Kambwili Survives Accident; Vehicle Overturned 3 Times

Former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili has survived a road traffic accident in Mwense area in Luapula Province.

Kambwili who is in Luapula Province on a private visit escaped unhurt with three other persons.

On January 15, 2017 Kambwili and his group of witnesses survived a road traffic accident along the Kapiri Lusaka road when he was heading to the party disciplinary hearing after he had been suspended.



    Too bad……we thank God for not recording a death

    • hummer where it hurts

      Ck beware of men in invisible suits ,their mission is lethal and they could leave no trace of their trail.avoid eccesive verocities.Thank God for denying them their heart desires.

  2. frank hachi

    We think the Almighty God kambwili won’t die diz mother fuckers their are trying to kill him because of what he says FUCK YOU LUNGU


    This is sad but ZR you shud be factual when reporting no proper details no date or time of accident.Poor pathetic reporting.

  4. SWISS

    mmmmmmmm kutola nobwapona

  5. ok

    Thank God you are alive

  6. Firm all tribes united

    Thank you God dat Dr.CK z alive.all tribes united…

  7. itimu likulu

    Let them die for we don’t benefit in them.

  8. Jk

    get well, young cobra CK. you are better than jemason

  9. Napoleon

    My best advice to C.K is seek asylum elsewhere.The comments made that political opponents must see him on 2021 has hurt a lot of people.it’s now batman vs the jocker.The situation in Zambia is becoming dangerous.Thanks by God’s grace he survived.We need C.K alive in 2021 so that the truth shall be told.

  10. Hk

    Ck some one is playing on you with juju.now god refusing may god bless you and quickly recovery.

  11. K M

    Turn yo heart to God and leave the politics. God loves you

  12. pp

    its a sad news,But its good your alive.

  13. Kim

    Too Bad

  14. awa na Moyo

    Drunken drivers one of them CK all that far mukula tree business. Hater leave ECL alone so many have died and so many are being born

  15. Dbi

    We mwaume posako amano ifipondo nafifula fimwansakabinga

  16. Capt Juma

    Thank He Z Alive

  17. Elez

    No my fellow zambians, kumfwa tatwangaliko unless ngoleyangalila kumutende wachalo. It’s good that this men’s lives have been spared

  18. Chichi

    Can someone tell me, how much do I have to pay for my visa at the airport in Zambia?
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

  19. Chichi

    Edgar had a hand in Kambwili’s accident. He wanted to sacrifice him. Never in the history of Zambia we have experienced this record number of traffic accidents. Edgar should be held accountable and we must also find his native doctor and charge him as accomplice to these rituals.
    Signs cute Chichi girl

    • Elez

      It’s eyz just pay your panyo price dear CHICHI MUNGULU COLOURED

    • Elez

      Have you heard CHI CHICHI MUNGULU COLOURED panyo will make it easy just do it dog style and fucked hard you may have it.

  20. Edmund

    Thank God; he is alive

  21. mmc

    kambwili was coming to attend the funeral for his own aunt in kawambwa district.

  22. LL


  23. Rail x

    Comment may God bless u ck jst remain alive

  24. martin cwanny -dee

    thak u god 4 save the life of ck.

  25. Chichi

    This afternoon in livingstone, Edgar tried to sacrifice another police officer from his escort unit five days after he sacrificed sergeant Mulenga in Northern province. The police officer’s condition remains undetermined. He will finish them one by one. Edgar’s thirsty for blood has reached a dangerous height.
    Signs cute Chichi girl

  26. Chile the music writer

    who is doing this boi Zoona

  27. one zaag

    live long kabwili

  28. coco master

    hmmm too bad chishimba kambwili

  29. Roy

    Too bad,


    Too bad thak you god 4 save the life of CK

  31. Gilead Makungu

    Any way Mr.Kambwili should pray to God each and every time

  32. captain

    Chichi you are a devil you are not in a form of a human being. You are cursed and you will die regreating. You even stink as you write. Remember you are dicampaining you r Freemasons. Hh will rule in de grave. Warning. Leaders are chosen by God no matter what insults you give to the Republican president. Repentance is needed to you young foolish dairty gel

  33. kayula

    thank GOD

  34. Martin

    Thank God 4 saving CK life

  35. best

    thank God you are alive Mr Kabwili

  36. wise

    Kambwili its high tym u made ur decision on wat u suppot.God loves you and i assure u if u stand on truth lk tayali,no weapon formed against you shall prosper.Give him praise and fear no evil.love u kambwili

  37. abashed

    anointed jay Jacob mwila add me on Facebook

  38. A N

    Pls don’t drink and drive! I always tells you

  39. sapphire

    God has a huge plan for him

  40. One Love Make a peace

    But still it’s one Zambia one Nation!!.TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


    Where is Zicta?Police arrest this Chichi for insulting our president.Im now very furious.

  42. Japhet

    Comment Too bad

  43. hegel

    captain fuck u. u are idiot imbecile evil lungu is not the president, he’s just nigga

  44. jerek makeo

    Thank God that you alive but Lungu he is a satanist and he is the one behind this, he first want to kill C.K and finally he want to kill our president too H.H because he was instructing the police to give poison injection to H.H while he is still prison so let him do anything but God will punish him for this and am praying let him die in air accident as he likes flying believe this will happen soon because the bible says who used knife we die with knife too so he is using accident to kill C.K and H.H he will also the same. At a moment i just think that Zambia has no president till H.H take over.

  45. Bungwe

    CK 2:O OP

  46. Rodger PHIRI

    Let’s avoid blame games. Real leaders avoid blame games. It was an accident nothing else it can happen to anyone. Thank God ck is well. Chichi is not worth responding to.

  47. kashmaz

    Thanking God u ar alive Aaaaahhhh banono Mr chishiba kabwili

  48. simus

    HH will never rule Zambia,after Edgar is Jesus, so stop westing yo time all hh supporters.kikikikiki

  49. PF

    maybe it was a warning from God it suppose to happen to me whos not known

  50. Gf

    So any accident that happens to Kambwili comes from Lungu. It can’t just happen what if UPND also gets involved since they know that pipo will think it’s Chagwa

  51. young ocent

    even some of u acuse my dad ecl u gain nothing my dad I let not responsible for all. bad things going on. GoD will surely judge u all

  52. davidsinks

    God knows you by name and he still need you to correct you life … God love you CK and wish you a quick recovery

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