Another Set Of Ritual Murders On The Loose

The case of suspected ritual murders in Lusaka is back on radar again with police picking up a body a middle aged man with some parts missing.

In 2016 suspected ritual murders shocked the nation with some arrests made that did not produce any conviction.

Below is the full statement from the police

Zambia Police Statement

“18TH MAY, 2017 – In the early hours of today, Police in Lusaka picked up a body of an unidentified man aged between 30 and 35 years in Zingalume Compound.

This followed a report which officers on patrol in the area received from one of the newspaper distributors at about 02 30 hours that he had seen someone being dragged by some people.

When officers followed up the report, they discovered blood on one of the roads and when they followed the traces of the blood, they discovered a body of the deceased lying in one of the yards.

The body was found without private parts, with a ripped off stomach and one right ear was cut off.

Police picked up the body and deposited it in UTH awaiting postmortem and identification.

We are calling upon people who could be missing a relative to visit UTH and help identify the body.

We further call upon members of the public to avoid moving unaccompanied in the dark as well as lone areas so as to avoid falling prey.

Investigations have been instituted in the matter.




  1. hummer where it hurts

    These vampires are back at it.Last time they had people move in shaky skins in fear of their lives. Hummer was flabbergasted to learn that the men in uniform were behind those masks with sharp knives in their hands.Investigations on those murders died a natural death and the culprits were scotch free.Zambia Land of freedom.

  2. Joe

    the world is wicked and evil

  3. Dr g

    Some times I don’t no what I can say u find that some with mulandu opay a bath u sib am angina but alibe

  4. owen muhwende

    i wanda why people do this hurtful things , i just hope the police can catch these criminals before they kill more people

  5. Nancy

    Some people are wicked nd have no morals… Seriously how can a normal human being rip off another man’s stomach. May God help us ohh

  6. Napoleon

    Our security is very weak in Zambia.Most foreigners have taken advantage that in Zambia no operations are conducted to clean our population of undesirable people.in Congo just recently 2000 plus prison inmates escaped.There is a possibility that some can end up in Zambia pretending as refugees.As a country we have kept a lot of refugees in our peaceful country.it’s high time we give the torch to other liberated countrys that we liberated to carry the burden.Most of these ritual killings are done by foreigners who are in the business of selling human organs.Please immigration officers and police try to be patriotic by cleaning our town’s of undesirable people.We need to start now.Even our identity cards need to be changed because they don’t have proper security features.

  7. Napoleon

    Our security in Zambia is at risk.Most of our security wings have allowed illegality to take charge.These ritual murders is mostly done by people of Asian or East African origin.I suspect that Rwandans,Congolese,Burundi and Tanzanian are involved in these acts in collaboration with Indians in this business.We need to screen undesirable people in our Country by conducting operations with immigration and intelligence wings.Our country has become a breeding ground for foreigners pretending to come as refugees yet their countries are stable without any conflicts.We can’t have people coming as refugees yet they are businessmen or merchants who don’t even pay tax and their businesses are unregistered.Ba U.N.H.C.R must give a record of refugees currently documented to our immigration officers so that they are aware and can conduct searches and vetting process.Lastly our Country must be a country of laws not illegality.

    • Leon

      It is written that in the last days such things will be happening and its not a surprise thing to us who read the bible. Its therefore our role now to just put our nation in Gods hands and ask him to protect our country and us the people against these heartless evil beings.

  8. champo

    If its a political strategy to blackmail yourselves stop it. If either foreingers or zambians are responsible, you will be caught soon and set alight.

  9. david

    God intervene

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