Hichilema Back in Court; Will He See Light Today?

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema will be back to the Lusaka Magistrate Court in what has become his second home after being incarcerated on the non bailable charge of treason.

Legal gymnastics in the past one month have not restored his freedom with lawyers moving back and forth probing the veracity of the charge.

Last week the legal team struck some minor victories with the state conceding some ground when they entered a nolle prosequi on the traffic offence slapped against the opposition leader among other charges he is facing.

Hichiilema will be in court on the alleged use of insulting language with Magistrate Greenwell Malumani expected to make a ruling.

The use of insulting language is just a sideshow with the treason charge under magistrate David Simusamba still under scrutiny and is also coming up today.

A ruling is being awaited on the credibility of the treason charge with the defence alleging that the charge is unreasonable.

The defense team has also challenged the certificate of committal to the High Court that was not signed by the Director of Public Prosecution but by her subordinate.

Hichilema has been behind bars since being violently arrested on April 10 at his house.

He is facing treason charges that face a maximum of a death sentence if convicted


  1. Am HH

    Free our leader you fools


      God forgive
      we should love one another.

  2. phiri

    the man was wrong ,but he has to be forgiven

  3. Keisha

    may God Almighty be with u we love u always Daddy!!

  4. The Sumba

    Only God knows about HH.God help him and help our national Zambia to maintain peace as usual.


      The Sumba dower about HH God is in heaven my name is ICE BIZZY,my tug brother is Kay smash

  5. Golden

    Treason Kaya

  6. Jk

    iwe ka jemason, you release HH

    • jnc

      Even if you call him all sort of names, it won’t make any difference for he is not the law himself. He has no hand in these but the law, think before you say something wrotten!

  7. Edward jason

    They must b fair

  8. Chisenga


    • kaskito

      Chisenga there was no accident which happened

    • Mukwasu

      Ka Chisenga your friends marinate the weed with urine / emesu before smoking it, try it before it is too late.

  9. ECL

    Let HH Alone u people

  10. vern

    He seemed to be a play boy, but errored on his play. Now he must grow up and face reality.

  11. Moira

    Comment HH we are praying for you day night! It shall be well! There is no victory without struggle!

    • Luwingu Lwansase*

      This is zambia it’s not a Tonga land ba HH , you should respect the Law of zambia ….Other wise you ‘ll die for nothing. ….Treason lol….. Luwingu Lwansase* uwatumpa lwamoca*…

  12. JM

    This is a political fight. The opposition and those in government should embrace this battle for a long time. Whether HH is released or not.
    Mwanawasa came into office to fight corruption, he faced a big battle with opposition PF Michael Sata. Mwanawasa wanted to correct things especially on corruption but fight he started he regretted.
    Now PF- MMD-Lungu started nonsensical fights, closing the Post and arresting HH. Unnecessary fight. PF-MMD will live to regret.
    You can’t show your mighty using state machinery that is not politics. Those MMD in government will come and join UPND and say they have nothing to do with incarceration of HH . You know these political prostitutes. No shame at all. If you observe them , there are quite enjoying the sweat of Late Michael Sata and Lungu will come to pay for that insult and betrayal of Late Sata.

  13. kaskito

    Zambian politics pathetic

  14. Dingane


  15. my name

    free hh

  16. mbewe

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Eyaaaaaaaaa! !!!!!!!! UPNDs people u are calling God now to help the man ka? U are praying for him….? Iyeeeeeeeeee! !!! Not in Zambia God does not accept the prayers from the sinners. .. even the bible which is the words written by God, state that we must honor people in authority coz they are God’s eyes. .. in fact let him be there so that he start respecting the head of state… If we are in need of readership this is not the way we must act. what is he teaching us who are coming to be presidents in the future? Are we suppose to do as he is doing? One Zambia one nation guys plz let’s love one another. ..

    • peter

      don’t ever judge anyone as a sinner,righteous one.

  17. Kbleach157

    Forgiveness is a sign of weakness

  18. Kbleach

    Forgiveness is a sign of weakness

  19. Peter mambwe

    Comment:God free Zambia

  20. Prince k

    If pf really won the 2016 election prove to Zambians by allowing the courts to conclude the petition case as soon as possible. This will definitely make HH concede defeat. But if you will continue playing delaying tactics like the treason charge, you will not succeed but plunge the whole country into the Zambezi river!

  21. One Vin

    You people release HH

  22. One Vin

    You people releases HH,HH WE PRAYING FOR YOU

  23. virus

    No one above the law. Chilepule baby

  24. Evuta siseka

    Zambia forward
    HH for better zambia

  25. Ba DJ P

    GOD 4giv as O



  27. fest

    free our President u fools. …

  28. treason

    Just crusfy him you are even westing time to kip him there.

  29. Drey

    let the lawyers decide because no one is above the law if hh iz guilty then he dies nd if he’s not then the fool lungu nd his team will face the law……

  30. Mk

    Forward to mukobeko Kaye hh just swallow pride and apologize to ECL

  31. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Comment:In other countries u can’t play wth the president like that,that was total disloyalty to the state,don’t support vaupuba,evn MCS(mhsrip) in his struggle 4 power never did such a thing,call a spade a spade,nangu a chief teti uchitileko ubupuba kwati nibulya ,don’t start what u cn’t finish.

  32. kapunda

    God is in control

  33. llo

    Let Lungu do what he wants

  34. Chibo empire

    Chich.cute girl were are you

  35. christone m

    Please do ‘nt let him, Charge him.

  36. mopao mokonzi

    Let it be what’s God wishes to be.

  37. jnc

    Muka lobe lyauma BA HH TEAM, I feel sorry for you!

    • Katwishi kepushe ku council.

      Chi is now in prison… She thought she is a girl that government cant caught.. Insults na boma

  38. Treason charger

    In the name of Jesus! HH you’re free today.

  39. Pf


  40. Strong pf

    Alalila huyOooooooooooooooooooo

  41. Strong PF

    Alalila huyOoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. PF

    U Must Admitted And Humble ur Self or Just ask 4Gvness 4rm ur Frnd Edgar chagwa Lungu, So dat ur life to be safe.
    May de God Guide u and protect u along as u’re n Bars.
    But Am waiting High court proceedings Loading………….

  43. PF

    H,H STOP!!!!!! Insulting
    So Hw u can be Peace pre-vails in our country H’H????????
    Stop!!!!! talking provokatives Words , u culprity!!!

  44. asaan

    free HH for life no matter what go go upnd Zambia forward nipa jazz we are praying for u hh God bless u.

  45. asaan

    free HH for life no matter what go go upnd Zambia forward nipa jaza we are praying for u hh God bless u.

  46. wapya baisa

    country men& women learn to know that we have laws in Zambia& as Zambia’s we need to respect them,& if any one breaks the law ,the law should visit that person regardless of who &what a person is weather rich or poor, & let’s condemn any one who has done something wron

  47. shepherd jackie sanjolomba

    Release the man HH, he is not guilty.

  48. peace

    my letter of advocation; To the Judiciary.Be reminded that the all country is counting on you, no one want to lose trust in you.What we want as Zambians who are known to be patriotic and responsible citizens we desire to have patriotic and responsible leaders e.g HH.anyway, The Judiciary has a mandate and obligation to adjudicate in HH and five others treason Case.Let’s see if before Africa freedom day HH is released through a Noelle of prose qui / President’ pardoning powers.work well

  49. Veve

    Law is law


      will are all no that law is law but u forgever eachi their

  50. Kaya kepushe council

    HH even if you don’t want to respect someon, better you respect the laws.. Now you will die in prison mambala iwe.. Who do you think you’re??? That government can fear. Ukutumpa kobe kwakuletelela

  51. Bk

    I thot this man claims to be the president why ask ECL to realise him?

  52. Raimundo20

    Let him be in prison for 50yrs so that we can have peace

  53. Raimundo20

    Let him be in prison for 50yrs so that we can have peace

  54. david

    in zambia yhu dont have freedom lms

  55. Obsever

    I like this because he is more populer such that stupit thiefs in 2021 will have no room to still. AMEN.

  56. Umwine wa calo

    Law is law, but mwi mucinga sana HH, ni ba nani bacimumfwa aletuka? Love your neighbor as you love yourself

  57. Ken m

    Only god knows

  58. Elias

    the rules must be respected no matter how much money you can have.

  59. Mwaka

    Zambia is a Christian nation”so plz u realise yo friend course will ‘re One.so plz u realise HH

  60. Mc Philip

    there is no freedom before struggle forward on the hand UPND supporter till death.

  61. Elias

    Let us wakeup as Christians . Most of the challenges we are facing are as a result of gross negligence at our side as Christians . We are spiritual COMMANDÈRS who represent heaven on earth .Report all issues to heavenly court for true judgement.

  62. Elias Sambeya

    Let us wakeup as Christians . Most of the challenges we are facing are as a result of gross negligence at our side as Christians . We are spiritual COMMANDÈRS who represent heaven on earth .Report all issues to heavenly court for true judgement.

  63. gift

    Its not feer

  64. Real toward

    Never give up be a man u
    you’re an example of mandela

  65. Jay Rich

    It’s feer ice bizzy na jay wisper u ar jst drmng abt hh


      Oky ba Jay Rich don’t forget that God is in heaven


      nid wa chi puba rich ungazekamba pali ICE BIZZY na pali whisper

  66. Lazarus

    Don’t u think it’s time for u to let him go coz hi will back on u too one day

  67. sitwla

    If you fill you Will remain on earth my dear never we will all die ,no one is clever to death .Think to your self how Long u will be in grave two weeks or

  68. Chitambi Abraham

    upnd cadres i know you’re praying keep on now the the problem is you don’t blame your leader, your leader guys he’s a man of trouble he don’t know how to respect the Mr president, thou he’s a reach man he suppose to respect our president, teach him how to respect the who is higher than him to respect who luring the country

  69. Andrew

    Yesterday night I dream about our president HH was found not guilt. God creat heaven and earth and put man for a purpose. HH no matter badly is being treated God has purpose for you. God bless you.

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