TAYALI COMES BACK FIGHTING, “I Don’t Mind Being Locked Up For Speaking The Truth, We Will Meet In Court”

Political entrant Chilufya Tayali has come backing fighting hours after spending four days in police custody for alleged criminal libel for criticising Police Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

Tayali posted on Facebook today he was ready to face Kanganja in court and will not be cowed into silence.

“Bachelor things, my first meal from Matebeto. It is nice to be home but please tell Kaisa Sulu, Mwami One and Chafeti Mulenga, the overzealous cop, who is being used by Mwami One to do wrong things, that, I would not mind being locked up for saying the truth and I will never back down.

“We will meet in court,” a defiant Tayali declares.

The outspoken former Zambian Voice director is now leader of an opposition party.

Tayali has criticised the arrest of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema saying it was Kanganja incompetence that created a clash of motorcades.


  1. coop

    Kangajo must be fired he is very foolish in mind and he is an idoit like lungu cartoon teeths like craw

    • hummer where it hurts

      The truth will never be liked by the un truthful.A good example is in our Lord Jesus Christ.He was persecuted because of telling the truth but he stood tall in the true till death.

    • insults

      You are mad like the reporter. It is not voice but vice. These illiterate Zambians aaa maggots

    • KwaBulozi

      How many people is Kanganja going to lock up to cover his gross incomptence and that of his boss? And when are our Barotse Nationalists going to be released from those filthy cells?

      These are fruitless exercises Mr Lungu. Boers tried the same tactics and locked up Nelson Mandela and others only to have the Soweto Uprisings of 1976. Even KK locked up Frederick Chiluba. Chiluba locked up Kaunda and Rupiah. Mwanawasa locked up Sata.

      Zambia the Real Africa.

  2. frank hachi

    Mr tayali we have your Back and don’t stop saying the truth only the guite will be afraid as for president stop arresting people arrest poverty in our country u ass………………!!!!!!

    • chipya mulilo

      @frank hachi. U ‘re baboon in another man’s land. Toking abot poverty. Zambia is a country of plenty. Only u idiot ‘re lazy, even sex is to hard 4 u. Keep on furting, while we enjoying. U live once. But u ‘ll die furting poverty. U toilet.

    • Sir Jeff Geoffrey

      Mugwiliwa ba frank mahala!


    Bachelor things?Tayali just marry that coloured reject and pervert Chchi she cooks you junk gutter food.You are bird of the same flock.

  4. Chichi

    My hero is home. You look good Tayali and would love to share that food with me. These idiots won’t break you. I will fight with you my dear. I like your courage and enthusiasm. Soon it will be over.
    And to all my fans on this site you are free to ask me any question that you have for me. This window will remain open until I leave for Zambia in a couple of days from now. Please be respectful in your questions. For those wishing to send me their usernames for Facebook invitation please make sure to reset your privacy settings so that the search engines can find you and make it possible for me to invite you. Am having these issues with a lot of those that have sent me their user names. Also am finding it hard to identify you as there are so many with the same username. Give more details to pinpoint at your profile. Don’t send me your phone numbers here because I wouldn’t want you to compromise your privacy. Too many sick people on this site especially Edgar’s dick lickers.
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

    • Eddy Mwila.

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    • roggy

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    • chipya mulilo

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    • chipya mulilo

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    • chipya mulilo

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    • Wembwa

      Wembwa iwe you are saying that no insults but you insult other pipo and the president,chikala ngauli mwanakashi kanyo kobe

  5. wonders

    u c ths person deservs to be caged he is not remorsiful.

  6. Sunday Chinfonko

    Tayali’s house door looks ancient. Ni mulukeshoni bekala?

    • zedoc

      Kwena mwalitemwa ukuseka abanenu. That is Tayali’s security system. He has to eat take-away nshima behind locked doors.

  7. Jk

    welcome back tayali. no fear unity. stand on the truth, to save zambians under threating of this demon, u called jemason. he failled to run the, economy of this country. all what he dreams is to be a wealth man, in zambia

  8. we the people of western

    We are backing you mr taysli for spicking the truth, it was mr kangajnjas duty to direct BA buju to clear the way so that Lungu could ve been given the chance to path. But I know this was a planed move to arrest HH. By the way he arrested some one in father peoples nation, why I believe theBarotsland have there one road regulation which differed from that of Zambia.

  9. peter mambwe

    Comment:sir,do not back down.

  10. Op

    True Mr tayali are a real Man

  11. pp

    Awe sure tayali naiwe balikuchusha,

  12. diaspora

    YEAH! guess you are only fearful of burglars…as your house door seem to portray!

  13. PIMP 2000

    Some guys are dick heads how can you agree to be recruited as stooges for Chichi?She is initiating you to join the gay pride society,fools.

  14. awa na Moyo

    Another time waster, politics teyabana bring it on Tayali see you in 2021.it free to dream keep dreaming

  15. JM

    Is it in order for Kanganja to send his henchmen to arrest Tayali for claiming that he insulted him. Why Kanganja didn’t go and buy summon so that he could meet Tayali in court. All these behaviors exhibiting these chaps in power is abuse of office. I agree with Mile Mulongoti that when government changes there will be commission of inquiry on this treason case and Lungu will testify as a witness. Any body found wanting wil face the law.

  16. Elez

    Iwe CHI CHICHI CHI MUNGULU COLOURED Satanism yakupesha wasoba koipele and you have seen how desperate some of these stupid silly zambians are so have taken advantage. That’s a very easy task and you can succeed with these fools with no spiritual knowledge. Fyena filemona kwati misamwe. You people don’t be dull what has just made you to even reach an extent of giving your full detail, very stupid indeed. Is preaching the word of GOD or she always insult, what good come out of her apart from insults. Open up your minds don’t be domants or idol you zambians. We bembas say ‘ ukwali nsoke takwafwile bantu’

  17. zachariah sibale

    Tekanyeni ba tayali

  18. nykie

    Chilufya Tayala you ar a brave worrior. I like your courage keep it up.

  19. wise

    Tayali and Chichi have won my heart
    Love u guys
    People of the month

    • Chichi

      @wise, you’re awesome. My advice, watch your back and stay away from Edgar’s messengers. They will initiate you and get sacrificed.
      Love you.
      Signs cute Chichi girl

  20. onzunna

    On the wings of speculation that has no solid grounds, a lot of things can be said wrongfully. To be one is not to be against each other.

  21. Bruno mars'the moonshine jungle'

    Thanks mr Tayali. I we chi Jemason chakolwa, zambia is not yours fusek leave HH & Tayali alone.

  22. Pythias chishimba

    Best from good people. Waist from waist people like chichi

  23. Zambiano

    Ba Tayali ati we shall meet in court. What proof or facts so you have. Elo ninshi mwikala muli elephant bondi mu Chilenje. Olo nikupanga zina. Tell us what good your party will do for Zambia . Not ama silly comments. You survived rape, let us see if you’ll survive libel and slander.

  24. chile the music writer

    dont worry boi we will see them(ba pf) in 2021 we are caming

  25. analyser

    Mr President having dinner how nice!

  26. stefanie wawa

    God’s favour on our father hh,gud shephered we ar eagerly waiting 4 the day u ll b out.westerner.

  27. analyser

    All my posts are not going through why?

  28. 777

    And yeshua loves you all. Today, repent.

  29. insults

    Elez I support you. This useless daughter of a bitch (Chichi) wants to initiate Zambians into Satanism.

  30. lucy lady Upnd ,

    Chichi add ,Facebook ,User name is Reginah Craigy.

  31. Wise D

    Tayali,you have now openned your eyes? Okey,forget about the past.

  32. Martin

    That’s true mr tayali

  33. Ba Muzo

    Kosa fye yama.

    Ka Jameson kalipwa kale which explains his erratic behavour.

  34. Emmuz

    Nice one man the trueth shall set you free,keep it up I salute you!

  35. Lawmaker

    What of Mr mwaliteta when is he going to be released ? You want to finish all the Upnds or what , be carefull Mr Lungu not even your fellow pathetic fools are happy of your stupidity

  36. UPND

    We shall see were water is going to dry… Release him now…!

  37. i

    bravo!!i salute u mr Tayali..

  38. kbs

    Mr. Tayali is lobbying for your vote in 2021. With this experience behind bars as a President he would make holding cells and prisons five star status. Human rights will be upheld. He will build more prisons. The budget for the prisons will be huge so that we shall shall all want to be in prisons than in our comfort of our houses. He is yet to tell us more about life behind bars how it will be when he is elected President in 2021.

  39. mu bull

    Oh my pig has been infected by the swine flu someone to help with the medication! !!!!!!!!





  42. frank hachi

    Chipya mulilo ndiwa buzi o should I say dog in short u don’t no wat u saying so u better shat DAT shirt of yourz ass…………….fuck you!!!

  43. kaiko

    chilufya you had tough upbringing . this cadre unprofessional police man is just wasting his time by Arresting you for telling the truth . you don’t need to be trained to know some of police operatings all what you need is common knowledge and that is what kanganja is lucking.

  44. pixy me

    wow didnt know that is happening on zed

  45. APLE

    God help us in this country

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