Kambwili Says “See You In 2021”

Out of favour yet popular Patriotic Front founder Chishimba Kambwili has offered a rare hand of solidarity to incarcerated opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

A once upon a time fierce critic of Hichilema and the UPND, Kambwili is sending a tender message to the opposition leader.

The Roan PF MP has also cautioned the ruling party against ill treating its opponents saying, “do not take it [arrest of Hichilema] as a victory because it’s beyond you and I.

“An opposition member is just as human as a ruling party member.”

Hichilema is slapped with a politically driven treason charge for allegedly refusing to yield to a presidential motorcade.


We tend to dance for joy when others are going through the toughest moments in their life, one street can house a wedding and a funeral on the exact same day. The moral of the story is that today it is me but tomorrow it might be you … let us not lose the core value of humanity.

Let the law take its course, but do not take it as a victory because it’s beyond you and I, an opposition member is just as human as a ruling party member, the battle lines are only drawn 3 months before an election, as at now election time is over, the battle was fairly won, there’s more to life than constant fighting. If your a doctor you should concentrate on saving lives, if your a lawyer concentrate on winning cases, if your a politician concentrate on serving the poor and needy, and most importantly if your a human being, empathise with your fellow beings.

See you in 2021, when the battle lines will be drawn again.

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