Zesco Tariff Hike Takes Effect Today

The electricity tariff hike approved by the Energy Regulation Board will take effect today with a 50% increase.

Zesco had applied to the Energy Regulation Board to have a 75% tariff increase that was approved but will be done in phases.

The adjustment has been broken down to be effected in two phases of 50 percent effective 15th May, 2017 and 25 percent to be effected on 1st September, 2017.

The ERB said that the increase was approved based on tariff justification and assumptions, financial performance, electricity demand forecast, customer comments and the need to progress towards cost reflective tariffs.


  1. Maoneka Sims

    I love it Zesco,well done. I just cant wait for you to increase another 25% on 1st September,2017. Just keep on increasing. You may even reach 200% if you like. According to Civic Education,democracy means rule by the people. Is this what the people need? We should give thanks to God in everything. Anyway,well done and thanks.

    • KBM

      You are right Sims, let them even increase up to 500% with 2 month from now.

  2. allen mapolisa

    What is this all about people please what’s the need of increasing all those percentages when the government itself is saying things are just ok please we beg u father ECL don’t make our lives a living hall.

  3. JM

    I live in NY- USA, electricity tariff is expensive. I pay a lot of money to use electricity. But they subsidize electricity to low income people.
    The problem we have in Zambia the people who injoy subsidies from government are the rich people.
    For instance meanie meal subsidies the people in Kabulongaor Ibex Hill buy mealie meal on subsidies while people in Shang’ombo or Nabwalya Chiombo are ignored by government.
    In UK and USA subsidies are there for poor or low income people.
    They use computers to identify the rich and the poor. Why can’t also do it in Zambia.
    Already they government announced that Mines are exempted in this increament. Meaning the poor will be funding Mines to run its operations.
    Extremely unfair, and the Mines they don’t even employ or contribute for. the maintenance of the areas they operate from. And unemployment levels in Mine areas are high why subsidizing them electricity.

  4. Saleh Chomba King Simbao

    May God have mercy on mother Zambia…

  5. peter mambwe

    Comment:Eba Lungu abo?

  6. Whistle blower

    people will suffer in Zambia because of this increase in tariffs.rentals will increase Zambia twacula .

  7. Elvis

    Free HH plz

  8. brook

    Mhuuuuuuu kaya. Lets wait & see were we ar going.

  9. langton

    back to koboi life.

  10. migory

    zambia waste in years to come. lets improve the solar system it will help us solve this problem. zambia a piece of trash for years to come. tulebika iloba kuculu!!!!! what does this mean to our country?

  11. James dizzy

    This is the begin sorrow. Plz remember wat BIBLE said…!!

  12. James dizzy

    ECL chosen 4 stability, is this stability or vice versa Pliz ba ERB and GRZ THINK WISELY! Do u want 2 kil innocent poor ZAMBIAN people becoz of ur DEBTS???

  13. jms

    Please, please, please this nation where are we heading too, god come and enterven.

  14. Kennedy

    Zambia is going down. …the poor will saffer

  15. sibweni

    While ministers who are rich are enjoing free things ,the incriment has affected rentals now.

  16. Dickson

    We Zambians should first sit down and think for a second 60% of us the zambian people we live mathamaticaly lives and for zesco to increase 50% of electricity will highly affect our living standards

  17. lsk

    Comment us ?poor people we ar going to suffer not elc lets think …….hh better?

  18. Tembo Daka

    when people realise the sufferings they are subjected to ,they will react against the goverment they entrusted to care for them.isthis what they expected?what is this?killing the poor zambian who gave them an honest vote only to reap problems such as these.what a betrayal.

  19. Tembo Daka

    when people realise the sufferings they are subjected to ,they will react against the goverment they entrusted to care for them.isthis what they expected?what is this?

  20. dsoft

    what is this?? mwebantu kanshi amenshi muma dam nama falls ngabalashitisha ngana tumwenako. the pf people.

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