Pres. Lungu Heads To Equatorial Guinea

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Equatorial Guinea to attend the Summit of Heads of State of the African Union Committee of Ten (C10) on the reforms of the United Nations (UN) Security Council.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba told journalists at a media briefing in Lusaka today that the C10 Summit will be preceded by a Ministerial and Ambassadorial segment starting today.

Kalaba said the C10 Summit will map out strategies to further expand and intensify advancement of the African common position in the UN Security Council as agreed by the AU Ministerial meeting held in Swaziland in March, 2005.

He said the importance of ensuring that Africa takes its rightful position within the decision making process of the UN Security Council cannot be overemphasized.

The Committee of Ten comprises Algeria, Libya, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Namibia and Zambia.


  1. mengmoreler

    Mwayendako naku USA kayili batata kamweñdo!mungo yenda kwa chabe chabe at last mukatiletele na bird flue or ebora ga!

  2. Chichi

    What? I can’t believe this!!! He recently hosted a bloody dictator from Togo, now he’s heading to another monster in Equatorial Guinea. Teodoro Obiang Nguem Mbasogo is one the world’s remaining mass murderer president. He’s the longest serving president in the world. He overthrew his own uncle in a military coup in 1979 and since then he has ruled the oil rich Equatorial Guinea with an iron fist – looting the national coffers and subsequently becoming one of the world’s richest president. His reign is characterized by mass murder, indiscriminate arrests of political rivals, disappearances of innocent civilians etc. These are the guys Edgar admires. It doesn’t surprise me why he’s leadership is full blood and misery. The idiot has been coached by beasts. No one knows who he’s going to visit next, with Lucifer probably on his bottom list. This mother fucker is a waste of presidency. It’s a presidency in error. What a piece of shit!
    Signs cute Chichi girl.

  3. PF

    dis z good becoz ””’Safusa anadya phura or nzeru zayenka ananzuika nsima mu madzi……
    I wish u our president all de BEST Good Journey..

  4. HH's son

    Kamwendo mu ndeke batata alakwena bwafya!busy holding unfriutful meetings when people are wallowing in poverty….thats why me and my family its ‘ROLLBACKNEVER’

  5. Fredrick

    Foolish president!!! While Zesco and ⛽ Fuel is going higher and higher.

  6. Sir Jackie

    I think the Foreign Affairs minister could have attended that C10 meeting.

  7. Dennis jr

    Hosting a professor does not make u a professor,so hosting obiang does not make lungu to be obiang lungu,by the way you should knw that we ar talking about two countries on different constutional pyramids n thus they can’t be the same,

  8. Bruno mars

    No president in zambia

    • Jailos angel

      Do you leave in Zambia our president is EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU.

  9. LT

    Comment gud

  10. Jay sinyangw

    May God be with you our president

  11. Elias Zulu

    Safe journey our President.may God be with you one Zambia, one PF and one Edger our president.

  12. bakayoko

    RB had inspired this Unambitioned man.what hurts me most is to see a person just pronouncing the word Corruption when he walk the talk.Is it only CK who was corrupt or what does this means becoz CK was a fellow contender for presidency.

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