Zambian Truck Driver Brutally Murdered In South Africa

A 41-year-old Zambian truck driver has been found dead in a suspected brutal murder in Johannesburg’s Benoni area.

The driver has been identified as Chanda Field Mwila, holder of passport number ZN 599530, He is of house number 11 Mapasa Road, Chilenje South in Lusaka.

A statement by the Zambian Mission in South Africa states Mwila was found dead by Johannesburg police on Saturday May 13, 2017 in Benoni.

“The deceased who was a truck driver under African Cargo Management (ACM) is believed to have arrived in South Africa from Zambia on Wednesday 9th May 2017 on duty to deliver Cargo for the company he worked for,” Naomi Nyamwali, press secretary at the Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa states.

Nyamwali explains that Mwila was reported missing on Friday 12th May 2017 by his workmates after he failed to return from where he had gone to buy groceries for his use.

“It is reported that the late Mr Mwila had asked for the Company vehicle to assist him with his local movements.

“Circumstances leading to his death are not yet clear, however police preliminary investigation indicate that he was brutally murdered in a car hijacking case as the Company car has not been found,” the statement reads.

Nyamwali states that the Late Mwila’s body has since been deposited at the Springs Mortuary in Johannesburg awaiting repatriation to Zambia for burial proceedings.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has expressed sadness and shock at the manner in which Mwila met his death.

Mwamba said the Mission will continue to liaise with the Police to ensure that this murder and that of other recent deaths were resolved and perpetrators brought to book.


  1. kundananji simwanza

    It very sad the government should kook into it.

  2. JK

    Bad news

  3. sandy


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  5. Chitamawe

    Yet another big loss 2 loss both to the country & and 2 family. My heartfelt condolences.

  6. JM

    After Zambians sacrificed there are lived and sheltered these South Africans , that is the price we are receiving today . Why politicians don’t condemn these openly.?

    • Victor

      Not all south african are bad,im sorry about what happened

  7. Ken m


  8. Chox

    Too bad mhsrip

  9. Chris Botha

    South Africa has so soon forgotten how Zambia faught for their liberty and now we have become their prey today and they are forgeting that thousands if not millions of their people are living, working in and doing their buinesses here in Zambia.
    South Africa has totally forgoten that we have brought them where they are today and now they begin to kill us.
    I has history slipped off their heads.
    why should we die the hands of these ungrateful people?

  10. justine


  11. Trump Mazoka

    Tragic! A waste of valuable human life. A loss to family and the nation as a whole. Pains me.

  12. Phillip

    Bad news.South Africa please remember what Zambia did to you.Iam so sorry.

  13. gobampingo


  14. Hendra

    World of wonders.

  15. Hendra

    Rip bro

  16. Dominic maseko

    May his soul rest in peace.

  17. felistus

    This is very sad,the world has become a bitter place to live on

    • Martin Tembo

      May yo soul R.I.P mr mwila

    • Luwingu Lwansase*

      Cabipa saana …..May his soul rest in peace!

  18. Michael


  19. kent

    May his Soul Rest In Pearce

  20. Bornface landilani

    Sad indeed in learning that news. My condolences goes to the family of the deceased.

  21. Bsiamc

    Do not rush in concluding that the villains are South Africans. Of the many heinous robbers that I have dealt with in my career, a greater percentage weren’t Zambians. At times the leader wouldn’t be but some subordinates would be. In such violent high hacking case leading to murder, victim’s nationality does not matter. A criminal hardly gets to ask for yiur nationality. Until arrests have been made, we’d never Know. It’s possible he was sold out by his company mates, I mean insider information.

  22. habakuk

    Its quite sad . Anyway criminals are criminals whether Zambia or South Africa and we shouldnt rush to condemn our fellow South Africans coz these things also happen in Zambia.Our appeal should be to our police to deal with such culprits.

  23. Pf

    Wat z dis??????
    z dis de end of dis world hw u can kill someone Brutally. Its Saddest story……

  24. SO SAD


  25. Andrew

    My heartfelt condolences.

  26. peter

    We are all made in the image of God. We should not kill each other. My bro. R.I.P.

  27. Chenzhen


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  29. Chichi

    South Africans don’t murder people, therefore am confused why this incident happened. I guess the victim was an ardent PF supporter intending to disturb peace in a foreign country by flashing a PF symbol or stupid Edgar’s portrait. This is the most hated president internationally. Only dictators love him. Just look at the countries he’s visiting and presidents visiting him.
    Signs cute Chichi girl

    • Mwiza

      @Chichi,even in times of peoples unknown circumstances of their death you parade with your disorderly personality.Vaupuba.
      You don’t mean a thing any more.
      We have had your loudest infamous insults and Mwiza knows everyone thinks you are just wasting time.
      Do you even have a single second to shave those hairs?

    • dson

      stop bleaming lungu on everything

  30. Patrick BWALYA

    South Africans is this what what you can do to us after liberating you from the jaws of apartheid? Shame on you?

  31. Patrick BWALYA

    South Africans is this what what you can do to us after liberating you from the jaws of apartheid? Shame on you?

  32. Tambilwa

    Now i know that chichi u are mad, ( walilwala uluba ) and if i know u i can go with u to chainama and make sure they give drags to sleep so stop UKUSABAILA its too much.

  33. Ackson Lengwanya

    Too bad,R.I.P

  34. Aaron mwale

    Why kupaya so we have familys that we’re supposed to take care.

  35. Napatali

    RIP bro

  36. do the part

    bro we pray for you wenever you are,God will wellcome you.M.H.S.R.I.P, my condolance to the family.

  37. chrispine matipa

    very sad news,my condolences to the bereaved family.

  38. Kennedy friend

    Rip my friend

  39. Hobe

    Comment Sorry,mhsrip,shame

  40. jm



    We sheltered ANC soldiers and party officials Olivier Tambo inclusive here in Zambia for so many years but this is what we get in return.The only thing about RSA is their black beautiful women but many men are tsosis because of rampant illiteracy and unemployment.@Chichi stop your mental disorder antics and leave us alone,if you want you can go to your vampire striken Scotland.

  42. ZUMA



    Comment SAD TO KNOW THIS.

  44. Victor

    may his soul rest in peace in Jesus Name.

  45. Victor Mwanza

    CommentMay his soul rest in peace in Jesus Name

  46. Ellington

    We have to look on this no south African person are reported dead here in Zambia that’s not good if keep on doing this we have to doing back

  47. Abel

    My condolences….

  48. @kondwa

    A sad development. MHSRIP

  49. Abigail

    Its very sad to our uncle…we lost a gud man in our family… Only Jehovah wil punish those who av done this to u

  50. Charles Mwanza


  51. Teacher

    Rest in peace my good friend.sorry that u could not live to see your daughter grow.u were just too good and did not deserve to die like you did.

  52. lord tariq

    South Africa is a land for the brave.The higher rate of crime is triggered by many factors like unemployment and lack of education by a lot of the locals.Even the Zimbabwean economic situation has contributed.It’s a sad development that this driver lost his life.R.I.P

  53. Doorey

    xenophobia part 2 right can we start.

  54. Shelah

    Realy hw ar sa’s now



  56. Emmanuel

    Very sad

  57. Flems

    chichi u are a fool my dear

  58. logic

    Zimbabwe economic slamp was exacerbated by the west due to sunctions to punish Zimbabweans for rightfully reposessing their God given land.Thats why Mugabe is a hero in Zimbabwe no matter what neocolonialists may pontificate.

  59. Chibinzo

    Chichi,uli munyelo wavela and you have matuvi,mamina,and puss in your ?shaped chimutu.cockroach

  60. mwila

    to bad.

  61. maz power

    Mr. mwila May your soul lest in peace

  62. allan

    may his soul rest in internal peace!

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