Tayali On Bail

‘Facebook’ freak Chilufya Tayali has been granted a K5, 000 bail on his criminal libel case brought against him by Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

Tayali who heads the Economic and Equity Forum party has spent five days behind bars after his facebook posting alleging that Kanganja engineered the treason charges against the UPND president to mask his incompetence.

The former Zambian Voice director was bundled away by police and locked up at Kabwata Police station on Thursday last week.

Tayali is set to appear in court on 5th May 2017 for commencement of trial.

Magistrate Felix Kaoma granted Tayali bail after the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge of criminal libel.


  1. Chichi

    Welcome home Tayali. You’re such a brave soldier befitting a liberation hero. Our hearts are with you and your family. Don’t despair in the midst of your persecution. The tyrant’s time is fast approaching. You have our warm support and love. The country is under demonic leadership thus your fight for justice and morals is justified. Your struggle for a free and better Zambia shall not go in vain. You will be handsomely rewarded. Edgar is a blood sucker whose ending will be so painful. He will be paraded naked on a pick up van and driven around the city where he will come face to face with his victims. It’s under his leadership this country has experienced record numbers of fatal traffic accidents, mysterious disappearances, ritual murders, rape and a total breakdown of law and order. All these incidents are sanctioned by state house and Edgar funds them. Where in earth should you find police officers masked with balaclavas and in the middle of the night in thousands they raid a house just to arrest an unarmed citizen? They molested girls, stole HH’s money, ate the food and defacated in the yard. These are the very ugly tendencies which Tayali and myself are fighting to end in Zambia. I will personally meet Tayali in person during my visit and pay him for his outstanding service to the nation.
    Signs cute Chichi girl.


    Never mind Tayali, everything happens for a purpose…

  3. BOMA

    Hows you arse mudala……sorry I forgot to bring you vaselene.

  4. awa na Moyo

    Tayali is just unidiot like the pussy stinking beach CHI CHI GIRL

  5. JK

    Tayali, don’t fear, for your freedom of speech, jemason is campaign for your party. you see now, your party is now popular than pfools, idoit, visioness, starnyoko, devil

  6. Chichi

    Folks dont worry about Edgar’s messengers hauling profanity on me. They will soon get tired and give up but Chichi will continue unshaken because she is a fighter not a a quitter. They talk about my vagina which they will never get a chance to see. They talk about my parents who successful and enjoy a quality life. What else will they say?
    My guess they have fired everything from their armoury; horrible soldiers, aren’t they? Tuli tight naimwe.
    Signs cute Chichi girl

  7. The Sai J

    Never giveup Mr Tayali, we are joyous to see u outside the custody and soon Mr hichilema is coming to meet u, supporters every side of the country although armed we are courageous…

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