TAYALI COMES BACK FIGHTING, “I Don’t Mind Being Locked Up For Speaking The Truth, We Will Meet In Court”

Political entrant Chilufya Tayali has come backing fighting hours after spending four days in police custody for alleged criminal libel for criticising Police Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

Tayali posted on Facebook today he was ready to face Kanganja in court and will not be cowed into silence.

“Bachelor things, my first meal from Matebeto. It is nice to be home but please tell Kaisa Sulu, Mwami One and Chafeti Mulenga, the overzealous cop, who is being used by Mwami One to do wrong things, that, I would not mind being locked up for saying the truth and I will never back down.

“We will meet in court,” a defiant Tayali declares.

The outspoken former Zambian Voice director is now leader of an opposition party.

Tayali has criticised the arrest of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema saying it was Kanganja incompetence that created a clash of motorcades.

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