OPINION: Hamududu’s Lonely Path To Unseat the ‘Original’ HH With His PNU

Former Bweengwa Member of Parliament Highvie Hamududu is about to discover how lonely the political path can be. Hamududu got perhaps the last of his newspaper and television headlines in the media on announcing the formation of his Party of National Unity (PNU) on last week Tuesday.

Apparently the party was trending largely on two premises; one he marked a breakaway from the opposition United Party for National Development got people buzzing and second the unlikely coincidence of his the acronym of his names farmed as HH.

Fortunate for him, the public media gave him wide coverage with some more personalities given space to defend his right to form a political party.

But that may be as far as he may go given how spitefully skewed the media landscape in Zambia is and also the rigidity of the political landscape.

Soon, Hamudud will discover that if unity is indeed the catch word for his politics, he will find few that will buy his currency.

Hamududu has pledged to play clean politics but the takeoff has hardly suggested anything squeaky clean as from day one he went to town making innuendos about his former party.

That unfortunately is what may earn him headlines in the press. The louder his voice will be against his former party the more acres of space he may get in some media houses. He may do well to learn from the once upon a time powerful Itezhi Tezhi lawmaker Major Robby Chizyuka.

Maj. Chizyuka had at some point become a darling of the public media for his trademark bashing of the later to an extent that he tore apart a pact between the Patriotic Front and the United Party for National Development.

It is just simply the lessons of history that we are encouraging brother HH to pick from. He had a respectable tenure as parliamentary accounts committee chairperson and definitely stood out as a level headed debater in the house on important national matters.

But whether or not those are enough credentials for him to have started dreaming about getting the top job is another matter. If anyone assume the proverbial devil’s advocate role, the would dismiss Hamududu as one excellent debater who thought his tribe can be an avenue to change the political landscape.

For Hamududu, he is on a wroth path. His will be a disastrous political ending.

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