Tutwa Ngulube Appeals Decision To Drop Him As PF DC Chair

Kabwe lawyer Tutwa Ngulube says he will challenge the decision by PF Secretary General Davies Mwila to drop him as chairperson of the disciplinary committee.



Tutwa Responds


Ladies and gentlemen, friends and relatives,allow me to quickly respond to your several inquiries about that news on znbc regarding my “dropping”.

I have learnt from friends and family that the Secretary General has issued a media statement regarding my representation of the Party and the Mazhandu family bus company. Mazhandu family bus company has not and never been in court with the party which is my employer but with RTSA a public body that has nothing to do with the PF my employer.

As a qualified lawyer of 10 years standing at the bar and 13 years experience my training is that I must be fearless and independent in my professional judgment and career. I am not and have never been served with any official correspondence or complaint from the Party whether they were unhappy with my association with the Mazhandu Family bus company a company that has been in existence even before I was born.

A lawyer shall not be intimidated or condemned for the choice he makes as regards his clients and friends. A lawyer should be ready to defend his ethics and client without fear of punishment or condemnation as I did.

Moreover, Mazhandu as a company did not cause the accident t but one of their drivers and the bus, which was insured.

Nevertheless, as a senior member of the party I was not informed of the decision made by the Secretary General of the party whom I have only worked with for a short period of time until I heard it from the media.

That as it may be, I pledge my total loyalty and support to the Republican and party president and thank him for according me the honour to serve the party and the nation at the highest levels.

I am extremely grateful to his Excellency for the exposure he accorded me to head the legal department of the party and to handle not only huge but sensitive matters against the party and mostly against him, most of which I concluded with talent skill and zeal in his favour.

I am still a member of Parliament for the KABWE central constituency and member of the Ruling party.

In line with the party constitution and section 26A of the employment Act, I will appeal the said decision to the Republican president and the Central committee.

For now I will respect the decision of the Secretary General and await the outcome of the Central committee.

Kind regards.



  1. The Chosen One

    Serves him right. No sympathy with this fella. He hoped to be appointed Justice Minister, only for EL to appoint an non Lawyer

    • Mumbwe Fhiri

      This Tutwa is truly a kid. Born after Mazhandu Family Buses started operating? He probably never heard of Gandire, UBZ, Mulla’s, Kashembe etc. He is also incompetent. Does he have an employment contract with PF for him to refer to the Employment Act?

      • nkhume kume

        Twatu was born in a village of chama district.did his primary and secondary in chama,he only came to Lusaka to do his law at the campus.other wise is a villager no idea of bus ya gandire.

  2. PF member of parliament

    Irrelevant! How on earth does this concern zambians? Malabishi.

  3. hummer where it hurts

    Retiring you in the national interest is one of their songs,but your name (TUTWA)my dear speaks volumes.

  4. Chichi

    What does Ngulube want in a rotten PF government? Am left to assume that he’s also a ritual murderer like Edgar. Just yesterday Edgar sacrificed his escort police officer after failing to get HH’s blood. He’s a brutal and ruthless leader who will stop at nothing. But he should remember that we’re coming for him. He will be made to stand before the ICC on charges of crimes against humanity. Right now we’re diminishing his power by burning down all the infrastructure which will deprive the economy of significant investment. We have burnt down Kamwala and Chalimbana. Next is Bank of Zambia. We are causing electric faults in these buildings and we have more strategies to employ. When we’re done with vital economic infrastructure, we will reduce his demonice state house because no future government would want to use it. Too much juju there and with countless body parts filling his closet the place has been turned into a devil’s temple. HH with his broad international connections and his strong financial base will give us an ultra modern state house which will be a centerpiece of real economic development not for storing body parts.
    Hate me or love me mother fuckers and bitches, I am who I am. Thanks.
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

    • bkl

      Comment:chichi you happen to be intelligence by you foolish utterance,can u keep quite and leave this platform for the noble people,,,,stupid….!

    • captain

      Prostitute stanic go to hell chichimafi.

  5. MyZambia

    You probably already know that Mwila wouldn’t have dropped you without ECL’s permission, so appealing to him will get you nothing. The infighting in PF will destroy the party.

    • hummer where it hurts

      Just like the bubble gum ,no matter how juicy and tasty it maybe after a thoroughly sucking,definatly the rest must be spitted out.Take heart my brother you are just one of those to be flashed out.

  6. Jk

    mr TUTWA, don’t fear this idoit jemason. for you, stand for your job

  7. Steve jobs

    It has been a long waited and just understand that is in Zambian politics. I just wish you the best in other areas of your life. But sir this should be an eye opener to you. May God bless you.

  8. Chilyata

    Kutwa or whatever your sh.it name is…dont be childish. Lungu has realised how st.upid and manner-less you are and decided to dump you.
    He wont even let you stand for elections (not Erections since you are a pr.ik) next time. You political future is finished. Besides everyone knows how corrupt you are. Ar.sewhore!!

  9. N.E

    Hehehehe or kikikiki. Chilipamunzako lelo chilipali iwe. Zambian lawyers being subjected to dununa reverse. Yesterday it was kbf and today it is twatu oh sorry tutwa dancing from their fellow lawyer ecl whom they whole heartedly supported during……, what remains is pronouncing total layalty to…….!

  10. Kijo

    Ba tutwa kachikamba you see that what goes around comes around you thought you were clever when serving the Judge with a fake certificate that ecl is president after midnight now you ve been told day light young man haha this fight is bigger than you mwaiche just concentrate on representing mazhandu

  11. The Remnant"Saviours"

    Hh is political criminal i have ever seen,keep him behind bars,don,t let him go,let him face wrath of the law mbwana.

  12. Mr nice

    Ba chichi be careful wth yo words no one is above the law

  13. chunga jr

    there will neva b peace at all in dis world coz dis z rilly prophecy such thngz are written let diz nigga fulfil t.

  14. Napoleon

    Ba tutwa ngulube yr job is to fix our decayed and corrupt justice system. Most of you so called judges are being played like a game of chess.Our country has be turned into a police state.No wonder South Africans laugh at us because our constitution is the most dirty peace document that has been written in African history.My reason is that most judges have been accustomed with greed and love for money.I support that Mr tutwa has been removed because he doesn’t know his job period.

  15. swift change

    Tutu, your english is poor for a lawyer. Nothing compared to Sunday Chanda.

  16. merger master

    @swift change, exactly my observation, for a lawyer of 13years to write such kind of response speaks volumes of the calibre of this lawyer.Rather childish as well to even quote the employment Act for a non contractual job in a club amazes me.

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