Zesco’s New Tariffs To Affect The Poor – Research

A newly commissioned research has shown that the increased electricity tariffs by ZESCO will mainly affect the poor.

The research reveals that poorer households consume less electricity with average consumption of about 226 kilowatts each month, compared to 312 kilowatts used by richer households. The research was conducted by the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre, PMRC.

And PMRC Executive Director, Bernadette Deka, says while government’s aim of reforming subsidies by the end of 2017 is the right move, care must be taken to protect the poorest, when subsidies are cut.

She says the research has also shown that in general, the richest Zambians currently receive nearly five times more in subsidies than the poor.

Deka says it shows that the wealthiest 20 percent of the population, receive approximately 70 percent of all subsidies, whilst the poorest 50 percent of the population, receive less than 3 percent of the subsidies.

She added that the research suggests that without alleviating measures, subsidy withdrawal could increase poverty.

Deka has called on government and the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation, ZESCO to consider some options to alleviate the impact of the removal of the subsidies on the poorest households.

ZESCO has adjusted tariffs with its officials saying this will allow a lot of people to enjoy more units at the same price.

The proposed lifeline tariff simply allows customers consuming up to 300 units of electricity in a month, to pay only 15 ngwee per kWh (excluding monthly fixed charge and taxes), meaning that Zambian households can plan and control expenditure on electricity by keeping consumption to the lowest tariff band possible and implementing energy saving practices such as Switch and Save, CFL Bulb replacement, using alternative energy sources such as LPG cookers, solar geysers and solar lighting systems.

“While adjusting the tariff, we are very mindful that a lot of people can’t afford the 75% tariff increase. And so we have a tariff called the lifeline tariff which is 100 units per 15 ngwee. We have applied to adjust that from 100 to 300 units so that a lot of people can enjoy that lifeline tariff at the same price,” said Managing Director Dr Victor Mundende has said.


  1. Chichi

    It’s always the poor that get affected by Edgar’s horrible policies. He has never came up with any effective development plan that improves the welfare of his own people. What this idiot is consumed with is power, pride, egotism, hate and greed. With more than 75 percent of unemployed, soaring poverty levels, disease, child mortality and early deaths – the mother fucker born from a diseased slut finds joy in rewarding his impoverished and miserable people with punishing electricity tariffs. One can only understand this unfortunate country that has never enjoyed real development is grappling with soaring crime rates, prostitution, illiteracy and HIV /AIDS. The numbers are stunningly high and out of proportion to comprehend. There is no logic to support Zambia’s extremely poor rating in socioeconomic development yet the country has never suffered civil war or any natural catastrophe nation-wide designated as a national emergency under the UN resolution. What exist to support this phenomenon is poor economic management, disastrous political leadership which is stupid and lacking intelligence to govern. In particular, Edgar’s horrible leadership is one that makes no sense to the right thinking minds. It’s a gang of criminals that have come together for a common purpose of looting and raping the treasury. They will stop at nothing to steal to the maximum. When they are done, they raise the bible in their hands and brainwash people that they are humble just – a similar tactic that was played out during colonialism by the European missionaries. A nation that is so much illiterate is the best prey for predatory regimes and foolish Edgar is one such example. Wake up you cursed race!! This is 21st Century.
    Signs cute Chichi girl

    • ziche

      Ba UPND, I think yo yo education is only on papers. I can’t blame u coz u are educated fools.

    • Zambian

      ‘He has never came up’ mmmh Chici!!! I know there are a lot of folks who enjoy your analytical skills in the comments you post. But ECL has been in power for less than 3 years, and you blame him even for the high illiterate levels? If your grandmother, mother are illiterate, you have been a prostitute for 12 years, you are languishing in poverty when others are celebrating bumper harvests….,what has that to with ecl and has poor policies. Be real.

  2. Mwape

    This has only promoted increased deforestation & unwelcomed hiking of everyday food commodities like bread & mealie meal… Since I dnt have the power to change anythin, I would like to extend my utmost sympathy to the poor Zambians who had hoped fo better on the lowering of their cost of living buh have to endure even more set backs…

    • hummer where it hurts

      Cry now,and always remember that the worst is yet to come.I would rather you reserve your tears for more solo.

  3. Jk

    useless government under jemason

  4. nicolas


  5. DOMS


  6. ine wine

    This increment has many sides to it. first, why is it that Zesco employees buy 2000 units at K50.00? does that mean all parastatal employees are given such eg if ZRA employee buys a car he/she pays K50.00? secondly why is that ERB just endorses everything handed to it by Zesco? thirdly this report has failed to connect to the dire consequences that this increment will have on forests. we are simply shooting ourselves in the foot, we are a hydro dependent energy country and promoting charcoal burning will surely come with drier rivers and erratic electricity -climate change acceleration.

    • Zee jay

      I never had any idea that Zesco employees buy such an amount of units so cheaply. That’s so unfortunate.
      I like your reasoning about the long term effect of this increment on our precious forests.
      I remember the observation of one international official that, “if the rate at which trees are depleting in Zambia continues, the country may not have any trees in 50 years from now”. I think with this increment the estimated 50 years must reduce to 30 years or less.
      Persistent droughts are coming.

  7. evaristo katanga

    Comment reserved

  8. Chris Botha

    ZESCO is now a curse to us all Zambians instead of being a source of pride and a blessing it completely a failed parastatol it is even better to close it or sell it or better stil let us have other power generation companies come to Zambia not this rubbish. Its beta to have other competitors on the market of hydro power than this foolishness we are being subjected to.

  9. snug

    Zambians where are we marching?

  10. shaka

    Job well done ERB and ZESCO and indeed our government. I am a charcoal burner and i am enjoying this development, keep it up ECL so that the economy benefits all Zambians.Why is everyone complaining when some of us don’t even have power in our grass thatched houses! Viva PF and I hope HH will continue with the same spirit when he takes power in 2021.Thanks.

  11. Gerald johns

    U ‘ve ask well dear

  12. shaka

    Why is…..

  13. Danny mwansa

    We support and respect our leader as the bible states but is it fair that our own shepherd starts mistreating us as his sheep’s when making dicision let our leader think of us the poor let him put himself in our shoes if he will take a step the reason we had to cast our votes we expected the best not the worst

  14. Akapenya-Mushi

    Ubufumu busheta amenshi,it’s all animal-farm type, why can’t there be father players to compet with bazesco, BaZESCo na Ba ERB you at alet down to Zambians,

  15. Misheck Muk's

    Let ba zesco do what they think is right….. Don’t mislead them with your foolish comment.

    Solution by Misheck shift…..

  16. wise

    Shaka as yo house is thatched,so are yo brains

  17. Juezzy

    Comment Wow thats really bad for the “”Below average standard of living people””…….. sad, you get the point eeenh?? Our President look into this matter please.

  18. metalholdz

    poor or rich we r all affected

  19. metalholdz

    expect everything produced utilizin electricity to increase by 75% e.g food.kwacha will loose value.

  20. Lendary Northern Kicks

    Those people who insult Chich cute girl are dull puppets! Chichi cute girl is so intelligent that no feable mind will comprehend her geniousely high thinking brains. The damsel is so bright, marvelously genius, with a high capacity sixth sense which is normally present in brains like hers. Am actually following my Chichi lovely girl, whom I admire without jealous, so patiently and attentively. Chichi my sweetness, I love you because you the qualities I consider coming from the brains that think fast, like a flash of lightening. Keep it up, love you so much sweetie

    • Chichi

      @legendary, thanks so much. It’s actually the empty heads who can’t connect with reason. You’re so sweet my dear.
      Love you too.
      Signs cute Chichi girl.

  21. Clement Chileshe

    Money will never be enough to ZESCO, people will continue stealing to meet ZESCO BILLS and Charcoal Burners will make our beautiful country a desert. For us to meet our goal at least 75% of houses with electricity must use a stove ……

    • Captured

      The government in place is daft & financially illiterate & even when they have increased electricity tarriffs, they will continue mismanaging the finances there by making themselves even richer. The only achievement that this pf myopic govt will score is increasing the poverty levels further from the current 80% to 90%. What else?? But hey! time will come when we shall drive nails into the closed caskets for these pf riff-raffs.

      • shabba

        Honestly what do you expect from caders running the country trust me Zambia will be worse than Zimbabwe

    • Captured

      The government in place is daft & financially illiterate & even when they have increased electricity tarriffs, they will continue mismanaging the finances there by making themselves even richer. The only achievement that this pf myopic govt will score is increasing the poverty levels further from the current 80% to 90%. What else?? But hey! time will come when we shall drive nails into the closed caskets for these pf riff-raffs.

  22. commando

    Zambians have been taken for granted by our politicians.In Zambia there are certain privileges that are for the bapamwambas e.g decent education, proper health care,nice jobs with good wages and now amalaiti.Anyway don’t worry because the electricity tarriffs will be lowered in 2021 just before the elections only to be increased if PF will retain power.Elo ba chester[i mean bakamalasha or charcoal traders] balawina kabili amalasha yakulaenda sana.Pa zed ubucushi bwakulakulilakofye with no hope and help in sight until we shall have another Mwanawasa,that is, if there is another one.Is it still dununa reverse???????Lesa somone!

  23. The Phatom Rascal

    You fools – why complain??
    You voted for ECL & PF.
    Didn’t we tell you to use your brains when voting instead of your tribe.
    Bemba thieves – You shall suffer like no other!

    You reap what you sow!
    And so it shall be.

  24. the true blues of mtendere

    madam Deka pliz check from your guard Kasonkomona at your offices and find out how much is his salary at Arm Secure Security K830 and he even work during public holidays without overtime and he has to buy meal mealie at K97 in mtendere and Arm Secure don’t submitt money to NAPSA for alot of their workers and am one of them

  25. mckings

    Where are we going?????

  26. Mwamona

    You wil reap what you sow.That’s the reality of life.Iye uluse to the majority poor

  27. James

    This will affect the economy negatively:the cost of doing business will increase as you are all aware electricity is the expense,prices of essential goods will increase drastically,the cost of living will generally be expensive.

  28. James

    the increase in electricity tariffs will not only increase the cost of doing business but also biodiversity will be affected in the sense that demand for charcoal will increase leadings to deforestation and eventually leading to global warming.

  29. Proudly Zambian

    This is just the beginning

  30. Bwana

    This shit is getting out of hands. Power is the only phrase of development in this country

  31. Nitow

    Government yaba lungu useless

  32. Moses

    Yes It True That It Is Just The Beginning

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