Police Link Kamwala, Chalimbana Fire To Politics

Speculation has riddled the fire that gutted over 120 shops in Kamwala Shopping area on Sunday night opening the possibility of politically instigated action.

While the police and fire experts yet to release their findings.

A group of senior government ministers led by Justice Minister toured the gutted market with Patriotic Front officials also in tow.

The Patriotic Front party alleged that the act may have been instigated by sympathizers of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) in retaliation to their incarcerated party president Hakainde Hichilema who is charged with treason.

Meanwhile, a part of Chalimbana University has been gutted by fire leaving property worth millions of kwacha burnt down.

The connection of the fire incidences has not been conclusively linked to the volatile political atmosphere in the country.


  1. useless

    pf we knw dat 2 u wateva occurs perplexingly in dis country is upnd. now u fail 2 carryout fruit4 invstagtions without upnd in yo redundances. pliz u roastd 4 yoselves a fat and stinkin bird so eat it, u startd da fire so put it out. wat we know is dat hh wil released and wat was swit 2 u wil b mara! watch!

  2. Chichi

    Our soldiers of peace destroyed those buildings. We shall burn more and next will be Bank of Zambia before we target Mukuba pension house. We destroy all of them one by one and end with the devil’s temple you call state house. We don’t need that shit in the next government. HH will get us an ultra modern state house which will be a centerpiece of real economic development. The current state house is a devil’s temple because it’s filled with body parts. All the accident and murder victims their blood is sacrificed from state house. They perform rituals every Wednesday and Saturday. This is the reason why Edgar tries so hard to present an image of a humble guy. Idiot Lucifer.
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

    • Medular

      Chichi u stupid and useless chap. Watch your stupid language idiot

      • Ndofuu k

        Dont insult your friend fuck you tombanoko wenbwa you will just wait kolwe

  3. Elez

    No waste of time, these are upnd with there useless plans to detablise our country. Best advice why cant we also burn the cells in where hh locked so that he is also engulfed by fire then no one will tell who did it, by this way we can eliminate all these stupidities and the country will be virgin of democracy and peace again.

  4. Paul

    Is upnd the only opposition party we have in zambian?


      Upnd is the only strong opposition party that is giving the riff Raff’s sleepless nights.Fun enough

    • Machayi

      No its not the only one but it is the strongest opposition political Party which currently has tension with the ruling party… don’t ask irrelevant questions.

  5. mengmoreler

    Hmmm so even electrical fault has now become upnd suportr bcoz chalimbana z my hom,so guys let’s not conclude ova upnd d b4 ve real coz is found.

  6. jabjiga

    Let’s just investigate what happened

  7. Teddy Nkomeshya

    Am urging all peace loving Zambians to pull back from the brink of chaos and move forwards in unity as we have always done. Mind you If we destroy our country today nobody will give it back to us tomorrow.

  8. Eric

    Only a foolish ad un educated person cn think like that,Let them jst release upnd leader b 4 many assets ar destroyed

  9. powerful

    Ba mambala

  10. Submit

    When I was in a primitiv life in the village,wen same one dies with HIv AND AIDS WE USE TO SAy that he or she has being be witched awe its just an electrical fault and not politics



  12. upnd representer

    ka ECL naba pf wait and c wat GOD has for u

  13. Rosco Sikanda

    Live like brothers, we pray to God Zambia overcomes all the devil’s work leading them to hate one another.

  14. mengmoreler

    Now even robers will still nicely since ve victim will upnd,u remember guys ntawi yabama seti some who were not even vere relativ killed,protested,rayoted and just for vem to still bread from shops now it will b thifs protesting to still money from shops since conclusion will com out vat niba upnd and our prezdo won’t act like ve way he did ntawi yabama seti.

  15. shasha

    Lesa eka euka tulubula. Before Zambia was so peaceful but it seems like its a thing of the past coz now all we hear on radio, news and in news papers is just about two political parties now is it like this now. After the 2016 elections things have not being the same again. What has happened to a peaceful country were even foreigners run to as a refuge, may God help because what this country nids is prayers and following the Bible script which only teaches us dat forgiveness is divine and vengeance belongs to God.

  16. Webster

    Don’t attribute your failures to UPND. Just know your evil ways are leading you to destruction

  17. HH Junior

    My fellow upnd cadres letters not mention God in our evil things we are doing because God is watching mind you, you are burning innocent peoples goods and you are here begin God for the release of hakainde and you think God will hear you? forgetting that those people whose properties was burned are also praying that God punish all who burned our things, now whose prayer do you think can be answered ?count me out !!!!

  18. Tayan

    Accusations without merits. Or should I say test.

  19. clatus

    plis were ar we going as a country? bushe efyo twatekelwe nakale? if the govt has gone a wrong direction it is bettr to com back to the drawing board and correct mstakes or else citizens wil be refugees of the bushes bcoz many donot even know whr to locate neighbrng countries to run to! ba buju naimwe be professionals mind you the world is watchng. donot cheat yoselvs that civilians cant win wthout wepons remebr our fore fathers fought without guns but they managed and got inpndence for you. watch my words!

  20. Treason

    Lungu’s fall is about to come

  21. Anon

    This is, no doubt, UPND terrorism at work. What we have been seeing in other countries is now upon us. However, if they believe they can wrest power through violence it is wrong because violence begets violence.

  22. Anon

    UPND United Party For National Destruction

  23. Anon

    Terrorism will just make you more unpopular. We know who you are and you know that we know the political party sponsoring you. Yes, you will burn up Zambia but if you believe that is the way to get into State House you are dreaming. Remember, violence begets violence.

  24. JK

    Good news, next its DEADNBZ, state house, house prayer, and BOZ
    release HH before its too later

  25. mk


  26. Medular

    Stupid chichi

  27. The Body Guard

    sexy words Chichi

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