Hichilema Remains In Jail; Case Adjourned To April 26

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema will stay in custody for another seven days after magistrate Greenwell Malumani adjourned his case to study preliminary issued by the defence.

Malumani says some of the issues raised were a bit complex and need time to be studied.

Defence lawyer Vincent Magistrate Malambo admitted that his court has jurisdiction to have an inquest into stranger that visited accused at 2AM.

Malamba is also demanding that the alleged torturing of co-accused that included spraying of HH and colleagues private parts.

Malambo says the magistrate court has jurisdiction to open an inquury into a stranger who visited Hichilema at 2AM and also into the torturing of co-accused.

In response, Magistrate Mulumani said that the matter was too complex and that he needed time to look into the matter so a ruling can be made.

Magistrate Mulumani has adjourned the case on preliminary issues to 9:00hrs on Wednesday 26th April, 2017.

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