The Week In Brief: Zambia Endures A Tough Week

Zambians have endured one of their most trying weeks with political tension reaching fever pitch following the arrest of leading opposition figure Hakainde Hichilema who has since been charged with treason.

Cases of politically motivated arson were recorded in three cities – Lusaka, Choma and Kabwe. Here is a round up of some of the events from the week as Zambians joined the rest if the Christian world celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Lusaka: More than 129 shops in Kamwala trading aea were destroyed by fire. Goods worth million of Kwacha were reduced to ashes as owners of the shops watched helplessly. The fire started in one of the shops around 18 hours on Sunday and was only quenched by midmorning on Monday. Thugs did not spare the victims taking advantage of the situation to lay their hands on anything they could.

On the same day, Lusaka also recorded a similar incident at Chalimbana, over 30 kilometres on the outskirts of the capital. Chilimbamana University was gutted with over 400 new mattresses among properties that were destroyed.

In Chingola, a motorcyclist died on the spot when struck by a vehicle on the Solwezi road. The victim was identified as Mwinga Cheelo of Mwinga farm.

In Kitwe, a 10 year old of Luangwa township was hit by a vehicle in Ndeke road. Jacqueline Chilufya of house No 1028 died on arrival at Kitwe Hospital. The driver has been detained by Police.

In Lusaka, the Drug Commission confiscated K 100 000 counterfeit notes from Abraham Chidoyi of Kafue. He was found in possession of a print machine and foreign fake notes from DR Congo. In another operations 15 people have been arrested for illegally cultivating cannabis.

In Kitwe, the Water company has restored water to townshipswhich were affected when a South Africa truck ploughed into a stream cutting supply to various areas. Residents went without water for over three days.


  1. Dokotor

    Zambia going backwards fast under this clueless, visionless Lungu.

    The sooner we can get rid of this hypocritical bloodsucking parasite and his gang of thieves the sooner we can get back on track and have some development for the people of Zambia.

    We do not need an illegal president campaigning for 2021 for four more years while he is busy borrowing and stealing our money.

  2. Chichi

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  3. Rusaco

    LUNGU now wears long shirts, meaning he is scared for his life, because under those long shirts is a BULLET_PROOF vest. This we know for it is our field. Why is he scared, the question comes,,,,, it is because he has offended the country so much.

  4. mengmoreler

    U so called reporters go back to school bcoz the way put heardings is not the u xplain thing,do u tel us that political tension is the causer of electrical fault and accidents of poor negligence atase poseniko amano u’r even one who make people to grow with anger bcoz of the way u poor writi yo fulish repots.



  6. sweet boy

    We are with you Chichi, don’t worry as you have many supporters…

    • Chichi

      @Sweet baby boy, you’re really sweet. I give you a million kisses. Take care my baby ok. Don’t let these sick people in PF talking rubbish to frustrate you in this struggle.
      Signs cute Chichi girl

  7. Kilaye Larry

    Let Edgar wear the bullet proof vest. What will hit him is not a not a bullet but the evil what is in his heart.

  8. Dr Drey

    Democracy is good any country,but the way we take it leaves much to be desired.people lets unite for the betterment of this country.

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