Lusaka City Council Police Arrest Over 250 Teen Drinkers

The Lusaka city council on Saturday night carried out an operation to arrest underage patrons.

Lusaka City Council and Zambia Police pounced on about 30 bars and nights clubs in Zingalune, Matero and Emmasdale. This move is aimed at curbing underage teenagers patronizing night clubs which lead to elicit sex.

It was fun as usual for most teenagers but little did they know that they would be spending all night long away from home, only this time that it would be in police custody.

LCC spokesperson Brenda Katongola says over 250 people were rounded up over the weekend. They have since started appearing in the fast track courts. They ferried the culprits in police lorries to various police cells awaiting trial.

The operation wasn’t just for underage patrons because about 15 licences have since been revoked for bars which have been allowing patrons under the age of 18 and also bars that were running after the stipulated time according to their license.

Speaking when she featured on a radio program on Hot Fm Radio dubbed “Consumer Feedback”, Katongola said no bar is allowed to operate after 22hours but most businesses have taken the council lightly and thus the institution has started clamping down on those violating the law.

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