Opinion: Someone Has To Take The First Step To Halt Festering Political Hostilities

It is very clear that the arrest of opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Hakainde Hichilema has not gone well with certain quarters of the Zambian community.

People have been hurting and they have no outlet to pour out their anger. The police and Patriotic Front top leadership have been hard on the threat that they will deal with any acts of protest over the arrest and detention of Hichilema. Naturally some people have been hesitant to take up to the streets given the promise of the full wrath of police action. But the absence of widespread protests should not fool anyone that everything is well.

There have been sporadic incidences of protests that the police and intelligence system have quelled. But there has been a quiet beef up of security in Southern Province for example and people are quietly irritated and not sure how to react to these developments. They have been watching and quietly complaining but they are jittery about the promise of high handedness.

Even educated discourse in the community has been very guarded; people are not sure of one another and are not expressing their true emotions. Only the freer well known political social media political fundamentalists and propagandists have been the only ones freely and to some extent recklessly talking about Hichilema’s treason cross.

President Edgar Lungu on his part has done his best to push a business as usual stunt which politically may be reasonable but our prayer is that he does acknowledge that the country is sitting on a landmine.

Someone has to be bold enough and acknowledge the deep seated anger that sits with a certain corner of our country and not take the fragile serenity currently going on as a sign that everything is tucked under control.

While Patriotic Front cadres were allowed to march freely and render solidarity to their leaders allegedly given death threats, the same cannot be done for the opposition to render solidarity with their incarcerated leader. They have twice have met police force to scatter their planned political gatherings and to imagine that they are quietly soaking it all in is being politically naive.

Do not forget the hundreds of people still arrested in post election violence which is hardly an environment for peace building in any country seeking peace.

Someone has to take up the baton of dialogue although we are not sure who given that even our churches are deeply divided based on political loyalties.

For now we can only hope for the best in our beautiful country.


  1. Elez

    You people don’t be foolish. Have you ever seen those with money in front protesting or there children? These rich people depend on you poor fool for them to become more rich. Yes you will protest to your expectations but if you be apprehended i surely do know if hh and his Minsters can even recognise you. The they will be hom with there families enjoying while you will be inside bars suffering, am sure the police won’t let you not pay for it and during these hours or days your family will be suffering, at last what will be your benifit. Do it never should you complain shout police alasment go ahead & prove if your shaka zulu weapons will be faster than a bullet or if you wil enjoy breathing this oxygen when turned into chilly like smell. You,remember my words when it’s too let

    • Kafyobole

      Good Wise words

    • Poor family

      Today is me. Who is next. Let this satanism govt have a spirit eyes to see afar.

  2. Prince k

    Pliz, the church and traditional chiefs as well as former presidents should be in the right position to advise before we all get drowned into our own Zambezi river! Watching quietly will not help solve the chaos.

  3. Chichi

    Edgar should stand down before he faces the wrath of the international community. He’s tyranny is taking him to a grave faster than he thinks. And when the resolved international community flags off a go on Edgar’s fragile machinery, I will aid them. We will gas him out of his hiding chamber and make him to face the same people he’s currently brutalizing. His execution will be preferably by impelment not hanging or lethal injection. Other options will be either firing squad or decapitation. He doesn’t deserve a decent execution because he’s useless and an idiot. Lucifer as he is.
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

    • Mwiza

      Chichi,the stinking pusy.So uncultured and unreasonable just as on eachtime your naive post appears.All I sense in you is phobia of what happens next to Hallucinating Hichilema as he faces the treason charge.Don’t use your eyes to see,rather use your brain.Any little threats aimed at blackmailing are to no avail.You can beat your drums to as loud as the mos-o-tunya,you can drop your tears in as many litres as the flow of Vic Falls,you just will never,in black and white convince our sweet Eddy Chagy Lungu,qualified lawyer and experienced politician.

      • 99jobs!..

        I never seen a dog like u and yuo are a west product in the centrol africa ,, u don’t think well some of u,,, u were eating same products which were brot by hh and Gbm here in zambia even today u ar going to eat those products .. Wtat is your problem you chap foolish. Wtat type of a product did ate which was brote by edger lungu??

        • Mwiza

          99..jo..what? I suspect you ddnt complete your mental treatment prescription or there must be one or two developmental stages your night club parents didn’t expose you to.Another dull bull that should be yoked in jail chains and pains.

  4. Alidy simz

    Their is something fishy everything is co-odinated…everything was planned the blocking of the motorcade,the response of the chiefs, all this is a plot to force ECL out of power using people and making people to believe that their led. By a tyrants which is force,people u are been brain washed. U are going to regret this when it will be too late.


    Take HH to church he might repent and send him home.

    • 99jobs

      Fuck you boko haram and fuck the hole universe u ar found ,,,, see me in cout.

  6. Paul

    In 2011 I prophesied on RB and the MMD government that it will the rise and fall of it’s power. And in 2016 I prophesied on ECL and the PF government and I said it was going to be hard for the them to accept defeat and of which this is happening. Now this is what will happen just like what happened in Israel during the time Saul was the King people where not happy for his reign and he victimized everyone including the prophets only false ones were left out because they were on his side and what did God do he took his breath away and David was crowned the King of Israel. And today it’s what is taking place I see something that happened in Israel happening to Zambia and beware of false prophets. I end here lest I be charged for treason as well.

    • BOSS K

      Pual you are indeed a false prophet,test the spirit that speaks to you don’t involve God in your political desires.

    • jata neiluma

      I conqour with you Paul ,the credibility of some of these churches and their pastors is really a dark cloud.They are busy milking the politicians who in turn swindle the citizenry.lndeed these are end days.

  7. Tapson pupe

    Truely spoken

  8. ce

    This is not the first time Zambia has experienced political arrests, several have happened before, so it is a matter of sobering up and taking it easy, Jehovah is in Control, our courts of Law that are being castigated now by many of us, both ruling & opposition party members including our royal highnesses now, are definetely going to settle matters for us,not ICC of course.

  9. Aurent

    Comment: Only immature and senseless followers of the incarcerated ‘re aggrieved over his arrest. The political idiot became so big headed and thought he was untouchable and acted foolishly, now let him take full responsibility for his stupid actions.

  10. Jk

    our target, is burn every properties, failure to release HH. we don’t want protest

  11. Chichi

    Stability can only return to Zambia once Edgar is removed from his fake power. If he won’t on his own, we will help him do so. He’s the one enabling and financing violence. He’s the architect of violence.
    Signs cute Chichi girl

    • HH Junior

      Foolish chichi u will be in trouble one day young bitch

    • Sonny Chintombwa

      Chichi uli mwana wa mu buchende

  12. Aurent

    Comment: Let the self confessed mason pay for his stupid actions for wanting to introduce under world politics in a civilised and enlightened society. Lawlessness belongs to the other side of his world, here we ‘re governed by the set of rules.

  13. Sir Jeff Geoffrey

    I advise both to cease fire! Both leaders need to learn to be mature leaders. Both leaders have been acting irrational. We need equity and maturity in the country

  14. MOYO

    Iwe ka Chichi shut your trap why are always insulting our president?Find something useful in the kitchen to do if you have one.

  15. BOSS K

    Pual you are indeed a false prophet,test the spirit that speaks to you don’t involve God in your political desires.


    @Chichi why cant you go & shit in your own colonized country.We sick & fedup with your nonsense.

  17. Ichintucintumwene

    Lets urgently revisit the Constitution. Proportional representation and a rotating Presidency among provinces is the only solution to this disquiet. The Tongas, Lozis, Lundas, Luvales and Kaondes in South-Western Zambia feel that it is high time they also ruled.

  18. bright Sichoongo


  19. me

    Chichi i wish we were frinds on fb.Look at zambian women,so quiet as if they ar enjoyin!

    • Chichi

      Send me your username and I will add you up on my Facebook friend list.

  20. HH Junior

    Ka chichi u ar just a desperate bitch wat can u say ifingomfwako abantu iwe? I wish I new u and u would have been behind bars by now, but anyway continue zcta is there u will see one day.

  21. Sylvester Kambowa

    Thanx CHICIHI GIRL. These charges against HH are futile. This so-called chama introduced the move of the PF to occupy and be in charge of both all the bus stationns and markets, also the Kangaroo court ruled against the Ministers stay in their offices following the dissolve of Parliament which were both contraly to the laws of our land. was this not treason? anyway God is the true Judge.

  22. Zambia

    Fyapena pazed namachiefs yayingilamo
    Umuntu nikusaubay for two years first

  23. Zambia

    So people let me ask, if it means you bring up a ka vundu, will you target lungu or you will just be varnishng anyone you meet on your way?????

  24. insults

    Great comment Ba Aurent, you chichi father fucker, why do you like speaking out nonsense? Maggot , you stinking bitch. Father fucker, uli cipuba sana atase wendoshi .

  25. Sylvester Kambowa

    Thanx CHICHI GIRL.These charges against HH is futile. This so-called Davies Chama organised a move on taking over control of both all bus station and markets by PF cadres, also the Kangroo court ruled against Ministers who stayed in offices following the parliament resolution, is this not Treason? well, GOD will intervene.

  26. Antu omwe

    That’s why I was disappointed by Ng’andu Magande for not filing in his nomination as a presidential candidate in 2016 he is one of the matured politicians around but from what I heard the chiefs in Southern province met and decided to back one candidate in the name of HH (fielding just one presidential candidate from Southern province) and told all others subjects to rally behind him so that he can win the 2016 presidential elections yet he is immature. Maybe Garry Nkombo can make a good president not the bossy HH ( he happens to be the favourite , in the eyes of the Southern Chiefs). I read something like to rotate the presidency Eastern,Southern , Western, North-western and Central provinces. Take for instance Kaunda came from Malawi, Mwanawasa was Kaonde – Lenje, where do you classify him? Zambians we have nieces, nephews and in-laws from Luapula, Western, Eastern, Northern and central provinces so what you are proposing here to me and many others sounds like something that will divide us instead of uniting us. Most of the pipo in Zambia are born from parents who are from different provinces Western and Eastern, Southern and Northwestern. Northern and Lusaka provinces. It’s very rare nowadays to find a couple who hail from the same province . We love our Luvale women for they make a good wives not because they are our cousins.

  27. Wise Me

    Signs of end times are quickly unfolding, let the true children of God stand steady-fast. The Christian Nation is under temptation by the devil le

  28. Wise Me

    Signs of end times are quickly unfolding, let the true children of God stand steady-fast. The Christian Nation is under temptation by the devil. 2 Timothy 3 mentions all the characters who are playing roles in the situation prevailing in Zambia. God Bless You And Stay Away From Fanning Trouble!

  29. Marker

    Comment no one has ever bar any one from standing as President, sondashi,kabimba and many more stood did you vote for them?why asking an illiterate question of rotating the presidency. awe mwebàntu just work hard coz you will talk while others are moving forward.

  30. Concerned

    Lungu made sure he divided the church by playing the minds of Christians to the extent that they compromised true worship and consequently what we here next was the formation ofa group of some Christians calling themselves “christian for lungu”. This led to the creation of “ministry of religion and guidance” as a result, to appease its “members”. Therefore the Christian mother bodies were clearly gotten rid of. In the past church mother bodies used to be the voice of the oppressed voiceless, but no more. We witnessed the realese of catholic pastoral letters against such moves by the political oppressors. But they are no more. This is because church leaders are under the control of the “ministry of religion and guidance” and this was the mistake we made to allow lungu the “ministry”. Where are the church mother regulatory bodies? The answer is they are no more because lungu made sure he divided its members. Zambia, Christian country? Or idol worshiping country? God will surely punish us for dividing his floke in the name of “christianity” i end here, for i fear treason charges.

  31. jodarn

    Hh is too sturbon let him lean that lawless is not condone in our nation Edgar is a good leader he talks less but when he acts you can complain for sure

  32. Khuzwayo


  33. MwambaIII

    Wise words.

  34. hai

    ka mwiza u are fucked up very idiotic,lunatic n sticking

  35. frank hachi

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  36. hakainde h

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  37. mengmoreler

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  38. moon

    BA zcta PIs arrest das bitch called chichi .

  39. charle junior

    “Am a tonga by tribe so i shud support hh” tribalism is dere, we hav 2 b vigilant b4 we break into pieces… tongas, guys we ar one zambia one nation, no need 2 support wat s wrng coz we share d same tribe. lets use brain in a common sense.. b wise -one zed 4 life,,, say no 2 tribalism!!

  40. Chichi

    @moon, I like your dream. I wish it could sell. But anyway shove your fucked up dream down your ass because the Scottish have no time for blacks. You were born black and it haunts you. Deal with it, period.
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

    • Mwiza

      The saga continues.The chained HH and his helpless sympathisers will cry foul as usual.Wish the alleged pepper spray had extra strength to melt and rot the bull’s scrotum contents and let then stink like Chichi’s wife and loose pusy.

    • PADRE

      You seem to have a deraged mind .You need deliverance.

  41. Mwiza

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    @Chichi I havent come across a coloured race please what type of human specie are you?

  44. cts

    @ moon r u calling zcta to come arrest chichi ,tell me something if chichi was for pf ll u v called dem to come n arrest her ? Shame on u idiot, yo prsdt s days r numbered.

  45. cts

    @ Charles ,,,ulimubwa alimwi wina mano ,first do u kno treason nchoyamba ??? Kuli kombya kuba bemba ,buyanga

  46. kebby

    God wil never allow his deserving people to suffer

  47. Zai

    Gud words!

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