Hichilema Remains In Jail; Case Adjourned To April 26

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema will stay in custody for another seven days after magistrate Greenwell Malumani adjourned his case to study preliminary issued by the defence.

Malumani says some of the issues raised were a bit complex and need time to be studied.

Defence lawyer Vincent Magistrate Malambo admitted that his court has jurisdiction to have an inquest into stranger that visited accused at 2AM.

Malamba is also demanding that the alleged torturing of co-accused that included spraying of HH and colleagues private parts.

Malambo says the magistrate court has jurisdiction to open an inquury into a stranger who visited Hichilema at 2AM and also into the torturing of co-accused.

In response, Magistrate Mulumani said that the matter was too complex and that he needed time to look into the matter so a ruling can be made.

Magistrate Mulumani has adjourned the case on preliminary issues to 9:00hrs on Wednesday 26th April, 2017.


  1. Chisenga


    • hummer where it hurts

      To enjoy the tantalizing sweetness of Honey you should succumb to the viciousness and stinging power of the Bees.The southerners would have said”Kalya u zumanana”,meaning only those that persevere eats the fruits.

    • Joseph Chawina

      UPND Lawyers wasted all the days allocated to hearing the Elctoral petition on flimsy preliminary issues.This is what is happening now.The difference is HH will continue to be incarcerated in remind while his lawyers waste time and accumulate legal fees which must be paid.It is to the Lawyers advantage that the longer the case takes the more financial smiles appear on Vincent Malambo’s face.

    • hummer where it hurts

      For one to enjoy the tantalizing sweetness of honey, he should succumb to the viciousness and sting power of bees.In some regions they would have said”kalya uzumanana”. Meaning only those who perseveres eats the fruits.

  2. preacherman

    Oh God

  3. tyga prince

    boma ni boma

  4. Arnold Hampeyo

    Just Release Him!Why concentrating over a Simple matter!Slow Couches!I have already judged.

  5. musa

    Mmmmmmm everyday beans

  6. fest

    Comment Release HH he has done nothing… now is their any democracy in Zambia, we’re people are charged for nothing.God is watching . may God curse those who are treating others badly.


      U’re very stupid how can u say that hh didn’t commit a crime very well then if he did nothing then y z he in the custard u should think b4 commenting useless. .there z no way u can accuse the Zambian law of arresting ichilema 4 nathing….watch yo toung boi

  7. kk Peter

    Let’s help each other


    Sometimes we do blame da police in the actual sense we ourselves we are the one to blame.

    • wry


    • wry

      Wasupa so it’s like all police have been played by this kawa e.c.l? If u hv not pyd freeeeeeee HH please free him

  9. ck

    mmmmmmmmmmmm komazoona

  10. Emmuz

    Oooh! God help us.

  11. Chichi

    This one is destined to rule over Zambia and make people’s lives a lot better. He will end poverty, ravaging disease, unemployment, crime, inflation, stupidity brought about by silly Edgar and his cronies etc. The international community recognizes him and in his honor a ststue will be erected for his inspiring services he has rendered to the country. On the banknotes we shall carry his portrait along with that of Kk and Mwanawasa as these were the only leaders that impacted the nation positively. Edgar will be arrested and executed on the day the country will be commemorating its national independence. In fact we shall lobby stakeholders to support a constitutional amendment to allow Zambia recognize two independences: one from the colonial administration and the other one from the brutal and merciless dictatorship of devil Edgar.
    Long live HH and long live liberation struggle.
    Signs cute Chichi girl

  12. Ligament Light

    I am deeply grieved even to death, the soul hakainde possessing also we are possessing all of us. Why do we seek to revenge and for what reason should we seek deliverance if yet we are touching the running eye of the soul creator. Indeed Lungu you are a devil advocate..

  13. Vavad

    God help my president HH

  14. JK

    Just, release HH, b4 it too later. fire is around u pfools, idoits

  15. Vavad

    God help my president HH,
    Just be strong everything will be ok

  16. king j%

    God is in control

  17. zecks

    what of those in prisons ar they nt human being if u rescue that mangwam same aprise to evry one in prison to wat i knw is no one abve the lw azalila it is nt me bt justice tels the truth

    • Muntu Wabulongo

      iwe ngati wasoba vokamba just keep your mouth shut or since you are using your zte phone you better switch it off. coz you are the same people you are bringing Zambia down so you mean that when Jesus Christ was on the cross with those two thieves he just the same as they were which is not the case they were thieves but he was a blameless soul. so if you are talking about other thieves murderers etc to be released then you must think twice because you might end up being one of those who were that Jesus Christ should be crucified but Barabbas be released thus think twice

  18. don't ask me

    one zambia one nation,release hh it is not a dictatorship country

  19. peter mambwe

    Comment:Aaaaaaa too bad zambians

  20. king j%

    God is in control
    We will be looking forward to God’s will

  21. mike

    Oooh!! God let’s 4gve each other

  22. Franktok

    Too complex kkkkkkk kkkkkkk hhhhhhhh
    A stranger in your solitary confinement kkkkk at 2 am. He could be the spook from the ECZ computer room or an alien from Mars dropped in by PVT to return his votes. Ha ha ha ha haw haw haw. Give HH tear gas canisters to gas any strangers who might stray into his room in future.

  23. mike

    Mulekeni HH chabe pliz pliz mwebantu

  24. Mfuwe Guyz

    Government should work on him.

  25. JONES ksbutu

    Do we have democracy in our country or what because things are not well

  26. snever

    Release him please.

  27. bizzy

    Yeye chipunziseni law boma

  28. Marker

    Comment Let the Courts do there job,GBM if he is true ally a vice try to organize your part instead of fighting a losing b1ttle

  29. Frank

    Has it come to this

  30. Mr Nzeru

    He get a lesson, and he wont repeat it.

  31. Prisona

    We pray for peace in our country

  32. Commando

    I feel sorry for mr HH.A piece of advice to him is that if God has purposed that HH will be president of Zambia,it will come to pass.But he has alot to learn from our late president Micheal Sata(m.h.s.r.p) who lost the 2008 disputed bye elections to Mr Rupiah Banda.When some PF supporters started protesting that the elections had been rigged,Sata told the PF protesters to stop.Personally,i haven’t heard HH say the same to his UPND supporters.In the Bible,Saul was king over Israel but he disobeyed God,consequently,he was rejected from being king over Israel and God had chosen David king in place of Saul and enemty erupted between the two,time after time Saul wanted to kill David bcoz of jealous but David was very peaceful towards Saul such that even when an “opportunity”presented itself for David to slay Saul he refused by saying i can’t harm the anointed of God.It may not be the same case with HH but he should wait peacefully untill his turn according to God’s programme.

    • Jazz

      1. Sata was not arrested when PF cadres were protesting. 2. Sata lost to Rupiah Banda. Don’t talk about lessons that don’t exist.

  33. Father Do

    Ulukuni talwaka lumo,Don’t worry Pres H H nangu bafimbe ututobo kwati niba matuta the world is watching

  34. Sandson

    Let us build the name of zambian police not to destroy it together we can go far and lets us unity together as one family one faith one love it will help us to build our country.

  35. D

    HH deserves punishment because he has put the lives of people on danger .

    • blake

      Which people were put in danger I was their n the man did nothing the thing is that people showed more love to HH than lungu

      • shaka zulu

        Blake, it does not matter whether UPND cadres in Mongu showed more love to HH than Lungu but the fact still remains that H.E. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the head of state of this country, and indeed HH should be punished for putting innocent peoples lives in danger.

  36. Gevy Amyworm Phiri

    Iwe hh, u ‘re now admiring yo wife’s breast ka? but don’t worry am there as yo chief garden-boy & i ‘ll take care of yo wife Mutinta more than u did. Right now am seeing a herbalist 4 enlargement of my…. Am in charge now, but don’t worry we ‘ve agreed 2 condomise kkkkkkk!

  37. kkm

    the truth is that,even if we break some shops,burn down markets and when we are caught we wil be the only ones in problem so I advise every reasonable Zambian to be calm,hh will not take us out from jail.

  38. enock kayz


  39. Elez

    Malibu yakoilombela, in other words fyakuifwaila. Presidency in democratic countries is through ballot paper kwasila nangu bakunyunya just go back to the drawing board and see how you’re going to handle it next time. You young chap try to lean from people with wisdom mr king cobra did you hear him acting in such childish manner. Where in this world did what you did happen? olo kufwaya ukumfwika nifilya. You see ba hh mulibakulu nomba tumano tamwabika pamo, eee lobe icalo chaba namafupa nasulako mayo.

  40. God

    We are there to watch

  41. Bboy

    Release him u freeks

  42. mulobezi

    let’s not run away from the facts what he did was a crime and no one is above the law

  43. zoona say the truth

    i believe one day someone will say is enough and one day someone will END this..’ that’s”JA…believe u me.

  44. mulobezi

    what he did was a crime in same countries they just kill instantly when a person do samething like that. And no one is above the law.

  45. frank hachi

    Y ar you doing this Mr l

    Y at yo

    Y at you


    Y at

    Y at you

    Y at yo

    Y ar you doing this Mr President leave h.h alone remember to day z h.h 2 morro

  46. Kaya

    What Goes Round Comes Around.

  47. malama David

    Boma yili nanjala

  48. Mose D

    HH is a good person, now ecl what is your problem chikala?

  49. BIG ONE

    HH is a good person’ now ecl what is your problem chikala?

  50. chipsy

    Ubuteko tebunobe nangu muchite ichili chose teti upeshe ubuteko wemwine uleipesha pantu ulechulilamo niiwe naine

  51. Sampa Mwila

    I Cant Wait To See Him Suffering 15yrz Imprisoment,.Wow

  52. Hügø Chimputu

    What is happening in zambia¿¿

  53. Hugo

    Comment: Release hîm.

  54. Comment: Release hîm imwe nicha?

  55. East

    i so sorry for him the president of UPND!!

  56. Hans

    Release HH he did nothing, you are just scared of him

  57. Hans

    Release HH he did nothing,you are just scared of him to be a president of the Republic of Zambia

  58. MR SMOOTH#

    Comment:bt pipo of zambia u ar even arguing about da simple issue HH iz totaly wrong he disobeyd da law….whether u talk shitx bout da president u jxt worsting ur tym coz hez still da honour of dis country…..HH appointed ba chimbwi bekabeka semu vibena GBM no nzelu ba ngo ina che ma suppoter ar gaining nothing

  59. lubasi kalaluka

    The bible reads! He who kills sword must also be killed with a sword…president hh be strong as everything is going to be okey..God is watching. .

  60. Kilaye Larry

    Chichi you are a Good critic. Please keep it up and avoid insulting.

  61. Mfuwe Guyz

    Guys stop insults,lets see how court will handle the case.

  62. Divine

    President no president whether u like him or not, whether u case him or not! If hh would have given a chance to president’s motor cade all this could not have happened but being a man who can’t make decisions on his own he is now where he is not supposed to be.
    Insansa shinya ubulanda says Bemba’s!!!
    Give chance to judiciary!! Am sorry BA UPND

  63. chiposa

    It’s not hatred,jealous or bullying,no.ask people who were on de scene.Am telling u if lungu motorcade took it for granted hundreds of pipo could have died including hh.I was on the scene ,it was crucial and chaos.so stop giving useless comments upon geting cips frm tv. Ngabakupusa nenjinga ukomfwa shani?
    Pipo insulting police ,ecl and some comentators are the ones adding salt to the wounds.how can you say God is watching and knows when u ar there producing insults?remember God will favour those without or less insults Btwn pfs ad upnds

  64. Wise D

    Some of you,your coments are not making sense.Please if you don’t have anything to say, just stay out of this

  65. fikashala

    Comment mulekeni ekale akwate exprience so that life history yakwe i kalepeko ngafwa

  66. pc

    Comment sory

  67. pp

    Am sory mrUPND president God wil relief you from that problem,We are behind you.

  68. ishi! kuipa pamenso bafikala

    whoever is sayin bad on hh, may he or she die hodin their buttocks! u r such a pcture judas escariot da 1 who sold mwana wa mulungu. namwebo mufuna kugulisa hh bcoz of yo timidity and bankrupsy! lofaz, find da better way of enrichn yoselves! kunyo kwenu kununka nyoonse! release hh panyo!

  69. Charles chirwa

    One Zambia one nation

  70. Charles chirwa

    One Zambia one nation and one people

  71. mulenga

    God will rewRd u edga for this intimidation. is Zambia a God fearing nation ?

  72. Lola jaguar

    ZAMBIA ALWAYS BELIEVE IN ADJOURNED ISSUES EVEN THE CASE OF PRESIDENTIAL PARTION Not yet over and you start with this again what a shame to the pfools

    • Chisenga


  73. Jkn

    I enjoy comments from both parties but not insults and cursing. I feel if he hh didn’t commit any offence he could not been detained and face charges. For example a vehicles can over take each other I have never head of any driver suing another driver for over taking hence, we need to understand what transpired and the consequent it takes. I feel we let the court dicide and above all rioting isn’t a solution. Tukaculilamofye nabakakala bakashale. Prison no kunobe let’s not wish ourselves to there in the name rioting in showing solidality and don’t incite others to do so on media when u yourself won’t be involved it is not fair.u may fight in towns it will take half a year in some villages to resort to that

  74. Richboy

    You are just wasting your time to comment these rubbish just wait the court to handle the case, God’s time is the best

  75. Ashley Kalunga

    Let’s put it that if HH is the president now, and Edgar do what HH did. How would HH react?

  76. mugabbe Robert

    God is on our side n he cnt let us down this dictetor must be punished for this n God is the one to teach him a lesson

  77. jacob

    May God forgive hh though he deserve… Imagine he was the president himself and Edgar was an opposition leader and he did what hh did.what would hh do to him❓❓❓❓


    Yangu tata cinamayo ubusuma eco akashila ba kwenda kuno kuse.

  79. Antu omwe

    Anyone who will be sworn in as a President of the republic of Zambia deserves the respect and as such whoever tries to dare him he will face the wrath of the law no matter what the race, tribe, clan and colour he belongs to ( whether he is handsome, ugly, tall or short) the law should be uniform to all . There is no segregation at all. Now to those opposing the law if for instance HH was president of the republic of Zambia was he going to allow such lawlessness to take place without law enforcers doing something about it? If the answer is yes then HH can not make a good president at all and he is not yet ready to be our president. Let him try to be a movie star or actor. We don’t want comedy at all when it comes to issues of governance we want seriousness and no lawlessness. Is he going to rule the country where lawlessness thrives ( God forbid) ?As a leader he should lead by example to follow the laws correctly not verse versa.

  80. Cv

    God pliz help he. I wish i had the powers to do something I could have fought for justice

  81. Zambia

    Law and order must be followed let hh test the wrath of the law his case will reach next year all upnd must remain silence until the court ruling,your leader invit

  82. A recce

    Chi gwileni osachilekelela ba boma tapapata chileta musokonezo

  83. Hakainded's son

    Hakainde is my father but since no one is above the law I therefore have no queries with his arrest let him face the law .He can not say he was a passenger was he on a passenger motor ? A driver like his will always drive under conditions from the boss(hh) so that point of saying he was not the one driving but the driver to questioned is lame

  84. Chisenga


    • Ozi Geey

      Yeah yeah yeah Hakainde is learning a lesson now. Why cant he jst recognise the fact that he lost the Elections…..l wonder y

  85. LL


  86. banks

    He will knw has limits in life

  87. cwanny-d

    it’s very bad god we gave edgar lungu a very bad parnishment.

  88. cwanny-d

    it’s very bad god we give edgar lungu a very bad parnishment.

  89. cwanny-dee

    very bad my funs

  90. no name

    lungu i we parnish u.

  91. no name

    edgar lungu is perpetualy

  92. k-city rocket

    lungu u are bad all this years we were drinking bear together but
    god we parnish u.U don’t have good heart.CHAPWA NOMBA

  93. Ozi Geey

    Yeah yeah yeah Hakainde is learning a lesson now. Why cant he jst recognise the fact that he lost the Elections…..l wonder y

  94. insults

    Kikikikik sela tubombeko iwe! Hh and chichi your bitch go to hell and die hard atase iwe.

  95. insults

    I feel for you Hh you seem to be humbled. Jail has humbled you ka?

  96. mbewe

    No matter how people u may insults. … law is blind……..how many brothers and sisters have died coz of the violence act of these people. ….. everything has its own time. … He is suppose to wait for his time of ruling. .. u can not force the bone into a clay pot coz it will break… let’s be careful Zambia n’s. ..people fought for us already why are we fighting? ????

  97. Mark Kapoti

    The Bible says 4give 70×7 time.So pliz.

  98. MAC

    Long live My President..HH.

  99. Patriot

    Only seven panga wielding rascals? No! They are too few. Zambia Police need to up their game otherwise we the patriots will take the law into our own hands. Kamba where are you?

  100. wise

    HH wether we win or lose u ar stl HH of my heart.I dont hate HE edgar lungu ,bt as he z ruling we shal rule one day.The bad thing z opposition z considered as enemity,its nt that way!.wish u a sunny day

  101. lawyer

    Pipo wasts their tym concertratin to useless issues instead of development

  102. General

    This is unfair……. There is no way it will take years……. why is it like this in Zambia?

  103. General

    This is unfair……. There is no way it will take years to pass judgement ……. why is it like this in Zambia?

  104. junior junior

    wats going on in zambia,is it a democratic country or wat!!!!!!!!!!!???release h.h.

  105. Clever Muloongo

    If U Will Not Reases HH on wednesday ,u are going to the war here in zambia for the third time,cause hh he was not alone in mungu ,why u hav been arrest only hh, we dont went dictatoship here in zambia

  106. khalifa

    hh alinangobe Chi geofree bwamba chili na meali meal why si ba nga yambe che ma restaurant ku dundumwezi?

  107. tyga

    you’re not even ashamed you idiots pfools….let our man go..atase!

  108. The Sai J

    Comment: God Sufficeth above all things, let this Thy servant hh although is a sinner/guilt be released from the cell, he has many things to do with this country and other countries. God judge between them!!!

  109. upnd

    Awe imwe release vin diesel bcoz ils filreous 8 . i like the movie its Nice. vin diesel (HH) o like yo movie

  110. Williams

    God is not asleep!!!

  111. nicolas

    President Lungu this nd that 2 to be logical am sure I heard Pres Lungu say it himself that I dont want 2 be part of the case let the police handle it but why are some people uttering abusive critics to him?

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