OPINION: The Battle for the Heart and Soul of LAZ

It is sad that the ascendancy of a woman to the chairmanship of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) should bring so much acrimony. Ideally this is a feat we should all celebrate as a country. We should all be rooting for her to aim to break more barriers and overcome gender stereotypes that characterize our male dominated society.

Why then have we got to where we are? Not too long ago we were all basking in the glory of having a lady LAZ president and it was not just any lady but one that had worked herself up from serving as LAZ honorary secretary before her learned colleagues saw her fit to be elected vice president. It was not surprising that she was elected first lady LAZ president for over the years she had earned her badges. It was not until her voice became associated with dissent that some people began to frown on her.

All of a sudden people were being reminded of how her not being married was an issue with her position in society. Once the LAZ took critical positions on the constitution making process it was Linda who picked to carry the cross. All of a sudden Linda had become an opposition sympathizer. What was opposition about having asked the Constitutional Court to rule on whether ministers were rightly in office after parliament had been dissolved? What was opposition about LAZ applying to be co-joined to the presidential petition, a matter that was not only a political matter but also heavily in public interest? Linda has had to take a battering for almost every imaginable voice that questions government’s position on anything.

Why has LAZ emerged as such a strong voice? The answer is simple. Our society’s moral voices have over the years been depleted with those in power enjoying an easy ride without being questioned. Look at what has happened to our once upon a time vibrant trade unions? When the unions spoke those days everybody listened. What has happened to mother church? Even simple and straight forward advice from the church is construed to be political. What has happened to the private media? So when LAZ raises its voice under these circumstances it seems so out of place that people have become so accustomed to one voice, the voice that already has ZNBC, Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, ZANIS and Daily Nation and want every little media space in the country. Is this the kind of society we want to live in? So once LAZ is wiped off what else is going to remain to provide checks and balances in our country? It could have been comforting to see the fight in LAZ championed by some of our distinguished legal brains but a checklist of the champions of the anti LAZ agenda is hardly inspiring.

Just do a quick check Kelvin Fube, Rabson Malipenga, Hobday Kabwe and ask yourselves whether they represent the best of what should drive the final nail in the LAZ coffin?
As the legal fraternity converges to be in tow with a script laid for them by politicians they should reflect on the interests of the greater majority of Zambians. With the vote of no confidence coming up against Linda Kasonde and her executive people should be forward looking and reflect on what the anti LAZ forces want to replace Kasonde with.

For now we ask the purveyors of these machinations to reflect deeply on what is the best for this country.


  1. J tembo in Ndola

    Are we seeing what is happening or maybe paying blind loyalty?

  2. hummer where it hurts

    Who else do they want to replace kasonde with apart from their flexible cadres. Kasonde is giving them a rough ride.Her pespective on Law and order in Zambia is a great storm to PF.She is un penetratable with brown envelops and does not fear frog threats.She is keeping them at bay and in their skins.Kasonde is one in a million women,I once more say BRAVO ZAMBIAN IRON LADY.They thought your being single is a weakness,they tried their fake love proposals to bring you down but failed.they went bark with their shaky trousers kikikikikiki let me end here because they are soaked and ashamed to the bone.

  3. JJ

    With a voice of reason, I salute u Linda. As an academician I cite u for being level headed. It is always at the end of a race that champions are known and crowned. Viva woman power

  4. Henry's

    Zambia is turning into dictatorship.Very sad.

  5. Montero Banda

    It is a matter of public knowledge that Kelvin Bwalya Fube is a crooked and greedy lawyer. Since the late 1980s, he has repeatedly been dragged before the LAZ disciplinary committee for misappropriating client funds. on several occasions, he has been found wanting and has been suspended from practice. The man is a total disgraceful to the legal profession, who will stop at nothing to achieve his narrow and selfish political interests. The PF officials who are now using this pathetic excuse for a lawyer and his friends should be aware of his treacherous and greedy nature. As for those in the legal profession with integrity, please show Fube and his masters that the LAZ can still be relied upon to do its part to protect the public interest (as mandated by law) in an environment characterised by political repression.

  6. Triple B

    Linda is cute.I want her for myself but Laz its self is an offshoot of imperialism!

  7. Chichi

    Edgar is desperate to replace the big brain of Linda with his dull wife Esther who can’t speak English or spell her name properly. This is how foolish Edgar has become. He’s clueless and picking up fights with credible people. If you are cursed you’re cursed period. Edgar will desperately try anything to remain in power but God has rejected him. He will die with his small balls stuck to his tiny dick.
    Signs cute Chichi girl

    • Mr mwansa

      Am happy for her ,I think she deserve the support. Thumbs up.”one Zambia one Nation. “

  8. Joe

    Why would anyone want Linda out of LAZ? She’s an embodiment of what is right. The mistake is having a President who was once disciplined by LAZ who now wants to punish all those who deregistered him now that he’s in plot 1. This nosense should come to an end. Zambia should not be taken over by criminals. Let’s fight this emerging dictatorship. Lungu wants to destroy all institutions of good governance. What’s going on in Zambia and its patriots? Am so annoyed with what is happening. Zambia is ripe for a revolution to get rid of these vipers.

  9. obress choonga

    PF’s desperacy for power will never take them anywhere. And if PF is allowed to finish this term of office, our might Zambia will be left very poor. It’s time people of Zambia woke up and fight for what belong to them.
    Voice of Chinsali.

  10. Jk

    ECL, he wants to replace his fellow caders, so that they can stealing all what they wants. you see, to have an idiot & corrupt leaders. you open your fucking, mouth at ” dununa, dununa “

  11. Mauden shula.

    Why are Zambians failing to differentiant between facts and fiction these days? It is so shocking that people would rather choose to sound like cadres than address issues. I long for a maturity in this nation were a PF cadre would be able to point out that a treason charge against HH is unreasonable and untanable. I long for the maturity from a UPND cadre who says electioneering is over and we all know Edgar lungu is president. I long for a time when Zambian’s can objectively point out where Linda is erring without the biasness of political alignments. LAZ represents all Zambians and it should gravely worry us when opposition leaders insult the judiciary and LAZ remains quiet. It will never be right for LAZ to be seen to support MMembe a convicted law breaker. That is an insult to our intelligence as a nation. It will never be right for Laz to appoint lawyers for nchito who has a relative in laz executive. These are some of the issues we should not run away from. Do people know why LAZ exists?

  12. Bauze

    From the way I see it- its either Linda was jilted by some guy in PF or some guy in UPND is banging her- period!

  13. Banga

    Are people seeing all this or they are blinded? Look at what has become of our Mother Zambia,a leader who seeks for Advice from Uganda and Zimbabwe is surely a disgress to a nation like ours. We need to impeach this leader before he impeaches our nation.

  14. Banga

    Well done ms kasonde for a noble cause. Not like the useless leaders that we have.Keep it up,excellent job!

  15. Prisona

    Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Zambians sure u take politics even to law makers, let it be independent mwebantu mweh alaimwe.


    Im cute but rotten inside as a result of indulging in porn movies.Im lost and have a deraged mind guys I need your help,help me!

  17. Lolo

    Chichi u read again through the comments. U are the only one who is off line.

  18. The Zinc

    Maaaaaa…..mwalanvundula palast!!!! Denting my Linda amounts to injuring me!!

  19. ndolesha

    when you are dull and brainwashed you can’t analyse issues but you tend to believe everything you read from these PFools media owned by convicted plunderer Richard Sakala
    At no time did LAZ defend m’membe what LAZ did was to ask the court to join the case were Nchito was arrested for defending m’membe . LAZ wanted to defend their fellow lawyer Nchito who was dragged to court for defending m’membe. Don’t just yap and bark for something you don’t understand

  20. Sylvester Kambowa

    @Mauden shula thanx for your observation sir, but for your own information, laws, at their best, are simply exoression of caring. Sometimes those expression are misunderstood and violated, then conflicts follows. Sometimes authority is misused and wrong demands are made, only when authority is just then loyalty and devotion is possible.

  21. BB King Kitwe

    To hell with your Impartiality Kasende is a hired Gun which should be offloaded.

  22. Tayan

    Linda is here to stay. Now u c how some leaders van b selfish.


    Ata boy you Chichi bitch,why do want to seek attention all the time?Take your filth rantings to Scotland where you will be free to insult your own leaders.A porn actress like you deserves to be in hell dancing with lucifer your boyfriend.

  24. Helper

    Chichi always insults they will not help you anymore you are just showing degree of behavior…

  25. Truth Speaker

    Abash KBF (aka Criminal),
    Abash Edgar Lungu (aka Rigged President)
    Viva LAZ
    Viva Linda Kasonde

  26. wise

    Linda is worthy it

  27. Napoleon

    it’s time the old skool to back their bags.There not the only ones who got wisdom and monopoly to rule Zambia.These recycled politicians from kaunda and Chiluba era must stay at farms or old aged homes.Our country has been turned into a toilet by these Mafioso.I support the judge who gave Linda kasonde victory .Zambia is a country of laws.We want institutions like police,electoral commission,LAZ and A.C.C to work within the confines of the law.Lastly our churches shouldn’t be tamed or bought by E.L.C

  28. Ernest Shackleton

    I think she’s drop dead sexy. What I would do hmmm. Beauty, brains and braun!

  29. Ernest Hemingway

    I think she’s drop dead sexy. What I would do hmmm. Beauty, brains and braun!

  30. Bk

    The only problem is Linda is UPND.

  31. Helper

    Is this Zambia country?

  32. simus

    Leadership is a gift from God,then if God is on your side no one can be against you.

  33. Truth Speaker

    Beautiful and intelligent woman. I am proud of Linda. These are the people we need to make Zambia a country of laws.

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