Freedom Fighter Mama Salome Kapwepwe Put To Rest

Freedom fighter Mama Salome Kapwepwe was yesterday put to rest in Kasama.

Mama Salome was the widow of Zambian freedom fighter Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe.

Tributes in honour of Mama Salome were full of praise for her. She was described as a mother to many who welcomed everyone and played a special role of taking care of freedom fighters.

President Edgar Lungu said Mama Salome occupied a special place in the history of Zambia and the story of liberation struggle.

He narrated his last encounter with Mama Salome when he visited her at her farm. He said he shared inspiring moments with Mama Salome as a mother, mentor and counsellor.

He urged mourners and all Zambians to emulate her. President Lungu also described the family of Salome and her late husband as one that promoted the motto of One Zambia One Nation given the intermarriages in the family.

President Lungu remembered how when he was growing up some families would discourage their children to marry from other tribes and hastened to mention that it was not the case with the Kapwepwe family.

The fact that she continued to live among her people in Chinsali has been described by President Lungu as a sign of humility and a deep sense of loyalty to her people.

“Go well. You gave us love, go well,” said President Lungu who held back tears concluded.

Speaking earlier fourth Republican president Rupiah Bwezani Banda recounted the warmth, love and care he enjoyed from Mama Salome and her family.

He revealed that he was interviewed by the husband of Mama Salome and recommended for a scholarship as part of the programme to educate future leaders during the freedom struggle.

Meanwhile, first Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda commended President Lungu for making it possible for all the former presidents to join the mourners with him to give Mama Salome a befitting sendoff.

Dr Kaunda urged President Lungu to continue with his kindness and spirit of embracing everyone.


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  2. LCC

    Comment: MHSRIEP she was our hero

  3. kk Peter

    Mama we would remember you for what you did to this country r

  4. Rk

    Bried in kasama or chinsali? Zambian news, so incompetent.

  5. Mr Does

    More years on earth, nice, Thanks to Almighty God

  6. Zulu Raphael

    We will remember you mom she was so kind to us I remember when the students from Kansas makasa campus went to visit she welcomed us like her own grandson and daughters to her my her soul rest in peace.

    • james

      life is precious you never know when it ends so you need to do good things like she did rip mama

  7. Fair

    let us also learn to thank people when they are alive. it carries much weight and love to thank one when he/she is stil alive. rest in peace until we meet again when JESUS shall come.

  8. Emmanuel musosa

    She, has gone but her work’s, conurbation to the love&place we are enjoying in Zambia. We not be Forgen, go well Mama .

  9. sinx

    Well-done Mr president for honoring our mum with the state funeral. Go well mama Salome and RIP.

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    Go in pe
    ece mama

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  12. sogola jere

    Go well mama

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      mey your soul lest in peace mama Salome

  13. Drey LAMAR

    RIP mama kapwepwe….God be with you……

  14. reynolds

    Rest in peace mama will meet we are jst apart in flesh bt together in spirit

  15. SEAN BEE

    RIP mama we would remember you

  16. Fwebene

    Whatever old munshunfwa means by Lungu embracing everyone

  17. Peter Mambwe

    Comment:Mama go well ,go well.

  18. Mbeza boy

    Mhsrip, govt shud deliberate a policy urgently aimed at improving well being of all documented survivingvl ffs than showering praised upon death of a member

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    She was not put to rest in kasama she was put to rest in chinsali may her so rest in peace

  21. Emmanuel

    Go well mama Salome May soul r.i.p

  22. Humble Savage

    Go well Mama K, may your soul rest in eternal peace. We thank God for the life we shared with you.
    Just a word to those in Government, Let’s also begin appreciating the Democracy Promoters, we’ve heard a lot about freedom fighter.


    RIP mama

  24. Jakes

    Ati…Said president Lungu who held back tears concluded.

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    RIP mama


    Mama salome kapwepwe May Your Soul Rest In Peace

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    Go well mama Salome, u will always be rememberd ….RIP mum

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    May yo soul rest in peace mother $alome

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    May yo soul rest in peace mama kapwepwe

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    Go well mama may God protect your soul, we thank you for the that you showed us may your so rest in peace.

  34. Ezekias sangambo

    Go well mama

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    she was a good woman i just pray that her soul may rest in eternal peace

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