Malawian Businessman Bushiri Riles Zambian Youthful Pastors

…”We May Be Poor, But We Have Respect For Elders”, says BJ Ngosa.

Celebrated Zambian gospel singer-cum-pastor BJ Ngosa has come off the woods to defend respected local clergy Bishop Joshua Banda and Bishop Joe Imakando following derogatory attacks at the hands of South Africa-based Malawi businessman Shepherd Bushiri.

Bushiri calls himself a prophet and has allegedly used the pulpit to amass wealth.

He is due to visit Zambia where he recently opened a mine, but took turns to deride Bishop Banda and Bishop Imakando for allegedly being behind the deportation of his spiritual father recently.

Bushiri, in what many Zambians believe was disrespectful tone, warned the Zambian government and the senior Bishops who would be the age of his biological parents.

The flamboyant preacher even went to the extent of challenging the Zambian government not to touch him because he is “anointed”.

But young Zambian pastors have said no to Bushiri’s uncultured behaviour.

“Bushiri should not be allowed to come to Zambia…the men he has accused are innocent and he has no respect for what they have done to make Zambia what it is.

“Immigration offices should take this request very serious. We maybe poor, but we have respect for our elders.

“If you can’t respect Bishop Imakando and Bishop Banda then you have no place in what they have given birth to.

“What evidence do you have and what scripture gives you the power to insult our Spiritual fathers?

“The same way you feel about your father so do we,” BJ Ngosa writes.

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