KBF Bid To Impeach Linda Kasonde As LAZ President Flops

Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has withdrawn his attempt to impeach LAZ president Linda Kasonde through a vote of no confidence.

Commonly known as KBF, the former ruling party central committee member says the move was aimed at keeping lawyers united.

Voices of reason in the country have opposed the assault on LAZ which some suspect has the blessing of senior officials in the ruling party.

The battle for the heart and soul of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) was brought before an extra-ordinary AGM with a group of lawyers moving a vote of no confidence in the Linda Kasonde led executive.

LAZ is one of the few standing defenders of societal transgressions over the years and stood its sternest test today when lawyers aligned to the ruling Patriotic Front pushed a motion for a vote of no confidence.

KBF led the chants of the chuck Linda Kasonde out campaign and was looking to see the first female LAZ president out of office for allegedly for being too critical of the ruling party.

Fube suffered a setback yesterday when the High Court threw out his bid to have an independent body preside over the LAZ extraordinary meeting.

Kasonde has struck a calm posture in the midst of the storm and will be banking on lawyers of conscience to stand up for the organization.

Fube and team did not only want the LAZ executive to be removed but their plan B is to form a parallel LAZ.

Calls to have more than one body representing lawyers have been increasing as the voice of LAZ remains steadfast in criticizing ills in the current establishment.

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