Perspective: Is Being A Married Man’s Side Chick A Curse?

He will spend hours with you and still go back to his wife, he will give you a hundred orgasms & tell you to take emergency pill, if you dare get pregnant he will tell you to abort while he celebrates his wife missing her pees.

He will ask you to be faithful to him, when he has someone else. While you are in the background, he will post photos of his beautiful family, talk highly of his wife & talk about how he loves his children while he disrespectfully tell his friends what a whore you are in bed. .You are left to wonder about this love he talks about, if he really loves you, why does he make you do all those things to your body & make you believe you supposed to be behind the scene?

How can you even be comfortable being in a relationship that requires you to hide whenever you’re with him. Keep quiet & listen to him talk to his wife while you lie on his chest after sex at a lodge? How do you feel when you call him, he cuts the line – Only to send a text saying. “I am with my wifey, call you later”?

Does he really value you? Does he respect you? Does he love you? The answer to these questions is NO.!!!
He is using you for sex & when he gets tired, he will throw you away because to him you are just another cheap girl.

Wake up my sister.Instead of breaking your back in bed for a married man in those lodges, break the curse of being a side chick because you deserve better.

Written  by George Kuniro Naluba

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