Opinion: Keith Mukata Must Quit In Honour Of Slain Guard Namakau Kalila Kwenda

No one would envy the position Chilanga lawmaker Keith Mukata finds himself in. Mukata, and his girlfriend (or whatever nice term we want to call her) Charmaine are in a quandary. Their hands are stained with the blood of old man Namakau Kalila Kwenda aged 63.

The drama unfolding before us makes very sad reading. Not only is it sad that a life has been lost but the comics within which the case is being handled by our law enforcement officials. It’s very clear to tell from the outset that Mukata will survive this legal road.

While irreparable damage has been done to his character and standing, Mukata’s status and exposure to the law has the potential to help him survive prison. The legal technicalities at play may favour him in that he may not go to jail.

In this case, the biggest loser is the late bo Namakau and his beloved family. A man in his retirement age working as security guard is an indication his was a modest livelihood many of our people are faced with. And to lose a life under the circumstances is by any measure disheartening.

As a public official earning his income from tax payers, Mukata is morally guilty of this crime. Yes, our laws operate on the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. But we have a situation where a careless public official fails to account for a dangerous weapon in his possession.

The disposing off of this case will take at least two years if not longer. Mukata can’t continue to earn a living from the people he is killing while his case is before court. If he is as honourable as the members of parliament are known to be, we invite Mukata to quit with immediate effect.

Mukata’s exit from the political scene will help heal the deceased’s family. It will not bring the dead back, but it a moral obligation for one in public office who carelessly misconducts self in such a manner to do. Whether privilleged or not, Mukata does not deserve to continue in his current position as representative of the people of Chilanga.

The man is killing the very people he is supposed to protect and represent. Yet looking at the technicalities case, he may even go scott-free. It will be immoral to allow him continue holding public office with blood all over his hands.

What is sad in this drama is the haste with which they bundle away less privileged personalities for lesser offences. It is frighteningly heavy. But Mukata who murdered his guard at his Rhodes Park offices in the night is almost set to be out on the street today with the police expected to charged him with the offence of manslaughter.

We sympathize with Mukata because any spell on the other side of the law is unconvincing and in some instances may be traumatic but when there is a clearly spelt out procedure on what should happen the law should not be blind.

If our police officers applied the law as they want to in this case supposedly on the instruction of some hot shots in government then many of our people languishing in jail for lesser and some instances more
ridiculous offences should be freed too.

Mukata as a lawyer should be more aware of the mess that he drunkenly put himself in. What with all those materials found in his car pointing to criminal intent. But of course as an officer of the law we
expect that he will do the honourable thing and resign as Chilanga Member of Parliament as a first step.

Just before anyone accuses us of being hard on the poor old man, let us spare a thought for Mukata’s victim of that senseless crime. The poor old man had left his home hoping to bring food on the table for his family but ended on the wrong end of Mukata’s murderous act.

Can anyone for a moment think about the hopelessness that the man’s family must feel with their chief bread winner gone? Should we really always live in a society that is blind to the predicament of the poor? Mukata should end a life whilst on a flirtatious excursion with his concubine who apparently is another man’s wife?

Why should he walk free when everybody else gets the rap when they cross the law? It is our hope that the deceased man’s life won’t be just another statistic, the man and his family deserve some justice. All in all, Mukata must quit!


  1. Lolo

    God the creator of the universe and everything in it is watching. The murderer must be caged just like any other murderer can be caged. Police officers, if what I am reading here is how it is I command you to do the right thing or else…..


      Set him free,we wil kill him by ourselves.

    • hummer where it hurts

      Aligning himself with the blood line will save him because in their manifesto human life is trash.Lucifer will send his Angeles to perform a miracle because this earth is his dewling field and his judges are supreme. He fears no corner of this earth but awaits to confront and settle in HELL his final home and all his Suckers name them.


    That just shows how bloodthirsty these UPND thugs are.I wont allow these satanic vampires to insult elders on this site.Dont poke at me I caution you.

  3. proof first

    No!don’t say mukata shud be punished or resign I won’t promote that for the case isn’t proven yet.Let mukata’s position b put aside coz it his position dasnt contribute. The same mukata chosen by pipo b4 the case u insist mukata to resign no let them first prove it then we will kno wat step forward to take rather than just toking…Am so sorry for losing our old father unknowingly….BT to my own point of view this must b a trike done by the enemies of upnd

  4. Cili Kuli Iwe

    Comment………Inspiration words indeed we need to be wise.
    Signs by voice of the voiceless thanks.

  5. Chisenga


  6. Keisha

    No matter how the injustice may be no matter what there is someone who is watching everything and that’s God

  7. Chichi

    He has to step down or forcibly made to give up his seat. Parliament should not accommodate people facing serious criminal charges. It’s the house of laws therefore all protocols must be observed accordingly. The House of Commons in UK would have by now fired Keith just on the account of his charges. His name and status are no longer in good standing. However such would happen under Edgar’s chaotic leadership. His government is a messy and a disorganized polity. He’s too consumed with rituals, stealing and power which unfortunately is illegally acquired. He doesn’t see anything wrong with what Keith has done. Am sure he has praised him given that himself is the worst murderer.
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

    • marker

      Comment chichi you started well,but the problem with you is ur too sexy for someone a day don’t pass without talking about him. just stick to the Mukata issue.

    • Levendary Northern Kicks

      There you are again my sweet Chichi, I extremely love this! Words of wisdom,let the haters hate you for the goodness that you are. My lovely Chichi, keep it up! Superberb….

    • no choice

      Chichi mukata is your man friend in the upnd, and you caused the death of the old man why bringing ecl in your issues ?

      • Chichi

        @ no choice, am blind to party affiliations. I look at a case regardless of who has done it and which party he belongs to. Such behavior is for PF who are fond of praise worshipping ritual murderers just because they wear a PF tag. I don’t do that crap. If HH screws up, I will fuck him up. I will part company with him. This is how we do it in UK and that’s why we are significantly developed. We don’t ride on dead horses.
        Fix your foolish Edgar and I will spare him my nasty tutorials.
        Signs cute Chichi girl

    • Prosperity chymen phiri


  8. SK

    i quote:if our police officers applied the law as they want in this case supposuedly on the instruction of some hot shots in government then more of our people languishing in jail for lesser or in some cases more ridiculas offences must be freed too.

    • mwansa humphrey

      this idiot should be caged together with that kachema,these should face the law.

  9. Prosper

    Truth speaking, even if the deceased are not my relatives it indeed hated me to with the death of old man. You people, feel pit on such things….This case must teach him a lesson…I hope Mukata is reading our cimments

  10. Prosper

    Truth speaking, even if the deceased are not my relatives it indeed hated me to with the death of old man. You people, feel pit on such things….This case must teach him a lesson…

  11. man

    As it is all Zambians must rise up and speak with one voice to condemn this inhuman act.By all means,let the the courts that shall handle this case be very careful and just in dealing with this case.If this case is mis _handled then we shall set a precedence and gain ourselves a bad name as a nation.God help us!

  12. Man on the Tower

    That’s true he must quite being Mp, this what happens if you leave on parents who has brought you up to the level of being MP,

  13. joe mbewe

    the man is innocent until proven guilt, and may people keep off making assumptions this is what makes our justice to appear unjust because we take cases to courts and expect the court to judge cases to our wants, why then do we take our cases to courts if we can give even better verdicts than courts but remember the rule of natural justice says no one can be a judge in their own case or in a case in which they have interest
    as illuminated by A.V DICEY.

  14. Peter Kaputa

    It will be very premature to call for Mukata’s resignation as MP at this time because we still don’t know the facts related to this case.. My questions are, Did he shoot the guard himself? Did he shoot in self defense? The law says everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law. So let the courts decide whether his guilty or not . Men also satisfy your wives both physically and financially to avoid them being found with men like Keith at 01hrs in the morning. Lol

  15. dave

    God help us
    mwebantu where are we going as a nation

  16. Elez

    Here the law must be applied, here in zambia we don’t tolerate nonsense more especially were someone can kill a poor man but a breadwinner to his family pamulandu ne chinyo atase. Tell me how is his family going to live apapene carefull ba pf and your government, and to make matters worse aleangasha iyamunankwe and GOD has revealed this elyo mutumpe ati man slaughter bupuba. There’s nothing like “no ewashele eka paliba upnd Minsters awe”, alipaya and it was intentional why did he said the killers has run away nga ninkani yakupilibula umulandu ba kanganja ninshi you have just to resign kaili ninshi you have lamentably failed and we can’t trust you. Y didn’t he just killed that prostitute instead of the poor man. That’s y some the women ni lost, if you were my mother i can fuck you using a cooking stick so that it penetrates into your rectum kaili iya mudala tauyumfwisha. Aaa ine i ll rather die single than marrying these prostitutes women and they are all alike kwati fyafyalwa kuli chinina chimo useless. Uyo ena balupwa if government defends him take it personal use traditional kaili the government won’t proof this. Y should somebody just die like that?

  17. Marker

    Comment Peter Kaputa,that guard was guarding Keith,s premises where does self defence comes in imagine that was your relative killed can say that

  18. JK

    As Long as, he supports ECL, nothing we happen to him. believe me or not

  19. kamuchanasp

    As things stand in Zambia, he may walk free, but in his conscious will not be free and may end up going mad. What goes round comes round. No matter how much the ‘masters of the game’ may teach him tactics to get away with it, God is not sleeping, it will catch up with him. May the people of Chilanga REJECT Keith Akakelwa Mukata

  20. Chitamawe

    These nasty stories will hardly die if pipo irrespective ov gender fail 2 combine sound Godliness wth settled & established marriages. Those men & women outside there without sound Godliness plus established marriages shud think twice. Namisoka lwenu!

  21. Desert

    Thy shall not kill

  22. zaff

    Something bad cloz to happen in Zambia

  23. The Zinc

    The TERRIBLE FACT ABOUT THE FACT IS THAT THE OLD MAN IS DEAD…..Mukata ne ule lyakwe killed him. Meb over payment issues after job done!!!! Mutanikeni!!!!!

  24. x-ray

    tonga man killing lozi man.what a shame

  25. chiposa

    You people I confess to God the almight and indeed to the zam people.this killed old man is my inlaw.right away all the relatives are heart broken,looking at the left family.indeed he was the only bread winner.what next to the remaining family?nobody will suport this family.therefor,suggest he compensate the family fo it to earn a living.later he go for hanging.I say so coz if he doesn’t compensate mukata family will have something to live on while the dczed family will have nothing.so to blance let him pay and then b hanged.this will also b a lesson to others.
    Plz nothing like manslaughter.if it was his concubine,yes it can be manslaughter

  26. kbs

    We shall all end to be like Chichi. Reason is simple. We want to read her comments and respond. I have said before that the time “we” shall stop reading Chichi’s comments she will know that no one is interested in her comments. Those who respond and read her comments to them Chichi is a model, a celebrity.

  27. Mark Kapoti

    Let this man spend his o life in prison,if posible.

  28. op

    tonga killing lozi

  29. Umuntu

    Unfortunately, resigning on moral grounds does not exist in Zambia.

  30. SODIUM

    In Our Country each and every one is a president. kekekekekeeeeee

  31. PIMP 2000

    There are only two ways to punish Mukata that is to castrate him or better still send him to join HH so that they masturbate together in prison.Mukata loves sex very much thats why he needs to be punished severly for killing that poor old man.

  32. Teargas

    Killing the old man, family members use charms during burial so that we see his wideness!

  33. Lord tariq

    This man deserves to be caged and throw the keys in the Zambezi river.As the law says no one is guilty until proven innocent but for this one is another tale.He should not be allowed in parliament.lastly jail is not only for the poor who are bundled up savagely by our corrupt police.

  34. Sha bn ldden

    Makata shud step down from his position since he is a man who have studied law , he knows the truth for what he has done.

  35. Simon mweene siasiya

    My condolences

  36. common man

    It will be interesting t

  37. koloko

    who ever thinks that hh has indeed committed a treason offence should submit himself or herself to chinama for mental evaluation. Keith must face the law and justice must prevail at the end of this and all I wish to see is that the guilty charge be read and him be sentenced to death and that death sentence be carried out I don’t mind pulling the lever myself. free hh you idiots

  38. Rabson Mwale

    put him in life imprisonment or kill him also right now.

  39. Rafel Harvest

    Tefintu 😨 Let the Law decide …..hope its going to be fair…..Pantu Pa Zed Mmmmm

  40. Trump Mazoka

    Honourable Mukata has commited a dishonourable act and therefor, he should relinguish his honourable position as Chilanga MP and take up his newly acquired dishonourable position as inmate.

  41. Trump Mazoka

    Honourable Mukata has commited a dishonourable act and therefor, he should relinguish his honourable position as Chilanga MP and take up his newly acquired dishonourable position as inmate. This is the right thing for him to do if he has any morals left in him.

  42. facts of life.

    What happened to the term “NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW!” if such people are allowed to walk free in our streets.
    Does it mean politicians cannot be imprisoned? Mother Zambia where are we heading to? we your children are crying for Justice.

  43. Sensible

    We need very tight & strict laws on gun ownership.

    • Sensible

      A lot of you are just ranting & raving and not giving solutions on how to stop gun violence.

  44. Alladin moses

    Lets try to think outside the box dont judge for we all dont know what happend even if the evidence is pointing at him let the mighty father judge

  45. samuel

    Comment no need of wasting time of hiding the offender just crustify him

  46. Jimmy.Sigupa.N.

    Mukata must be dropped from that position as soon as possible,if anything he was supposed to be suspended immediately the news broke out pending investigation. Let’s not turn a blind eye to what the law requires us to do. It’s shameful if that man is still holding that position. Mutaka please humbly step aside, the blood of Namakau is crying out from the earth for you to bring yourself out of your hiding, confess for God to forgive you. You might hide from the eyes of people but remember you cannot hide in the eyes of God Yehova. Loss of Life is not something you can get away with, if you do not confess it will haunt you till the day of judgement.

  47. never mind

    let him face the law

  48. mulase

    But kamene aka ka hule ka chichi kachilamo.U have a poisoned heart chichi.Whilst yo English appear to come from a learned person its not in phase with yo judgement.Such contrasts only come from persons with a brain disorderness or damage if u may like.Y should everything wrong be heaped on ECL and the opposite on HH?I understand that losing elections more than any presidential candidate in the world is painful but to utter some of yo words is unacceptable.HH shouldn’t be aligned with such pipo if he really wishes to be a republican president.Uchosepo nzelu za uhule ngati ufuna HH akaku kwatile.

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