Hichilema Acquitted; Remains In Prison For Treason

Lusaka magistrate David Simusamba has set May 22 as the date for ruling on whether the alleged treason charge against Hakainde Hichilema and five others should be refereed to the High Court through a committal or for constitutional issues.

Hichilema earlier appeared before Magistrate Greenwell Malumani where he has been acquitted of the charge of using insulting language.

Malumani acquitted UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in the case of ‘use of insulting language’, saying the prosecution has failed to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt.

In his judgement today, he noted that it was clear that the arresting officer Mbita Mpazi did not conduct any investigations in any of the cases including treason, but watched television and based on his impressions charged the accused with treason and other offenses.

Magistrate Malumani said the accused can only be convicted if he used offensive language to the complaint at a public place or if the offending words would lead the complainant to commit any offense.

In summarizing the testimonies of four state witnesses, Magistrate Malumani noted serious contradictions in the first witness’ testimony and said he also took note of demeanor.

On the second witness, magistrate Malumani said he told the court that the complainant was the arresting officer but later changed his position that the complainant was in fact the state.

On the third witness, who was the arresting officer, Mbita Mpazi, Magistrate Malumani said he was shocked by Mpazi’s inconsistency.

“I was shocked with the extent of this witness’ inconsistencies. He exhibited great ignorance about how a matter must be brought to court according to the Criminal Procedure Code,” he said.

Magistrate Malumani also said he noted his demeanor and noted that he exhibited arrogance and lack of knowledge of court etiquette. He said Mpazi gave him an impression that he was not telling the truth and his conduct was regrettable.

“I must state that the conduct of this witness was regrettable. It was clear that he intended to tell lies to the court on oath,” magistrate Malumani said.
e noted that it appeared Mpazi was bent on destroying the prosecutions case. “He said some other witnesses were Prime TV and ZNBC…It implied that he was watching television and based on the impressions he got, he went to the accused house and apprehended him without recording any statements from any witness.”

On the fourth and last witness, Magistrate Malumani noted that he also drew an impression that he was concealing the truth.

“I was prompted to record his demeanor because he made me draw an impression that he was concealing the truth,” he said.

His testimony augmented the defense’s argument that there was no complaint made on the incident.

“I find the following facts not in dispute. Many officers visited the accused house in the night on April 10 and they were there when he was apprehended on April 11. There was no independent witness but only oral evidence of what the witnesses said. No witness from Kabwata police was called and no evidence was read to the court to prove the allegations. It’s not in dispute that Mpazi Mbita was the arresting officer for all the cases facing the accused which includes treason.

“It is not in dispute that he went back to Western Province to investigate these offenses and he never recorded any evidence from there, all he did was watch television and he charged the accused,” Malumani observed.


In the night of 10th April, 2017, the state police officers went to HH’s and they arrested him the following day.

Magistrate Malumani says there is no pictorial evidence that HH used insulting language and that the submissions by state witnesses who are all police officers, there was no single independent person brought to court as witness.

Magistrate Malumani says arresting officer of HH for all charges, Mbita told the court he went to western province for duties and that he never recorded any statement but arrested HH on all charges without investigations.

Magistrate Malumani says it is within the law that always investigations are done before arresting anyone and that investigations must yield positive results.

Magistrate Malumani says cites that police have no powers to arrest and later begin doing investigations but that police must investigate and then arrest .

Magistrate Malumani says the arresting officer of HH and his evidence show that they arrested HH without any investigations but later begun investigations.

He says he makes this submission because Mbita is the arresting officer of HH for all charges including treason but without any investigations. Magistrate Malumani says even state advocates found it difficult to defend the case.

Magistrate Malumani says the law is clear on what constitutes insulting language and that this is supported by many other cases.

Magistrate Malumani says he was reffered to various case by the State advocates that insulting language is an offense.

And in trying to defend lies by the State witness, the state advocates submitted that police witnesses must not be taken that they are interested parties but on duty.

Magistrate Malumani says the evidence listed by defense lawyers shows however that there was no insulting language because no police officer was called from kabwata police station to tell the court that state witnesses reported the matter there.

Magistrate Malumani says how can a police officer be a complainant and arresting officer at the same time?

He says it is like one being a judge and defense lawyer who wants to argue out his own case or interest.

Magistrate cites that the court cannot convict anyone on hearsay.

Magistrate Malumani says in this case, all the witnesses are police officers and and that state witness and arresting officer of HH, Mbita did not investigate the alleged treason charge but arrested HH.

Magistrate Malumani says how can the court rely on evidence by arresting officer of HH, Mbita who told lies on oath and later apologize?

Magistrate Malumani says state witness Mbita told the court that Lawyer Martha Mushipe wanted to beat him but Magistrate Malumani says State witness Mbita is not a credible arresting officer especially that he is the one who arrested HH for treason but without any investigations.

Magistrate Malumani says it was argued that there could be other evidences hidden by state witness.

Magistrate Malumani says the law is clear that it is not the duty of police to convict people but take evidence to court which should lead to convictions.

Magistrate Malumani cites that behavior of police must be condemned because not all those brought to court are criminals but only hated by sadist.

Magistrate Malumani cites justice Lomba that if police can be professional only serious cases must go to court and not crowding prisons .

Magistrate Malumani says arresting officer of HH, Mbita has shown how abuse of power is going about in the country as he is the one who arrested HH without doing any investigations.

Magistrate Malumani says the court has no duty to bare witness to state witnesses who fail to avail evidence.

Magistrate Malumani says due to the state witnesses failure to show any single grain of evidence, police officers
failed to show why they arrested HH.

Magistrate Malumani says anyone arrested will be treated as a suspect until proven guilty by the courts of law as
enshrined in the commonwealth regulations.

Magistrate Malumani says it is because of such that HH decided to remain silent he can’t say a thing especially that this is a criminal proceeding.

Magistrate Malumani says the burden is on the state to prove that HH did not commit any offense.

Magistrate Malumani says has acquitted HH of insulting language forthwith.


  1. edgar chagwa lungu

    Kikiki no weapon fashioned against hh shall prosper.

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  2. Andrew mwaanza

    Sincerely and intellectually handled proceedings at least we are beginning to see the unprofessional ism in the people we have entrusted our lives to.

    • Pompa Umona

      If or when he rules to commit HH to HC for treason then he will be unprofessional…This is the same Judge you were calling cadre and splashed is football photos ati ni PF cadre…ke ke ke ke

      • hummer where it hurts

        “Palya ba pompa opo tupisha hummer naena iyafina.”Bakalamba ngaba judge bapingulo mulundu uku ukonka ofyoli ukwabula uku lundà nangula uku fumya,ekutila babomba kulingana na mafunde aya bu judge owoba sambilile.Nomba ubwafya bamo ba judge bakonka ubupingwishi ubwaba booshi ,efilya tutila Nina cadre

  3. bright Sichoongo

    Job well done Mr G.Malumani i have personally followed the mater state lawyers have lamentably failed to articulate real issues before you.anyway thats how it is to lie, first step is always easy but step to is always challenging let us all be realistic in whatever we do!

  4. ine wine

    I pity whoever is still supporting the use of state actors to silence opposition. the best is to give them their space then PF will earn people’s respect not this witch hunting. this is like getting scared of your own shadow. anyway I am old enough to see the hallmarks of a regime when its fortunes start dwindling..

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    Only God knows God help HH and bless Zambia our country we need peace as usual

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    let hakaide hichilema be released from the court

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    Kkkkkkkkk,, his an idoit & foolishness cader like ECL. he failed even to explain, what is the meaning of ” treason ” ? zambia forward. release HH

    • ONE DK

      buuuuuu hh! nd u wil never rule thiz country. GOD will bless 4 not going to rule this country ok baby hh ,we luv u baby just be in prison god is going to protect u.

  17. Jonathan

    Stupit police officers, how can you arrest a person without investigation, HH should be realised very soon, if not you will see together with your commander ka jemason.

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  19. Jonathan

    Stupit police officers, how can you arrest a person without investigation, HH should be realised very soon, if not you will see together with your commander ka jemason.


    This is out next step

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    Well, well the justice has shown and recognised that abuse of power by the police is common .any comments from my coulegues from pf


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    Shame on you devil,
    Zambia forwarddddd

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    Y a quitting him again u fools!? Leave him alone he didn’t commit an wrong,Remember, u will be also judged by our Heavenly father for bidding the trueth.God is watching u in every corner u mighty hide.

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    Bafikala Bonse 2021 Mukachitefye Resign Mwebene. Bonse Utuchito Bafikala Tukapwa, Mwaikata HH Uwabula Umulandu. FUCK U ALL MOTHER FUCKER BATOMBA NOKO ATASE IMWE MWEMBWA BAFIKALA. 2021 Mukaponokela pamo Nakokene Kachikala KACHIBUKU PRESIDENT E.C.PONO.



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    If what I have read in today’s court proceedings and subsequent judgment for the HH’s use of insulating language case is really what transpired,then its embarrassing to our law enforcers and the state in general for failure to conduct themselves professionally. .

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    Prov;6vs12-19,10v9,12v16,14v8,BA ecl read prov17v9,lastly to mbita z prov18v17-20.

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    • Samuel Kacheche

      You pipo,you don’t stop to amaze me,why do you insult President ECL?was he the arresting officer or the complainant?stop cheap politics, just educate yo so called hh that there is always a next time, this is not his time,the majority spoke through the ballot, let him wait for his time,we don’t know when.

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    Officer mbita say the truth and the truth will set you free

  57. Mazwi

    Shame on police force. You want to please politicians start aresting criminals not inocent people , dont forget that hh is the next president what do you think will happen to your ka job?. Go back to lilayi. Amen.

  58. Kayumba

    Hikainde, can be aquited on tbis, but the fact is he has a foul mouth, he insults. The judge based his ruling on the trial, but HH knows inside that he insulted, and God knows also. That is he does when confronted, the chap insults with big insults even during rallies.

  59. Prisca Hambali

    We Thank God.

  60. Man of Peace

    This z wat justice is all about u officers. You’re even failin to follow simple rules wich u always work with? hmmmmm mama miaaah police officers.I think Police department z the waste in terms of corruption,breaking rules and stealin.

    Let me not waste my energy on these fools, I thank u magistrate Malumani 4 acquittin HH because u kno wats right and wrong.

    Also profet Bushiri prophesyed truthfully and we’re heading now towards his words..May u please continue prayin 4 zambia, shalomu!

  61. Kilo Nde

    Shame on these instructed so called state police witnesses! Your punishment will very soon come. Whatever bad and evil treatment you have done to H.H will be backfire on face in million times. God is for us all. You are in government today, but not forever. Stop being used. For God’s Sake stop this hatred for HH.


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    This sounds fan how can u arrest someone without investigation of which u know that investigation leads to evidence ,law is law don’t take advantage ignorant police officers.

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    There is only one president in this country ECL

  67. J.ss

    Arresting officer and complainant at the same time surely are these the people we have even promoted to such positions, people who have served in the police service for such a long period of time who can fail articulate issues professionally like that shame !!!! Well done your Honour !

    • Jack

      Worsed government

    • Middle

      H H he can not be a leader, he is full of boasting. A leader must be hamble not like him. One Zambia one Nation not one Zambia three Botatwe,…………

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    Its really ironic how the usual PF supporters on this platform have gone mute with the comments or switched sides to pretend that they love justice

    And also how the UPND supporters suddenly love the same judge they scolded not long ago saying his pf…now you also pretend to say you love this kinda justice..lol

    But what is justice really if it needs to favor one side for it to be accepted..let us wake up guys and ask ourselves huz calling the shots…?? Beyond this drama who are we, and were are we as a nation? #Zedlove

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