • gomezyani c mvula

      cino calo shakwa lesa tule ikatana bonse you are one

    • Urjeni

      BHe is hend of all armed forces so what do u know fool of hummer

    • chipya mulilo

      Chishishi chichi. He was warning u. Come in d open and try to funkn around wth him. And c what ‘ll happen to u. Ask yo MP, Garry Nkombo, he almost lost is testacles. Yo President HH used tok like u. Where is he today? u can’t even rescue him, frm dugeon.

    • kwese

      chichi..your ip address shows us your location..we can get you!!!

      • chichi 2

        He is the commander of the armed forces. He has powers to command the police to pick those MPs.

        • Pepe

          Now I understand why we can not develop, which infestor would waste its time coming here unless they are also connies. Ubupuba, buchinokole, foolishness has overwhelmed us.

      • Truth

        Iwe don’t threaten people. Are they using your bundles? No! Are they using your phone? No. Don’t threaten people with divergent views. This is a democratic dispensation.

      • Chichi

        @Kwese, As if you can dare you black maggot. You think Scotland entertains intoxicated idiots like you and your silly empty brain Edgar. We will get you instead, infact obliterate you with our monster tomahawk and trident missiles. Find something better to do than shitting this nonsense.
        Signs cute Chichi girl.

        • chipya mulilo

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        • chipya mulilo

          In d first place scotland should b warned for entertaining rotten lasabian, chichi and the homosexual monarch. If u still think u ‘re mo superior than us. Scotland keep that dick, pussy thought to yo rotten pink asshole. We ‘re not scared of any gay idio

        • Owen ngandu

          @Chichi,Tel this lizard to behave,no threats

    • Elez

      Some children you can’t understand, on all yo family niwe wasendapo ubupuba ubukulu from your parents. Chimumbwe pala wiso pala noko ukuwama

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    • Don Man

      keep peace please

  3. Brighton

    Ecl You are a big full. Will fight until wil clash You full

  4. Tyson Bismark

    Umuloi wena nja tuwe,wasashwa ni pula,haiba lifasi kilahao,wena zahao lilukile

  5. Chris B

    Chachine Bakateka wesu i love this let them now know that you are the man incharge of Zambia none but you and only you alone batumpisha muno bakabalwe.
    deal with them viciously since they asked for this.
    the squeezing up of the nose brings forth blood.
    umuntu kuti mwali mulamusula emo shachela ati nalimo akachinja awe nao tewakuchinja iyo.
    umwana ekalisha ilyo afisha, munshebwa nao aile nobusali kumako, chitongo nao amenene umwefu kwikoshi aya malibu yakuilombela hh went completely out of the way to the extent now of wanting to endangering the life our legitimate elected President and Lawfully Sworn in Kateka awe ena mpaka 2060 limbi just maybe he may receive Presidential pardon .
    Zambia needs leaders of substance not utuma under five numukaka wamabele fulu mumasaya.

  6. mtobe chipata

    Comment: hwz innocent nd hwz not, the truth is that HH on way nt to compete with ecl in fact chagwa hwz nt a owner of the country

  7. Fred

    let peace reign in zambia

  8. Haluza hagain

    mr president,let those who want to set our country on fire do so at their own risk coz their leadr z now regratin hs actions and ask dem where z tayali?be responsiblet ba upnd.

  9. umupondo

    Y ba upnd

  10. Elez

    Just hang them all

    • man and half

      Elez u are not the judge to say that ,u know where the problem is, it is on the petition isue. If they rule the petition everything can b ok.If they don’t, the problem will b just going and all what we need is peace in our country.

      • Elez

        Wat pc ar u toking abt wen yo prezda is de 1 who iz in front doing nonsense, by de way who do u think can tolerate such behaviour, foolish

  11. Chitamawe

    No situation iz permanent. The gruntled shud hold their fire. HHs situation wl indeed cam 2 pass, it hznt cam 2 put peace we hv all along cherished at ransom. Hold yo fire!!

  12. kacingwe donald

    Comment mr lungu you understand that we ready to due for our mother Zambia.our four father fought hard for this freedom we enjoying including.in the time of rembaration there was no one from eastern who died for this freedom we are enjoying today.it was only tongas and bembas who fought this country.so please just make sure that you leave this as you find it.let one Zambia one national work don’t destroy it. no Chipata person died during this period.

    • Ugiril

      Iyee r u sure Bembas and to tongas are only trabes that fought for this country liers and I know u r the trabe coursing problem and disturbing this country. To much talking less work what r u fighting for? Keep quite Zambia in moving on

      • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

        Where did you do your elementary school? You English is terrible. Don’t write in public fora

  13. Truth

    Okay Chakolwa is a hypocrite. Who does he think he is? What does he have for his to be opening his mouth carelessly? Truth of the matter is this, he can do all this because he is in power. Is this how he wants to be treated when he leaves office? Time will tell…. am non partisan but honestly, thats not how you arrest someone. We know it was an instruction from this drunkard.

  14. Emmanuel Brizho Chinyama

    I Deserve War In This Because Lungu Is Becoming So Stupit In Some Cases,so am happy with upnd’s plans may the lord bless them.

    • chipya mulilo

      if u uprise against Zed, what kind of weapon are u going to use? machet? panga? hoe? or axe? u ‘ll b teagased like yo uncle HH. Try and c for yoself. Police, on full alert waiting for yo danda head. Watch out, fool.

  15. j.s

    Peace we have peace we kip


    iwe lungu!! this country is not yours idiot!!!





    • P.F Cadder

      Muzanya Oil Ba Upnd Carefull,why Can’t U Accept That Lungu Is The Heard Of State…Dont Be Fooled By H H

  19. HIMZ musoja

    yes the head of state is very right on dat one bcoz the so called 6times fariah hh is bcoming a disaster in this country

  20. Napoleon

    Ba lungu you have oppressed government institutions. You promised the Zambian people that you will start firing your corrupt Ministers like Dora maize gate scandal siliya and Chishimba corrupt kambwili. Our ministry of lands ,passport office and ministry of health are decayed and corrupt.

  21. Raphael

    Arrest them we want Peace wrong doing of person can’t affect the nation

  22. Raphael

    Arrest them we want Peace wrong doing of one person can’t affect the nation

    • Elez

      Eaa zoona, y bativute ma failures aba jst cage any1 found wanting 4 them 2 the test pain of jail am sure after saving there sentences thy wil be transformed

  23. Bk

    You are right Your Excellence no one is above the law Avillager

  24. Inno Sims

    In every country were there is war it was one person ‘s influence.
    JAMES 3:5……See how great a forest a little fire kindles!
    Its one man ‘s sin destroys the whole world.
    Its one Man ‘s blood cleanses the whole sins of the world.
    Second World War came because of the death of one man.
    The whole world is controlled by one man,
    And the world is condemned bcoz of one man ‘s sins.
    As Zambia is controlled by one man,
    One man can destabilze it all.
    As peace can created by one man,
    War can also be created by one person.
    It is one man ‘s death in Tunisia that set up the Uprising of Egypt, Algeria Libya, Syria and Arab States.
    READ again the book of JAMES 3:1-8

  25. DM

    Your Excellence this is your duty to protect me and all Zambians, God bless you

  26. frank hachi

    Mr president why can’t just set him free coz you are one who is setting this country on fire we believe you have a heart

    • Jonathan Nyirongo

      Lendelebo Sika Yamakete My Man

    • Elez

      Who told such nonsense, but uli chikopo chamu Federal iwe ayi.

  27. Bk

    You are Right Your Excellence no one is above the Law.The law is blind to social status.let criminals be treated as criminals.and let hh face the law .just as any other villager can for stealing a goat.

  28. De Beloved Amos

    I think, the UPND members were just supposed to humble themselves and ask for a favour from H.E Lungu to spare HH than trying to compete with Him, the President has the most power in the country no one can challenge Him, these guys (UPND) are just putting many lives of innocent people in danger. Edgar keep up with your good work, all we want is peace in the country.

  29. Raphael

    Make sure

  30. kbs

    Zambia will never be on fire. Zambia is a peaceful country. Those who agitating the peace of the nation must be brought to book. We are not interested in politics of the nation. Our interest is that the peace we have enjoyed since indepedence must continue. Kenneth Kaunda was once behind bars we still enjoyed peace. The arrest of HH can not set this country on fire. Neither is zambia sitting on a time bomb. Happy easter zambia.

  31. SODIUM

    Comment: Bakakwipaya Mune Uposekomano Lobe. Na PF yikashala lobe.

  32. WILLE

    I dd nt knw dat it kem frm de top ofisi dat de same “der motsogoleri” z incasarated,anyways noticed de “we’ll pick nd lock dem up”.

  33. Bk

    It is true the law has no eyes

  34. Tito

    Abena kristu the bible says you will know them by the fruit they bare they call themselves as Christians bit in their hearts theirs no love

  35. Give it a thought Zambia

    Treason is a non-bailable offence in Zambia, with a minimum jail term of 15 years and a maximum sentence of death.you need not to be a rocket scientist to know that hh is going to be given such sentence..A saying goes that a politician is a person that will tell you to go to hell in such a way that you happily look forward to a trip..politics and politicians are like a prof oncologist(a doctor specilised in study of tumours cancer)doctor who smokes yet he know that it smoking increases 200% fold of development of malignant carcinoma(cancer) it does not convince me.puting a charge hh to simply and merely diverge citizens minds on talkin about some guy hh instead of developmental strategises,plans,visions,goals and success rates of projects gov that an easy way u can defeat an opposition arresting does not work….presidential advisers convice me why u have that job…And Zambians let use wisely this platform to debate and generate ideas and solutions for our mother land not to be inventing insults does not help…and for those who may be bored at home,work place,market or any place and looking for something to oppose u can do better like read a book…give it a thought Zambia …

    • Umukankala

      Reading is good for the mind

    • Umukankala

      Those few individuals planning to set this country on fire will be the first to flee..(they selfish,greedy,hypocrites..).ordinary women and children will suffer.Leadership is selfless… people first.

  36. Marker

    Comment those MPs they have coins to useas transport money if things goes to the worst,but those who wants to follow blindly don’t blame any one if you are caught by the bullet,so let us remain peaceful.

  37. Lungu

    Mad monkey

  38. kelvinyy

    This is his plan, the moment HH is released lungu will be buried …

  39. Nondo Zombe

    Your Excellency , your firmness on this issue should be supported by all well meaning Zambians. Let every citizen of our great nation know that this country is governed by laws, wither in opposition or ruling party. if this country is set on fire by few selfish individuals pretending that they are speaking for people they will be the first to flee the country and the majority will suffer. your Excellency don’t give an inch to such people and since you have received the intelligence information please let the police move in quickly and arrest these people

  40. Marker

    Comment plz Ba editor don’t publish any massage sent to you if they are there to insult each other,it’s getting out of hand.

  41. Nyolox

    Insult we can’t solve the problem let us think the solution mwavela ka

  42. Chibawe Mweete

    apimwa mazuba aako talemi mauba,taakwe catakamana-catakamana cakayoosya.what goes around comes around !

  43. Morgan

    Let the will of GOD done

  44. Zambwe way

    Theme for this year .18, August , 2017. Prayer and fasting is forgiveness…. Our president ECL is the guest of owner

  45. mk

    Cage them

  46. KaLunda

    Do not advocate 4 war coz you wil be the first person 2 die. War z 4 trained pipo not a civilian like you however talkative & insolent you may be. Why prepare 2 die 4 a person who z not even close 2
    you! Dont be a fool!Comment

  47. The Zinc

    Okay guys let me confess….. Chichi was once treated of mania @ chainama hospital where she told every other patient in the asylum that she’s Tasila & ECL naba wishi. It was after recovery that she never came to terms with reality. & now she uses projection and displacement as the way of surviving her mental sickness. She’s currently on fluoxetine & some other mood stabilizers. So ba Chichi aba nimbwafye ituntulu.

  48. Tycoons

    Arrest them all.

  49. Joshua

    Pa last, at fasting & pray. what a fooshness president

  50. Muntumusu

    I don’t know who is fooling who! If the law was central to everyone instrument of power was going to be handed on the time a petition was put forth in the con court, if the law was central to everyone the ministers who were found wanting and ordered to pay back could have done so, but when we hear of this preaching to say the law should take its course on HH,it’s more confusing, unless if you are PF you’re free not to follow the law and the law is for the opposition, why not put it clearly.. Than this kind of hippocrisy. God is watching, we might be clever in our own eyes but He who made this universe never slumbers nor can we fool him with our folly hearts.

  51. maybwoy

    Teach him some lesson

  52. joseph

    It’s peace we want..and peace only..

  53. Vwave

    Hh is a treat 2 lungu dats de reason u hve charged him with a treason…be a man develop zambia for pipo 2love u.not useless issues!

  54. Easter Lungu

    Look at this hypocrite. He starts a fire himself and and fears he could be scorched by the same fire he has started. lungu, you may get the “satisfaction” in having HH arrested or even jailed, but remember you will never last forever. You instill fear in citizens, and indeed in your self, running from your own shadows. People are “quiet,” and the more they are quiet about what you have started, the more you start speculating they are planning something against you. No! Be calm! and you will be surprised by what will follow… REAL FIRE, which you will never quench.

  55. One Zambia One Nation

    (Luke 19:21) Ukupoka ichinsenda kunkoko kunakilila and akanyelele nga wakapimpila kalasuma. God bless Zambia. U will reap wat u sow.

  56. Gomezyani Mvula

    love each other nakateka wabonse lesa nifyumu tulepepa

  57. Tasila

    Iwe chakolwa loser, its not about HH or UPND, but it is about your dictatorship and crimes against the people of Zambia. So don’t you ever continue to provoke the already “inflamable” situation. You continue to further polarized the country politically with your foul mouth. Yes! If its the reaction you want to see from the people, you will surely get it, i mean you will get “IT”. Watch your words, for the word can build or destroy. So just keep on “enjoying” your hay while your sun still shines.

  58. cm

    my people let love lead, where the’s no love the’s no God…love looks beyond racism, difference in languages, difference in politics and so forth, we shud take note the Satan can use any one to bring confusion, it maybe HH but no one is better than him therefore let us forgive one another and let us make sure to fight that Satan who is trying to use us as his agents. Battle before it starts physically it starts from the heart so if we are victorious in our hearts even in the physical we will be victorious.. may the lord Jesus Christ who holds every mans heart in his hands take control of the situation in the name of Jesus , thankyou lord amen…

  59. Monica Mulenga

    So it is good for ECL, to continue frustrating the opposition leaders, with absurd incarcerations, so that he can enjoy being an illegal president he is.

  60. tyga

    that’s bullshit ba pf….

  61. mama

    Comment wen u plan to kill your frend , u will also die in the same way _ u cant lok up the whole nation over 16million pipo …. if u think zambia is in your hand 4get…… let the entire nation rise against ecl we c if he will survive, ignila had already prophesied on chagwa hence we ar not worried

  62. Jack 575

    He is happy bcoz he jst find him self as a president, no wonder he was jst a damage from his Father. We blem the back ground were he came from.

  63. A.C.C

    You supose 2 say the law wil tek its course nt we wil arrest them.u r nt da law hav u seen power has made u think as u r da law with ur corrupt people around u.honestly speaking i mis Sata.

  64. pf cadre

    Ba pf have cerebrated over hh arrest, upnd where are you, cowards, hh will rot in jail, chagwa has mugabe and mu7 to fight for him

  65. Joseph chaponda

    God bless u mr ecl make sure the foolish men is jailed.

  66. Malawi MLAKA

    pipo! r u afraid of using yo real names or wot? God will always not let hz pipo get astray.Right way of solvin ths matter shall be seen,not evn one to die.

  67. Napoleon

    Our late president Michael chilufya sata took a wrong person to the mountain peak.A true leader must be forgiving,humble and love his enemies.let the law take its course on corrupt p.f senior ministers.lastly if president lungu says he won’t be involved in H.H matter then also he shouldn’t get involved in Dora siliya and Chishimba kambwili corrupt acquired wealth.

  68. carder


  69. Tasila

    “we will pick those UPND mps and lock them up”chapona today. “i don’t interfere in police duties”. That’s chakolwa yesterday. Wait a minute, is this the same lungu saying this? This man is a snake of creature, as dangerous as black mamba, or was he drunk as usual? What a hypocrite! Whatever you say or do today, will be used as evidence against you in court when that time comes. Who do you think you are fooling? Your daughter or your wife? Lungu, don’t let that state house “confort” corrupt your mind. You will one day leave it and face the music. You can fool some people sometimes, but you cant fool the people all the time…

  70. Tasila

    “we will pick those UPND mps and lock them up”chapona today. “i don’t interfere in police duties”. That’s chakolwa yesterday. Wait a minute, is this the same lungu saying this? This man is a snake of creature, as dangerous as black mamba, or was he drunk as usual? What a hypocrite! Whatever you say or do today, will be used as evidence against you in court when that time comes. Who do you think you are fooling? Your daughter or your wife? Lungu, don’t let that state house “confort” corrupt your mind. You will one day leave it and face the music. You can fool some people sometimes, but you cant fool the people all the time… Days are numbered. By the way this October, the 18th is “day of national prayer and reconciliation” . Lungu which prayers and reconciliation? You don’t put God to test. Using church as your human shield. Pliz church lets wake up from slumber and condemn this evil “religious” policy deviding the true church of God. Lets be mindful of the seven churches in the book of Revelation..

  71. Tasila

    “we will pick those UPND mps and lock them up”chapona today. “i don’t interfere in police duties”. That’s chakolwa yesterday. Wait a minute, is this the same lungu saying this? This man is a snake of creature, as dangerous as black mamba, or was he drunk as usual? What a hypocrite! Whatever you say or do today, will be used as evidence against you in court when that time comes. Who do you think you are fooling? Your daughter or your wife? Lungu, don’t let that state house “confort” corrupt your mind. You will one day leave it and face the music. You can fool some people sometimes, but you cant fool all the people all the time… Days are numbered. By the way this October, the 18th is “day of national prayer and reconciliation” . Lungu which prayers and reconciliation? You don’t put God to test. Using church as your human shield. Pliz church lets wake up from slumber and condemn this evil “religious” policy deviding the true church of God. Lets be mindful of the seven churches in the book of Revelation..

  72. Ba Gee Gabriel

    That’s my president

  73. Ba Gee Gabriel

    That’s ma president

  74. Ba Gee Gabriel

    Some people are busy supporting what is wrong go ahead my president

  75. samcruise

    ndelolesha fye….

  76. kay teddy umusungu bugar

    show them mr ecl

  77. Mukosayi ernest

    KA mr lungu.this country is not yours that you can do what u feel like doing idiot!!!

  78. aghach

    iwe lungu this country is not hour’s…

  79. Moyo H Thomas

    When you create a storm, dont complain when it rains heavily on you

  80. Moyo H Thomas

    Weuletuka bakateka ask chilufya tayali .zicta has started working

  81. Cha Miti

    ‘Every Finishing Line Is The Bigining Of Another Race’ GET IT CLEARLY! OKAY?

  82. Cassius

    Mr Dyungu. Chinyo chako, mapolo ya ma disciples yako and munyelo wama funs bako who produce smelliest air. Fuck you one’s more bad eggs! Idiots

  83. peace 1

    We had pipo like Hitler are no more ni tym chabe

  84. zone

    it’s just a time zone, hh is not upnd,just keep on doing fake arrangement we know everything tower ba guy.

  85. xyz

    we’r ready 4war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiot fucking nigarz,thus y yo country will Neva develop coz u r all mad

  86. Ba hh

    Let’s the law work on hh ,u can’t compare ECL and u ,us nsenga we say umbe pakuyendayenda ewela namukolo was embwa,milandu eyo siifuna ndalama wat are u going to do now .I being a Zambian give him 15years so that apunzile

  87. Gangster Patlike

    Baza Tulula Oil Bamambala They Are All Foolz Stupid Cadders Big Shit 2 H H

  88. Tyson Bismark

    Fake country Zambia,stop calling it a Christian nation,is devil country combined with crime,corruption,satanic,witches&prostitutes

  89. Tyson Bismark

    Fake country Zambia,stop calling it a Christian nation,is devil country combined with tribalism,crime,corruption,satanic,witches&prostitutes

  90. one pf

    In Zambia there is no Democracy. z motto has changed , it is one Zambia, two nations . and we’ve lost our Christianity. it is all because of z so kod chakolwa lungu a Siliman may z Lucifer protect u!!!!!!!!!

  91. Mark

    Police used expired tear gas when they attacked HH. Expired tear gas releases cyanide gas! Lungu gave the order to murder HH. The police are corrupt. They are also not above the law!

  92. chewe

    Yes show these idiots that you are a man of action…Mr walk the talk…if it means arresting and putting every idiot upnd member,go ahead coz we they are all valueless to us..


    Don’t behave like someone who don’t understand or who is not breathing please use your mind in thinking not kiddens .the president has the right to use power in this country .So lets work hand in hand so that we fight against Satan .HH is not a president he must accept that ECL is his and our country president . elections are over why making as if you’re also a president and by the way ECL is the president . that treason case it has no bail my dear it depending how mercy the president to paddon him, but if you go to other country it was suppose to be killed Instent ,but this country is the peace country .you mps from upnd who are planing for something else just be calm .it will be fine lets wait you see . because you may find yourself in( mwaona) .think of this which opposition party did that from the way go stating from the father KK, FTJ, Mwanawasa, Rupia , Micheal. All this no one did this treason its unacceptable my dear not in this country maybe go to other country were you be acceptable in this case here in Zambia nothing brother don’t cheat yourself please you have money but respect yourself please more freedom more problem my dear accept that we have one president in this country the only Mr ECL.

  94. jobs mawere

    One fun problem with our friends from the oposition is that they always think that their leader can ascend to power based on regionalism. Pls felo country men and women yo dreams are far fetched if u think that N.Wstern, Southern and Western wil produce a president for u minus the other provinces lyk Lsk and CB.

  95. Pastor with a cigger

    People must always learn to think before the comment if they are to claim to be wise,! The same HH got his Brother to jail for selling some cattle to pay his starving workers sometimes last year now judge! Was he fair enough, did he show remorse or was he trying to prove himself Man enough or selfish? These issues bana Zambia, dont just display your devilish hate but be truthful! Is it animal farm where some pigs are more better than other 4legged animals or is it because he proffesses to be richer than all that pipo begin to support even wrongs he does?, any vehicle sounding a siren as per roads and traffick laws must not maybe or sometimes, but must be given way regardless of the position you are on! .now worst of it, a Presindentail motorcade pls!!!! ….anyway to you who dont understand law, i advise you to keep queit and watch because (mudala) has relatives who should be pained and worried of his situaton than you, hypocrites,! Why would you want to remove a grain of sand in MR. HH ‘s eyes and leave abeam in your eyes!? Let a sleeping dog alone, more you dont even know how many soldiers Zambia has or rather military personnels under his command for you to talk of bloodshed. Pls lets learn to consult before we comment! .nothing has changed and nothing will change as far as infringement of peace in Zambia. No one is above Zambia but a president is the head and commands with consultatoin of our zambian law. Warning from the philosopher, higher integrity and wise Man.

  96. Man of Grace

    It’s one God, one Zambia and one President at a time.

  97. Warm blooded Lunda

    Its not everyone who is happy with HH’s arrest.If the idea of charging him with treason is to get rid of him from politics,am sure voting for the might mulyokela in 2021 would be better.Just to remind you ba ecl,you’re the sixth presdo of zambia.Those ruled before you,were even more wiser than you.But were are they? died and some watching the presdo seat.The zambian people knows how to change,time is coming when no one will need you and that will be the end of your story.

  98. Akapondo munchende

    The MPs should take into consideration that in lawful Assembly is not allowed anywhere in the world. Its a source of anarch and misbehaving. The police are there to keep peace and harmony in the country. Zambia is for all peace loving citizens.

  99. andy

    i think lungu is mentally retardeted, pliz mr hve a brain chack up b4 its too late

  100. zamani

    Things will change lungu will cry.

  101. kay Namz

    this doesn’t make sense at all

  102. Lebron James

    This man has dictatorship tenancies



  104. Fact

    Let people voice _out they have the right to speak their mind about what’s happening in their respective mother_land!

  105. gm

    A tail can never rule the head

  106. Aurent

    Comment: You upnd fools, the more you cause trouble the more your empty tin in incarceration ‘ll be making noise because his life ‘ll be more complicated. As you already know, empty tins make most noise.

  107. eliche

    wat a silly thing!

  108. wisdom mbale

    What a thing zoona pa zed

  109. Manuel Chifumanyi

    What a shame. Truthfulness and fair play is supposed to rein in a country which has the title of a “Christian Republic.” We who are watching on the Western side of the border and went to school in Zambia are very sad indeed. We know what war is. It is better to resolve matters peacefully rather than go to war. Once war breaks out it is difficult to stop. People who go to war in the long run sit down and talk. Why not talk in the first place.

  110. Joseph Benjamin lungu

    Just askng for the president to do all he can do to protect our country as it is stated that zambia is christian nation so let it be so

  111. Wongzy Banks


  112. jemason

    Mr lungu u are just luck because opposition have know weapons.if they have weapons I don’t think army can defend you now you should know;

  113. Mutambo H

    ECL seems he is drunk with power,the people who are cheer leading him on will not be their when he faces the Almighty to answer for the way he has abused power.He will end up like Nebuchadnezzar when God humbled him by eating grass
    God hates people who pervert justice and jail innocents

  114. minds......

    if the MPs are plotting against the government… they will be arrested… that is just the law… intelligence knows better about this matter… some of your comment based on hate on either the head of state or HH… do not be mislead… let the rule of law take charge… and try to look at things from a neutral point and dont hate based of what you head… and dont believe everything you read… especially most stories on this site and sites such as zambianwatchdog.com that only aim at disruping peace in this nation


    Don’t be against de president and de gorvament.sisters and brothers. Pliz.

  116. M7

    Hehehehe….well done rafiki thats what I also do in Uganda.

  117. C.C

    CHICHI, BRIGHTON and others…… you are just wax like the one you are supporting. My warning is that have respect for leaders installed by God. Please move out of the sun!!!!!!

  118. C.C

    Chichi, Brighton. ……….you are wax. Please stop standing in the sun!!!!!!

  119. Kalos aka

    U don’t have to insult the president

  120. Gerious

    The so-called law only applies to the poor and the opposition. Mr president sir, when parliament was dissolved, why did you hold on to power when the same law you are miss using does not allow you to hold on to power after parliament is dissolved? Your ministers, they remained in their offices when parliament was dissolved when the same law does not allow them. Mr president, pf cadres in 2010 blocked the presidential motorcade. Did pf police charge them with treason?? Did pf police arrest those offenders??. On so many occasions you mr president and your government including your cadres have gone against the law. Why should the law only be for the poor and the opposition? Release HH NOW!!!

  121. wisdom kesongo

    iwe tell your father that forward nimbama


    Im in USA living a thug life but I will shut down ZR for allowing a porn star Chichi to disrespect our president.Im also warning a rat called Koswe that I will shot his ass.

  123. Newman

    Why fight ur yourselves youre christian what shameahame you fight hh or ecl focuss on God peace brothers peace

  124. hh

    Please this country were is it going…….. But pf if you treat hh badly the journey of going in peace is going to stop

  125. Ozi Geey

    Yes my ECL continue with ur plan

  126. Napoleon

    The use of the principal of us vs them is the one adopted by the p.f government.As a government in power it must concentrate in building bridges but it has built walls.The main problem is there is a lot of corruption,division and suppression.

  127. Moses mulenga

    My president deal with them please we believe in your powers

  128. Kennedy Mkandawire

    The fact is that even if ECL can step down HH can never be the president but Inonge Wina
    that is what the law says.

  129. rich gani

    ecl is on fire…

  130. kapuli


  131. DM

    CommentHe was not elected at the PF convention he raped the PF constitution he continues raping zambia law it is a matter of time you have incacerated many HH is not alone shallow thinking. You are not a good leader you have never been and you will never be .

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