Hichilema’s Lawyer Calls State Witness A Liar; Forces OP Official To Apologize

Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyer Gilbert Phiri this morning embarrassed a state witness for lying on oath.

The purposeful examination of the credibility of the witness forced Magistrate Malumani to warn the official who is suspected to be a member of the Zambia Intelligence community known as OP not to go against standard court procedure.

Hichilema, the UPND leader incarcerated for treason, has since been found with a case to answer on one of the charges of insulting the President.


Defense Lawyer Gilbert Phiri takes to the floor and asks the witness who assigned him to arrest and charge HH on 3 charges?

State witness says he was assigned by officer in charge Arthur Shonga.

Defense lawyer Phiri says it is a fact that state witness was at HH’s house on 10th April, 2017 at 22:00 hours, is it not?

State witness says he was not at HH’s house at that time and on that day.

And defense lawyer Phiri asks that the court avails him the report that the State witness did author of what happened?

State advocate Sakala argues that there is no need of such but Magistrate Malumani guides that it be brought forward.

And defense lawyer Phiri asks the state witness to disclose whose handwriting it was and who wrote the report?

State witness says it is his handwriting and that he wrote it.

Defense lawyer Phiri says read paragraph 6.

State witness struggles but reads and reads as follows: Around 22: 00 hours on 10th April, 2017, I pursued Mr Hakainde Hichilema to his residence at plot 10474 off leopards hill road. During an operation which lasted for more than 4 hours, the following suspects were apprehended for various offenses:

Defense lawyer Phiri says state witness told the court that he never went to HH’s house on 10th April, 2017. Why lie?

State witness says he did not go to HH’s house.

Defense lawyer Phiri calls the state witness a LIAR.

And Magistrate Malumani says he will not allow the state witness to continue telling lies, he says this is a court and the law is followed here vehemently.

Magistrate Malumani quotes relevant provisions on telling lies and guides that he will not allow such lies anymore.

And state advocate Sakala objects that it is not fair to call the State witness a LIAR by the defense lawyer Phiri.

But Magistrate Greenwell Malumani rules that the reason why such is arising is because the state witness is not telling the truth. Magistrate Malumani says when brought to court one stops being state but an individual and once jailed it is him alone as state witness Mbita and family to face the punishment. Magistrate Malumani rules that he will use the law and follow the law and nothing otherwise.

Meanwhile the cross examination continues….


  1. mtozi cwane

    State lawyer, why cheating? God will judge.

    • World Citizen

      Courts are guided by the principles of laws. The court will only adjudicate what is brought before it; so for the state witness to be called a liar, was as a result of inconsistences in the tailored statement. He lied and a person who lies is called a ‘liar’.

  2. shabz

    Janza forward.. We’ll never roll back.. HE’LL BE FREE IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

  3. Luwingu Lwansase*

    HH ” uletola nobwapona panshi. . … start frm now u should aprove your Pr. ECL

  4. kaya guy

    Comment.why u like to lie u state witness becare wth people.hh is innocent man why u truoble hm

  5. jms

    God is able

  6. Kebby

    He is not telling the truth that s why they called him a liar. A sin has no excuse or spare anyone.

  7. Moses m

    State witness yayamba kusanda. Mulungu ni mulungu.

  8. Chola

    Can’t wait to hearing more….

  9. voice chulukila

    Let us see the power of the lord

  10. •ριяατεδ•™

    нмми…тнєζε ρεοριε ηεεδζ δεΓινєяаисє

    • PIRATED™

  11. Northwestern

    I always talk about it, but it’s like Chakola and his advisors they don’t read and understand. People even in our homes if you hear old people they say stop this, you should follow. That’s why I have been saying that edgar and his advisor are not circumsised ,but people out there will talk a lot against me as if am insulting.Today His excellence my President HH was in court and found not guilt. So were are you going now? People learn to appreciate the saying of the majority than carrying all the powers by one person that because am the most high. I think as at now things are turning up side down.

    Chichi I want you to say something because it’s like PF carders are not happy. So what can u say over this.Mind u HH was charged with treason of which I strongly know that treason judgement is passed by either life in prison or death sentence. So if i say more some will hang themselves.Better send your comment. Am waiting for it because for me if i send it on public not only chikala or sorry chakola alone will die, unsteady the majority including carders.

    • beinjing

      Can you comment in your mother’s language. it is seem you still having English problem.

  12. mengmoreler

    Ati not calng a state lair!why?bane m i have seen here a dog z a dog weither u lik it or nt and plz u hav imbarased us the people hu voted 4u in office wee!boma iyi tefintu mwandini sure refusing being by yo name which have given by yoself?last bt not at list:that’s y u provoke chichi to start insulting u bcoz of yo empty heard hmmm!look at u mwandi!ni maules muchilye;bt chichi plz stop insulting them other yz we hav proved there foolishness.

  13. COONDE

    Lying will not take you anywhere. Zambia’s integrity is being compromised here. Our country is a democracy. This dictatorship which is croping up is alien in our motherland.

  14. bc

    Commentmy president

  15. Susan

    Sister @ Chichi I don’t know how to thank you for the great evening you feted us. Am so thankful of you. That was nice of you. I didn’t think it can happen. Mwandi ninadyela nakumwa. If you thinking of doing it again please let me know. I can even vote for you as my president. And thank you nakandalama kaja. Ninalipila ka rent, bought malaiti, food and gave some to mom for her operation. Ulimuntu Chichi. You don’t just talk but very practical. So proud of you cute coloured girl. Find me a white man so that I can have a kid especially a girl and I will name her Chichi.

  16. white horse

    Just release the man

  17. Jk

    Even Kasaka, his better than, this statae withness, you just release HH

  18. Gilbert Samukonga N W P

    God wil never forget his follower like HH,but on 18 th August read matthews 15vs 8 u cod christian nation carefull GOD is GOD.

  19. Chiza Sinyangwe

    Cooked story is sin b4 humanity but also b4 God which is more serious for everyone will be judged accordingly

  20. PF

    U know I dnt comment anyHw becoz we’re big pipo,Just wait and see wat will b happening dnt blame state witness becoz they prove u wrong at de last.
    But HH must b judged dealth penalt or life n prison for his treason bailable case.
    Loading…………. to court procedure…….

  21. Real name Brian mutande

    Where ar the pf cadres on thi coment? you wished my president to face life in prison, am still loading ……. …….. mother fucker

  22. Trump Mazoka

    Thou shall not bare folse witness. State witness is a law breaker, cage him also!

  23. Abel

    God help zambia

  24. Munganguta moyo


  25. Kaluba nemon

    The truth will remain the truth.

  26. lackson

    Ba so called big people why do you wish others to die or life imprisonment? put yourself in the same shoe.

  27. HH

    Panyopako pf with your empty minded head, you cannot even shut up your snout, mulibe mulibe nansoni

  28. child of the sky

    The whole PF thing is one big lie

  29. Gift Munen

    Stop telling lies ,
    in court sure.remember god is watching

  30. Muzho Mierovid

    Nothing to do without God’s favour

  31. DOMS

    Let mwinemushi asist n ds mater plz. Apa kulefwaikwa ukushulo mushila rootkozing!

  32. brave choona

    In court we don’t say absurd things such as lie.y not calling u lair wen not of outmost good faith.

  33. Cats

    Hope this comes to an end soon

  34. Havumba hamwenda

    Don’t think HH will be released with no offence, he will be out with criminal offence,what he did was wrong. Zambians don’t just talking without analysing the matter,if HH was the President and the opposition do what he did,do you think he can sit and look at it?,let’s respect the sit of presidency every one is entitled,I am even surprised to see some comments from qualified lawyer’s commenting against treason charge.

  35. one philipe

    Say the truth to shame the devil

  36. Real name Brian mutande

    Mr.mutande back to the coment, ba pf why arresting the republic president of zambia hh? Why do you reject him as your leader? while you ar not zambians, you mother fucker rebels, if you have lost the direction why don’t you ask kk to show you the root you came from? Hh he’s a trully zambian but not eny of you, respect our president hh if not go back to your motherland live zambians in peace please!!!!

  37. Akapenya-Mushi

    Akapenya mushi noushalimo Akabano,Impako sha ba nabene,HH ukafwilapofye.innocent or guilty your life shall always in threat/danger.Why can’t yo give it a break first.Why is General Brigadier Miyanda so quiet? Even KK is 1999%aware of your well organsd,calculated and schemed move that eventually failed that you were supposedly spread bullets immediately, but still you want to play heroesim,Bembas say where they don’t discipline children whips grows even in the corridors of the house. Oko abana batumpa Na me mbya yamena na mulukungu.you need first a good lesson and lectures from Red Bricks.KK knows very well how to make people like you to talk.And prayers for what and for Who? The only prayers for HH is to deliver him and dedicate or defect to Might PF and take the position of obvious Mwaliteta,So that Hamududu Highves can be Well funded by the PF further split southern/N/w Votes,,,,, Akapenya-Mushi noushalimo Akabamo Next GBM will so yo!!!Akapenya-Mushi

  38. weedy k

    wapya baisa

  39. Misheck Muk's

    Solution coming soon………..

  40. LEE

    Witnss state used childish mannr!!

  41. HH's son

    Never roll back,what goes around comes back around”he is a liar”…Forward ba pipo!!!!!


    When God say yes no one will say no, I thank the state witness for revailing the truth that they are playing a feacal game in state

  43. Nalu


  44. equalizer

    All des we’ve seen a useless let’s wait 4 UBUPIGUSHI

  45. Zef


  46. Zero


  47. TJ

    Zambia in the Global Village:Pompous HH is every thing who is negative about others and is not exempted to be above our Zambian laws just like you and me.Why?:He is human with similiar features like you and me and above all,also faces our Zambian laws “where there is
    no animal which is more equal than others”or”where no animal farm exist”.DEAL WITH HH LIKE OTHERS WHEN THEY GET WRONG!

  48. k moyo

    edga ni edga only untll 2021 for president in

  49. mpolongo


    • Arcvenus

      Les’s just wet 4 judgement day we me end up with negatives on something which ar not even in place

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