GBM Breaks Silence, Says “Long Live HH; I Shall Never Abandon You”

UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has broken the silence over his conspicuous absence at court sessions during Hichilema’s treason trial.

Mwamba has cleared the air pledging total support for his president who is about to clock a month behind bars.

Speculations have been rife the strong businessman had sought refuge while information supplied by his team a month ago suggested he had gone to seek medical attention.

Below is GBM’s full statement:

Let them speculate, that’s their wish, I am not a political prostitute like many other politicians,

I can prove my point. I didn’t abandon Late Sata when he was at his lowest moment politically and economically, I stood by him up to the time he achieved what he wanted to be, President, even now, I ll not abandon my president H H despite His incarceration by Edgar’s P F/ M M D regime on tramped up charges,

This is a scheme they have come up with to distabilize our party which will not succeed at all.

My appeal to you all our members and supporters is to remain steadfast, focused and loyal to the president and the party as your leadership is still intact.

I m still H H’s vice and shall never abandon him, COME RAIN COME SUNSHINE.

Comrades, this is a passing phase. We shall overcome not too long from now.

Lastly, I wish to state that my loyalty is still to President H H, long live H H, long live UPND and long live the Zambian people


  1. chrispin kalumba

    Dats de way forward with UPND

  2. mr neddy lubumbe kapwepwe

    gdm u are a failer how can u come at such a moment to hh ur president after living him in custard 4 so long!! it means u abandoned him::::

  3. Dingane

    Deeds not words

  4. mr neddy lubumbe kapwepwe

    Comment….,GBM u are failure how can u leave your long live president in prison n u run away what were u thinking? just rejoin part in power…..ifintu ni lungu

    • Luwingu Lwansase*

      GBM long live! ….but u should look no farther for us to vote for HH, we don’t lik him…. that’s why HH will never become a president of zambia ….. imwe mwebantu HH ni prisoner don’t expect any thing from him…….”Luwingu Lwansase* watumpa lwamoca*”

      • Pa Bwato

        Mwilatukumbinkanya By Your Saying ‘us’ Say ‘You’alone Will Not Vote For HH, Only Your Vote. Tapali Nabo Mukoca Yama.

      • Triple B

        These are words coming from a coward.GBM is currently in court facing a charge of drilling without getting authority from the republican President.This case borders on treason.Is GBM afraid that eventually he will also be implicated in HH’s treason case?

  5. Francis Sambwa

    Were are you

  6. Op

    Vive gbm you are a good man we love you to mach

  7. Abel


  8. peter mambwe

    Comment:GBM strong words.

  9. Peter Mambwe

    Comment:Those are strong words ba mudala.

  10. Kebby

    Zambia forward

  11. cha

    Gbm coward tawakwata nensoni

  12. jobs mawere

    GBM wil finish lyk ebu soap look at mama Masebo where is she? Ubwafya you politicians dont listen to pipo. HH has reached the hard botom rock jst lik other smal politico players.

  13. mugabbe Robert

    forward forward upnd we r behind u president hh vice president gbm lets be strong

  14. Mjay

    One Zambia, One nation, One people

  15. Emmuz boy

    So interesting mr mwamba,long live your Excellency mr Hakainde Hichilema

  16. Dizo

    UPND its 4wad



  18. Tambilwa

    Batata ba mwamba mwalibutukafye bweleni mumone hh mwingilemo imwe ena HH afume nimwe balelela ku chimbokaila.

  19. Jk

    Forward UPND

  20. sunford

    I Mis the long gone golden times when Zambians could live freely in their own nation.now I know that the reason why there is no piece in the wilderness is because the lion is ruling. No peace in zambia

  21. the directer

    Viva hh, viva gbm & viva zed

  22. the directer

    Viva hh, viva gbm & viva zed

  23. Man on the Tower

    All tactics they will do, for UPND is a training and and feel what suffering is so that when they come in power they have all what it takes to help under privilege Zambian.

  24. arena

    Ati you aren’t a political prostitute like others! what happened to u baGBM when you abandoned your party PF you hardly formed ?2 where are you now,you never attended any court session or visit him?

  25. Gliy k352

    UPND for ever


    HH/GBM for ever!!!!

  27. Bokoho

    Tell lungu to step down

    • Chimbokaila.

      Be frank bane,return to of mwilaumfwensoni…UPND bye bye.

  28. john mwanza

    pliz!!!!!!!!!!!!!all the pf member let me tel u,don’t pretend like u ar surpoting lung just revew ur whats ur mind.

  29. HH2


  30. Maps


  31. Moses mbikusita

    Forward hh hh , we are still behind you regardless of what you are going through

  32. HH/2

    How are you zambian people?? Am here to inform you This!!!Hakainde Hichilema is not a type of Presdent in Zambia, why he don’t explain that his friend Edgar Lungu is a Presdent of Zambia , So please Zambian people try again to vote for HH if you don’t want to for Edgar Lungu , its better vote for Edith Nawakwi not HH awe Nakana!!!!!!!!!

  33. Wazaza

    GBM coward man react to rescue yo so called president.
    Why Wishing him long life in jail.

  34. kk f

    Comment:be strong gbm,hh will b released


    HH forward HH FORWARD chabe bamwisho no matter what humiliation HH 2021 !!!!!!!!!!! ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

  36. mack zee mwiinga

    Be careful with GBM l have a feeling he wants to distroy UPND

  37. d.k.i.d legendary

    Waiting for hakainde Is like waiting for a dead person to get back to life balya calipwa and ba GBM just go back to pf coz yo friend is there for good ngamwatalika goo and ask the late mazoka these guys are all failures mukafwa na heart attack…….nampwa yama

  38. gift lungu

    Zambia forward with pf

  39. never mind

    pa bwato

  40. Ronald

    Vn f u pf u wa arresting HH on de crimes he did not commit,GOD z there he wu rescue him.one thing u mast know z dat u wu not stay n power antil Jesus Christ come.de same person u wa acusng of doing wrong things he did not do z person who stay n power when u step down.

  41. Akapenya-Mushi

    Ukufwila I canyongolo,Kaili pumbwe afwilile palyakwe GBM,knows very well that Camwenso alipuswike coz he is a Bemba who cannot expos himself in tense situation like treason issue,unlike Garic Nkombo who summasoted on a police officer’s neck the rest is history, GBM knows in Bemba ati Ukwimbila abanobe amaiingwe hence don’t expect him anywhere near HH,instead hewil rather be with Hamududu.Apenya-Mushi,Noushalimo akabamo.

  42. Luther

    People remember one thing.. if MMD was as bad and sadist as PF , PF wouldn’t be in poor to day. People who are once ruling ,were once ruled. Martin Luther stated:one day my four little children will not be charged by the content of their skin but the content of their character. Watch your words. Feel for others politics are seasonal.

  43. Luther

    Forward HH

  44. Elias Zulu

    Leadership comes from above no matter how much we can fight.

    • Captured

      Strongman GBM press on & on……… it is darkest before dawn. UPND forward & long live HH

  45. Elias Zulu

    Everything happens for a purpose.

  46. mpolongo

    Zambia foward bamuntu

  47. young Lungu

    Comment……we don’t like prisoners..TAKE NOTE

  48. Vile

    GBM we wn’t 2 see U Ba upnd where u walibutuka stop even bwatabwata.u will be a next victim pushi

  49. Mwenda Wilson

    All the best guys!!
    Just to remind u that our president Lungu is appointed by God!!
    Whether u like it or not HH will never rule Zambia!!

  50. techner

    Gbm u r a failure thank God u nt my brother

    • Alvin

      HH all the best, u wil accomplish all wht u hav started, for God wil rescue u in all hardships u wil hav to pass through until u ar president of zambia and God wil bring down to ur feet all thoz tryn to act smart now

    • Alvine

      HH all the best, u wil accomplish all wht u hav started, for God wil rescue u in all hardships u wil hav to pass through until u ar president of zambia and God wil bring down to ur feet all thoz tryn to act smart now

  51. Gevy Armyworm Phir

    How i wish this same hippoportamus or in bemba =( ndekokota amafi ) was the one inside including ka William Bbamba, i hate violent politicians who never mind whether Zambia goes in flames or not, its all about power ignoring the trauma their day dreaming & unruly behaviuors may cause 2 especially the majority innocent civillians who doesn’t even know what politics is including their own relatives. Am smelling a rat, O.P & intelligence agencies must investigate these petrol bombers b4 its 2 lat

  52. mr.kizzy,sijamba

    Zambia, Forward

  53. Lubuto

    GBM come not ukulandila apatali abaume balapalamina.

  54. levydee

    long live hh and gbm ths zed is yours.viva hh na gbm.

  55. Big bwete

    Will wait and see

  56. Thanbilwa

    Umwaice ekalisha elyo anye, aya emalibu yakuilombela ba HH mukose sana pantu katwishi elyo mukafuma nga tamwakapute nokuputa ku mafi yamu chifungo SORRY.


    Comment:HH nd GBM jxt humble urselfs,leadership z proudly givn by God so u shudnt b creatn scenes dat in return treason z gvn to u guyz.Jxt wait for ur tym nt for treason.

  58. tem dolla siign

    long live our peaceful nation T_T 囧 O:-)

  59. Moses kayz sparks bwalya c4

    Ba lulu what your problem reliease
    Our prd HH plz Zambia forward……..

  60. Akapenya-Mushi

    Ba Thambilwa mwalande cishinka,period.

  61. chilumba

    Comment hh will nver b a president unless he look 4 another vp not gbm

  62. Lord tariq

    When I look at our current events happening in Zambia, on the social,political and economical front.it’s easy to conclude that democracy is a cult practiced by men with lies and greed.if we really are a Christian nation what happened to our quote in the bible love yr neighbour as you love yourself, forgive yr enemies and though shall not kill.Our Arab friends are fighting democracy because it brings poverty,division and disease.Most Arabic are economically rich because they follow the Muslim ideals and principles to rule and govern.Yet in a democracy Christianity values are not followed.The thing that hampers democracy is that it was designed by white people to undermine and rule we black people.What damage did democracy bring to Libya is poverty,division and an influx of refugees to Europe.In Zambia it has brought division,high unemployment rate,poor health facilities and high Zesco tariff rates. I will conclude by saying that i neither support H.H or Edgar because they won’t solve the problems or ills a common man is facing today.

  63. Spy

    HH we admire your ways,u ar going through these difficulties just 4 some strengthening experience HH GBM 2021.

  64. lilian

    powerfull words, belive in what you believe and look forward. if God was not appreciated then who are we? a man of dignity sticks to his words therefore do right not to impress others but becoz dat de right thing to do forward gbm

  65. David phiri

    Politics dirty game

  66. Bk

    GBM Know that UPND is for Tongas if am lying ask Rev Kayela

  67. Bk

    GBM Know that UPND is for Tongas if am lying ask Rev Kayela

  68. Bk

    GBM Know that UPND is for Tongas if am lying ask Rev Kayela

  69. Bk

    GBM Know that UPND is for Tongas if am lying ask Rev Kayela

  70. Talalamusonda

    Hh and gbm have denied themselves a chance to lead this country through thier conduct.

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