Opinion: Keith Mukata Must Quit In Honour Of Slain Guard Namakau Kalila Kwenda

No one would envy the position Chilanga lawmaker Keith Mukata finds himself in. Mukata, and his girlfriend (or whatever nice term we want to call her) Charmaine are in a quandary. Their hands are stained with the blood of old man Namakau Kalila Kwenda aged 63.

The drama unfolding before us makes very sad reading. Not only is it sad that a life has been lost but the comics within which the case is being handled by our law enforcement officials. It’s very clear to tell from the outset that Mukata will survive this legal road.

While irreparable damage has been done to his character and standing, Mukata’s status and exposure to the law has the potential to help him survive prison. The legal technicalities at play may favour him in that he may not go to jail.

In this case, the biggest loser is the late bo Namakau and his beloved family. A man in his retirement age working as security guard is an indication his was a modest livelihood many of our people are faced with. And to lose a life under the circumstances is by any measure disheartening.

As a public official earning his income from tax payers, Mukata is morally guilty of this crime. Yes, our laws operate on the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. But we have a situation where a careless public official fails to account for a dangerous weapon in his possession.

The disposing off of this case will take at least two years if not longer. Mukata can’t continue to earn a living from the people he is killing while his case is before court. If he is as honourable as the members of parliament are known to be, we invite Mukata to quit with immediate effect.

Mukata’s exit from the political scene will help heal the deceased’s family. It will not bring the dead back, but it a moral obligation for one in public office who carelessly misconducts self in such a manner to do. Whether privilleged or not, Mukata does not deserve to continue in his current position as representative of the people of Chilanga.

The man is killing the very people he is supposed to protect and represent. Yet looking at the technicalities case, he may even go scott-free. It will be immoral to allow him continue holding public office with blood all over his hands.

What is sad in this drama is the haste with which they bundle away less privileged personalities for lesser offences. It is frighteningly heavy. But Mukata who murdered his guard at his Rhodes Park offices in the night is almost set to be out on the street today with the police expected to charged him with the offence of manslaughter.

We sympathize with Mukata because any spell on the other side of the law is unconvincing and in some instances may be traumatic but when there is a clearly spelt out procedure on what should happen the law should not be blind.

If our police officers applied the law as they want to in this case supposedly on the instruction of some hot shots in government then many of our people languishing in jail for lesser and some instances more
ridiculous offences should be freed too.

Mukata as a lawyer should be more aware of the mess that he drunkenly put himself in. What with all those materials found in his car pointing to criminal intent. But of course as an officer of the law we
expect that he will do the honourable thing and resign as Chilanga Member of Parliament as a first step.

Just before anyone accuses us of being hard on the poor old man, let us spare a thought for Mukata’s victim of that senseless crime. The poor old man had left his home hoping to bring food on the table for his family but ended on the wrong end of Mukata’s murderous act.

Can anyone for a moment think about the hopelessness that the man’s family must feel with their chief bread winner gone? Should we really always live in a society that is blind to the predicament of the poor? Mukata should end a life whilst on a flirtatious excursion with his concubine who apparently is another man’s wife?

Why should he walk free when everybody else gets the rap when they cross the law? It is our hope that the deceased man’s life won’t be just another statistic, the man and his family deserve some justice. All in all, Mukata must quit!

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