Kambwili Says “See You In 2021”

Out of favour yet popular Patriotic Front founder Chishimba Kambwili has offered a rare hand of solidarity to incarcerated opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

A once upon a time fierce critic of Hichilema and the UPND, Kambwili is sending a tender message to the opposition leader.

The Roan PF MP has also cautioned the ruling party against ill treating its opponents saying, “do not take it [arrest of Hichilema] as a victory because it’s beyond you and I.

“An opposition member is just as human as a ruling party member.”

Hichilema is slapped with a politically driven treason charge for allegedly refusing to yield to a presidential motorcade.


We tend to dance for joy when others are going through the toughest moments in their life, one street can house a wedding and a funeral on the exact same day. The moral of the story is that today it is me but tomorrow it might be you … let us not lose the core value of humanity.

Let the law take its course, but do not take it as a victory because it’s beyond you and I, an opposition member is just as human as a ruling party member, the battle lines are only drawn 3 months before an election, as at now election time is over, the battle was fairly won, there’s more to life than constant fighting. If your a doctor you should concentrate on saving lives, if your a lawyer concentrate on winning cases, if your a politician concentrate on serving the poor and needy, and most importantly if your a human being, empathise with your fellow beings.

See you in 2021, when the battle lines will be drawn again.


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          Chlshimba k.Realise that democracy is in hands of oppositionz

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  2. Eric kay

    For fast time mamam

  3. obress choonga

    This is becoming wise, these words are wise. I think he is becoming a human as well, keep it up Kambwili! Am beginning to like you.

  4. Ku Lubemba ku Lwansase

    pilikiti pilikiti tanasha fikali. Ba HH balipona We vote ECL . sure if HH want to become a pr …. 2021 is near he should wait & respect ECL our president.

  5. Boko Haram

    Political maroon.How come u are now speaking sense.Your days are gone, u insulted Tongas now u want sympathy.No one can trust u.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Legendary Northern Kicks

      Iwe chi Boko Haram, ulichipuba fye. Dont you know that Honourable Chishimba Kambwili is so intelligent, better than you.Wikale fye, this is not Nigeria waumfwa.

  6. Lubingu Lwansase

    We vote ECL, HH must respect the rulling president also wait for coming election, ” pilikiti pilikiti tanasha fikali” Lol…

  7. Moosa Phiri

    Nice comment by you hon Kambwili.

  8. Ttt

    Well spoken sir!!

  9. brownjay

    Here z one man who now knows that pf is at its decline under chakolwa lungu

  10. patronea mwansa

    Bravo our kambwili. help us pray to God to free HH. bcoz He is pf no crime .

    • Elez

      No hh must be burned in cells as you are burnig other people’s buildings

    • Elez

      NO!! and you ka mwansa hh must be burned in cells as you are burnig other people’s buildings

  11. Joshua

    see you, young cobra. you are much better than jemason

  12. Zambian Unit

    Wise Thoughts, Wise Words Honorable CK, This is Political Maturity. Am for your Opinion.

  13. rasco

    What usually happens is that, “experience is the best teacher of all things” . Kambwili is talking from experience. For us old, who knew that KK would be behind bars, FTJ came in and immediately locked KK up. What followed later Was MWanawasa, who put Chiluba in misery, and yet they were good friends at one time or the other. Now we have LUNGU locking up HH and yet other Opposition leaders are observing what injustice is going on, Do you think whoever comes into power come 2021 would just watch LUNGU like that, No, they wii do something when they come in. So LUNGU must watch out. Lelo cili pamuzako, but mailo cili paiwe.

  14. me

    Kambwili thinks about tomorrow,

  15. Wise One

    Zambia Shall Be Well as Desired By The Almight Father in Heaven.

    • Elez

      Wise one i that went people like in zambia not ka CHICHI MUNGULU COLOURED you can change us to be good people kumozi naka chichi

    • Elez

      Wise one i like that we went people like in zambia not ka CHICHI MUNGULU COLOURED you can change us to be good people kumozi naka chichi

  16. jackbunz

    Dr that’s what the brave people stands f, justice where it is required not for political gain

  17. Kumawa

    Well meaning comments indeed see you 2021 the battle havent finish.

  18. darma

    correct kambwili.

  19. Chichi

    For God’s sake am only 23 years and turning 24 next month. At my youthful age I have two undergrad degrees (psychology and public policy and administration) from the University of Cambridge, one masters degree (public policy and administration from the University of Edinburgh) and now doing my PhD in policy and organizational management. Am blessed with my race being coloured so I don’t need any bleaching cream to look attractive. From a wealthy family, I can get what I want. I don’t know what the PF bloggers have to show other than praising and worshipping an idiot dictator and ritual killer. Idiots!
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

  20. Sosikelly

    Mmmmmmmm…. Some wise there….

  21. edwin Muwamba

    Ecl please for give HH

  22. man chibo empire

    What ever goes around comes around,one day all these things will come to an end,thanks , wise words CK

  23. zambian

    Comment so Dr CK you wanted the president to be killed, put your self in ECL shoes

  24. peter mambwe

    Comment: you have now grown up sata of today


    Yayayayayaysyaya!!!! “one street can house a wedding and a funeral on the exact same day. Let the law take its course, but do not take it as a victory because it’s beyond you and I.” VERY POWERFUL MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. HH Junior

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    • awa na Moyo

      As for pussy stinking chichi none can miss you on this fora not even your phd, master whatever you have will always be yours like ecl it is his time. Even 2021 believe it or not

  27. Clement

    Nice one sir

  28. The boss

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  29. The boss

    iliko bad serious

  30. j.c

    Comment c.k thts good advisee we dnt rejoyce wen yo frd is sufferin becoz u concerntrate on fightin hh while poverty is escalatin even unemployments youths r jst r drinkin and stealin prostition. hh also shld accept th defeat and wait for next election bt wat know this guy hzz a hard heart becoz e dnt provide check and balances all wat e want is to become president.

  31. Wise Me

    One did not need to be a rocket scientist to see that most of the people in this country like easy life. But one should not get into power using violence because at the stage we are, things are fluid so much that containing a divided nation will be a nightmare in future especially for those who have no respect fellow leaders. Is HH going to contain the backlash of the violence and disrespectfulness that might propel him into power should it happen? Charity begins at home!

  32. Chisenga


  33. jr

    Kikikikikiki!!!!!!!!ask ck why he said this words?2021 it ours ,

  34. Common man

    Kambwili is a reformed man and some how and as many think he is. He calls it just politicking. Thanks CK for being sincere and open.

  35. Chichi

    Greetings from my brother Koswe. Both will be in Zambia soon. And for my beloved folks that are afraid of ZCTA please I urge to be bold and hold your balls. Don’t be afraid of that shit. ZCTA can’t read your encrypted messages. All messages sent via whatsapp are encrypted from end to end as such no one can intercept and read them. As for the guys that have sent me their Facebook usernames, I promise to you add you up tomorrow. Am busy this evening working on my dissertation before I travel to Zambia. In Zambia I will pay HH a visit at prison where these mother fuckers and bitches are holding him, will visit his family in new Kasama, meet GBM, Tayali, all those who were arrested along with HH and released on bail, lawyers representing HH and some senior party officials.
    When you send me your contact details for Facebook please don’t expose your phone numbers on this site unless you’re Chichi. I don’t want to get you into trouble from these blood suckers. This message goes to @ Dee Daniels @ H2.
    Be careful and watch your backs guys, I love you and care about you handsomes.
    Otherwise worry not because am capable of fighting your battles to the last drop of my blood which Edgar can’t sip.

  36. awa na Moyo

    2 long enemies became friends when crucifing Jesus. Kambwili is desperate and not a threat to almighty PF.viva ecl

  37. Diablo

    If HH won’t be released, you pussy so called PF you see the resurrection of the Demon.

  38. Diablo

    If HH won’t be released, you pussy so called PF you will see the resurrection of the Demon.

  39. Diablo

    Release HH, If HH won’t be released, you pussy so called PF you will see the resurrection of the Demon.

  40. Diablo

    You pussy so called PF you will see the resurrection of the Demon.

  41. ez

    Sir well spoken

  42. tyga prince

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  43. Matalise

    Good advice kambwili

  44. musa

    Chichi she’s just afraid ba zicta. Just arrest her foolish bitch

  45. fest

    u who are insulting chichi u are fool’s, together with your criminal prezdet who have Barned our beloved Zambia,I have never seen a useless leader like lungu ,for sure he is a thief together with his supporters foolishness……,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Elez

      Fest waba banoko amalenda muchinyo wembwa, how can a nomal person support chichi who always insult my president elc.

  46. Ambrose

    Be cool saints… Just be concerned about judgement of God.

  47. Ambrose

    professor AMBROSE’S viewpoint
    Be cool saints… Just be concerned about judgement of God_bearing in mind that no one no not one is infallible under the sun

  48. Ambrose

    professor AMBROSE’S viewpoint
    Saints_bear it in mind that no one no not one is infallible under the sun

  49. Ambrose

    Be cool saints

  50. Zw

    Mr kambwili when did you Change

  51. Zambwe Wayne

    Mr kambwili when did you Change

  52. Martal

    Good one Sir


    I will be at the airport waiting to arrest this racist half black half mwenye Chichi.

  54. Napoleon

    Ba Chishimba kambwili has explained well but he needs to be careful.Some I.S.I.S thugs might be on his tail.In politics u don’t talk blindly like that.I’m sure my fellow Zambians remember the late Paul Tembo.We want all strong politicians to be ready for battle come 2021.

  55. cts

    Words of wisdom indeed, thax ck n for sure c u in 2021 it’s not over yet .as for chichi some of us ,we ll miss u girl n safe journey.

  56. jmx

    ck . u av made my day

  57. Marker

    Comment How authentic is this picture, becoz chishimba is not a minister to have a flag on his table, second no Matter how friendly he can become with the opposition no one can accept him.once bitten twice shy.

  58. Dem Dee

    Pf cadres all fikala

  59. Dem Dee

    May God rebuke pf cadres

  60. ZICTA


  61. CLONE

    There no race called coloured in this universe so this Chichi gal is either mad or primitive.

  62. Nyambe

    Hi is right

  63. frank hachi

    Kambwili you ar a very nice man god bless you

  64. 777

    Profanity. A time is coming when you will look for these words to take them back. You won’t find them. It will be too late. Repent now will you are still flesh and blood. Yeshua the Jew loves you.

  65. Mwansa Kabinga

    Kambwili’s lamentations cannot be trusted. He was one of the crusade led by Guy Scott to destabilize Edgar Lungu after Sata’s demise. At that stage Scott’s clique activities (with GBM, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata, Kambwili) within PF were indirectly enhancing HH chances of winning the Republican Presidency. His tribal inclination is as dangerous as HH. The true colours of these disgruntled men led by Guy Scott, manifested clearly when the clique joined the UPND’s campaign team. Meanwhile after sensing the mood of the people on the Copperbelt, Kambwili feigned loyalty to Lungu for the sake of a monthly Minister’s salary and personal firm.

    We know Kambwili is actively forging an alliance with Savior Chishimba, Lupando Mwape, Nevers Mumba, Miles Sampa and GBM to revive UPP that promotes Bemba supremacy to dominate over other Bemba-speaking people of Luapula and Northern Provinces.

    In Muchinga Province Kambwili’s group considers the Bisa of Mpika, Shiwangandu and Chinsali as mere appendages to serve the interests of the true Bembas of Chinsali and Mungwi; the Namwanga and the Nyikas of Isoka and Mafinga are relegated to mere tool carriers. Chishimba Kambwili dislikes Felix Mutati and people of Luapula because Felix is a Lungu and Luapula Province is home to Bena Chishinga, the Lunda ethnic groups comprised of aBa Ushi and Bena Kabende..

    Kambwili, just lik HH, can never be be trusted at national level.

  66. kkk

    Mwebatu bakwalesa nangula muipotele shani alakuicusha ubuteko buteko loleni patweti 26.

  67. dingo

    Kwena pa chalo paliba ifipuba…ati cute chichi! Its a gay, immature dude from within..he’s paranoid and all yu guys joining his fb tamwakwata amano…surely you believe this imposter? Ck akonkoloka manje, boma ni boma

  68. Owen ngandu

    Bakambwili namulanda BA Ecl tabonfwa ,ninsoka abig lizard

  69. Collinto

    Imwe ba kolwe stop toking nosence abt lungu.yo stupid heyna in human (HH)dsevers to be in jail nd u shud stop toking abt christianity mafumo yanga ayo mwafumia imwe ba kolwe abanakashi.atase imwe nd u guys stop suporting ichisushi chinenu

  70. simumba

    Will spoken boss

  71. The Sai J

    Watch out for part 2…! Your friends are running and what of you !?

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