I Know The Corrupt People In PF, Says Kambwili

Former chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili says he knows who is corrupt in the ruling Patriotic Front.

Kambwili made the claim after interrogation by the Anti Corruption Commission yesterday.

He described the interrogation as bogus.

“10 hours later it feels great to finally respond to the bogus allegations. I am squeaky clean just like Dr Kaunda’s handkerchief, the corrupt people know themselves and time is of the essence,” he said.

The Anti Corruption remembered they had an impending investigation matter with former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili over alleged corrupt practices.

Kambwili has known little peace since being fired in November last year as minister with the Anti Corruption Commission opening an inquiry soon after.

The Roan Member of Parliament has since being fired had a disciplinary case against him by the ruling party and also had the ACC confirm a probe against him.

At a personal level he has flirted with three road traffic accidents that have had him thrust in the public light.

Kambwili is being queried over various properties allegedly accumulated illegally during his time in government.

The Roan MP alleges that he is still a loyal member of the ruling PF but seems to be out of favour given the number of low level officials from the ruling party that take pot shots at him.

In a statement, ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono confirmed that Kambwili was under probe for corrupt practices.

The ACC has confirmed the interrogations but did not shed light.

“These investigations are on-going and the Commission would therefore not wish to comment further as this may jeopardize the investigationsm,” stated ACC public Relations Manager Timothy Moono.


  1. kk Peter

    Truth always comes out

    • hummer where it hurts

      Acc seems to be teething after spans and spans of being toothless.We will like to hear more of the cases you carpeted ,like the Dora slit maize saga, Napsa-Zra k140m scam etc.prove that Ck corruption investigations are not politically motivated.

  2. kk Peter

    Truth always comes out Amen

  3. Mike cazo

    ACC are right indeed

  4. Mudenda

    Junior cobra!

  5. Mudenda

    Dr. CK

  6. Mudends

    Dr. C. K.

    • enock kayz


    • Luwingu lwansase*

      kklkkkkkki…… aweee ba Dr.ck … changa baseka uwacelwa……

  7. Mudenda

    Dr. C. K.

  8. icc

    Comment ACC are right indeed

  9. Sim1

    Yaya Mr Dr kambwili ,steeling is not good coz wen ur caught u start pointing

    • Leave him

      Insoni e buntu,let him also use his ability that we know others are afraid of to rise
      Dr.CK is reàly young Cobra…
      He is Presidential figure

  10. Sim1

    Ba kambwili ur a fifu,kawalala,impupu .u c bembas say akanwa kaletelele pwele,so u r a pwele stupid.we voted 4 pf not u, u think ur pf.ba kwikata watampa kula sonta chupiti boy.wesha ifya bene cos anaza accident is coming.

  11. singuluma


  12. mengmoreler

    Ba ululeni banzanu bambo other ways u will go alone mumaselo and if u didn’t knw any truth ecl would hav tod his Shepards to longa u muma selo,bt stillmore chenjelesa iwe ck b4 its 2let.

  13. SKY-JAY

    Why he didn’t mentioned those who are corrupted in pf, Kambwili inform Zambia those leaders so that they we fire them.

  14. topaz kalezala

    ck 2b slapped with………..guess

  15. Triple B

    Kambwili should report them to ACC or he should mention their names publicly, otherwise he should just concentrate on his case.One gets the impression that these are just sour grapes.

  16. PF

    Iwe!!!! Chi Kabwili Chishimba Wats wrong with u!!!!!!
    Son of Beach Do not spoil our party u idiot man and useless.

    U should know dat
    Ali yense adyera!!!! pa nchito wanvera!iwe chi Bigger Thief…….

  17. Notorious

    Our main problem with African politicians is that they only spill the rot when they are fired or dropped from their positions.This incident happened during FJT Chiluba reign and it was followed by the death of Paul Tembo.We need to be transparent from the onset.Ba kambwili if you have the names take them to the authorities and apply for protection from the state.We need a Zambia steered with laws which work for every Zambian regardless if poor or rich.May God bless u Mr C.K

  18. wado walasa

    hammer the nail on it’s head

    • Chadiza

      Kambwili you are useless mind ur own bzness

  19. kendolar


  20. mugabbe Robert

    the truth must prevail pf government rotten

  21. Saqxess

    Spill the beans man and be cleansed

  22. No name

    No sicrit on earth my dear

  23. Luwizy


  24. GIBSON

    Tell them mr kambwili

  25. golden days

    Tell them mr kambwili

  26. Gibson Chisenga

    Zed kawalala mwaibasana

  27. Gibson Chisenga


  28. GIBSON

    Tell them

  29. Master kay

    Mention them ba ck

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