PF Non-Entity Fires Back After EU Downgraded Zambia’s Human Rights Rating

Patriotic Front MP Kelvin Sampa has fired back after the European Union Parliament rated Zambia among poor performing human rights countries in the wake of the arrest of opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The EU on Friday voted to check Zambia’s human rights record and assess the fairness in the arrest of Hichilema.

But Sampa, the Kasama MP, accused one of the strongest global trading block of telling lies about Zambia.

“Firstly I do not recall as a member of the Zambian Parliament tabling or indeed discussing a motion within the European Union even if there is plenty to talk about from there!

“It is unbelievable that the European Parliament, with all the available avenues of verifying facts at its disposal, can easily fall for lies purveyed by enemies of the Zambian people.

“This is so especially when they seek to misrepresent happenings of a sovereign nation. We refuse to believe that the EU Parliament would be as gullible as to be moved by half-truths and cheap propaganda emanating from desperate men and women of questionable moral standing,” Sampa says.

Sampa says it is unacceptable that the EU Parliament would entertain a flawed motion, devoid of truthful facts.

“For starters, we do not need to remind the EU Parliament that Zambia is a sovereign country having attained her independence on 24th October 1964 from Britain. We are referring to Great Britain, which exercised its right to leave the EU in a Brexit Referendum Vote.

“Ever since our Independence, Zambia has enjoyed and cherished her political freedom and there is no intention whatsoever to trade it off at the altar of political expediency for anything,” he added.

Sampa said the EU were wasting their time calling for Hichilema’s release.

“We wish to call on the EU Parliament to respect the Judiciary of a Sovereign State as Zambia. We also remind them to consider and follow with keen interest the matters before the Courts of law.

“It is a misnomer to allege that Zambia has slid into dictatorship following Opposition Leader Hichilema’s arrest without considering the legal framework governing the charges he is faced with.

“We would be interested to know from the EU Parliament what should become of Opposition leaders who break the Zambian law. Should they be let to go scot free just because they have friends with money who can mobilize international voices for them?” asked Sampa.

Zambia has been mentioned in the same breath with repressive regimes across the globe with the European Union raising concern over the continued incarceration of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

Traditionally hailed as a shining example of democracy, President Edgar Lungu’s government should be worried that it has been branded as a repressive regime.

Hichilema has remained in custody from April 11 when he was arrested and later charged with treason which is non bailable.


  1. Jr


    • hummer where it hurts

      Sampa tame your beak,don’t cut the string of the parachute you are holding on.

      • JM

        You know the decent employment remains in Zambia is politics. So this stupid Sampa wants to impress the guy who signs his cheque , that’s it. He doesn’t care the implications that befall on the poor Zambians. Stupid Sampa is referring Zambia to brexit of England from European Union. England has strong economy while Zambia is Banana Republic.
        People are not stupid, you can’t intimidate them all the time.

  2. Nkhuwa

    Zambia Has Slid Into Dictatorship Useless Human Rights In Zambia

  3. Samuel

    Just leave that person.

  4. mengmoreler

    Uko ka sampa,hu doesn’t knw dat da all pf z chi big lie.


    I.guzy I see u all Jay Wisper. JAY rich kay smash ba Buga kopala 4 life

  6. Luwingu Lwansase*

    Congrates! Mr Sampa

  7. Charles katete

    This is not a thing to hide dictatorship has engulfed zambia..mr lungu of corse can tell them to respect the judiciary but we dont know what is burning in his heart in the inside.

    • Wise Me

      It is obvious failure to face reality will continue to inflict excruciating pain on you. Don’t you know that strong language is from pain?

  8. Hachusya

    What have I to do with Sampa?

  9. SKY-JAY

    Sampa UN are not foolish, this country is in need, prices of goods are just increase and increase day by day, what UN has told Zambia it’s true because there is no way we can ruled by ba Fyakolwa and lack of freedom participation, and that’s why we need strong government like the UN. Fuck you Sampa idiot.

  10. Sydy Boy


  11. Derrick Sky

    Just release de man

  12. J.ss

    What a Useless defending statement

  13. chìchi insult.we are now interested in your comments.

    Sky-Jay.it is not UN but EU.ours is AU.Y shud EU coment instead of AU.check this out.you want whites to start controling Africans again.let’s learn to solve our problems not icimusungu chileitumpamo.those saying dictorship.
    Do you know what is dictorship?

    • ROKA

      indeed this guy doesn’t know what dictatorship is consult Super Ken.Remember democracy goes hand in hand with responsibilities. A truly democrat will follow. EU members enjoy when there is indiscipline in any given African country because they reap millions from chaos

  14. Triple B

    The arrest of one law breaker is not equal to dictatorship.Allow the law to run its full course.

  15. Muzeye

    We commend Govt for taking action on anyone breaking the law and threatening piece. EU is not God to be feared. It has over stepped it’s limits. It is not clean itself, how can it claim we are dirty. We are capable of resolving our own issues.

  16. Ama Facts

    Zambia is a sovereign State and governed by Laws.
    The Laws are in black and white, if you break the Law and think that you can buy Justice, then you are digging your own Grave. HH called for what he is going through, and he is facing charges as Hakainde Hichilema, a Zambian citizen, not as UPND. So separate UPND from HH, let’s understand how Law operates. No one is above the Law, and no Country, community or society can avert it. Law is Law. Stubbornness will never earn HH international Favours, the man should come to Terms and check his insaciable Appetite for Violence. Zambia is a peaceful Country, the peace we enjoy is being adulterated by individuals who block Presidential motorcades and put many lives at Risk.
    The Law will sure pursue such and bring them to book.

    • better man

      Don’t support just because u are pf (pure fools) this is truely become a dictatorship country ,after kaumba who amongst all has been like this your president?using cadres to beat up people who oppose wrong things the govt is doing ,no freedom of expression , Assembly, you are foolish,stupid to support this! You saddist ,a wrong is a wrong

  17. Chez

    So what if EU says their own shit,we have laws which governs us without any interference from any European country and if one breaks that law he or she has to face the consequences.that’s what we are doing to ka chikamba hh for to become a better citizen with good morals.

  18. ganny

    Comment The same EU, decalared the 2016 elections free and fare, why din’t they advise HH, to axcept the result and move forward, becouse this is main reason HH is behaving,the way he is, and ends up in trouble.

  19. Thomas

    Mr Nkhuwa is right, signs of dictatorship are shown in our country, Human Rights is just by mame,democracy is no longer working though we are calling Zambia as a Christian nation.

    • Brother ch

      Let’s put our trust in the lord it shall be well with hh and upnd

  20. David Jones

    EU gives you money as a government.
    Remember you have borrowed Eurobond.
    It’s not Africabond or Zimbabwebond or sadcbond. Let the EU check the records if you are clean why are you in agony, and despute of that ? The reason EU donates money to elections, health, and economy is to have a good governance for the nation and it’s people. Only Naturally dull and doomed cadres hates the truth. The booty lickers and the stoogies.

  21. PF

    EU u’re all Idiot and Useless………

  22. Chale

    Sovereign state YES it is but not an island. When this are not OK others chip in. Just like in our families; if all is not well neighbours come in to assist. Mr Sampa Remember the term “Global Village “. Surely things are no OK am now 62 years old you could be 45. I ve seen Zambia more than you have even departure from humanity if you refer to KK Humanism theorem which should have been the basis of ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION is no where near our daily citizenry bond.

  23. Amiel


  24. amiel


  25. charisma


  26. Brother ch

    God has revealed that hh will be soon reliesed.it will be tears of joy for UPND


      God is in avn don’t were guzy for HH HH for life

  27. gibbzsparks

    no reasons

  28. AGGREY l

    Samoa you’re stupid don’t think like a dog your drunkard lungu broke law many times to start with lungu stole(rigged the elecion) he never handed authority to the chief justice when presidential election were petitioned he ordered the raid to HH s residence who has charged lungu for these lawlessnes .tell me when HH broke law .sampa if you think our nation is as cheap as youre you,ll soon eat your —— s sadam used the same idiotic devilly gimics tell me where is sadam you are next with you god (lungu)

  29. Students voice

    IT all point to nothing to be extremely subjective,irrational and unconcerned when something of national concern is triggering in our nation,to start with no one is superior to defame the supremacy of the law .the law visits everyone who comes into conflict with it,comrade hh just like any other citizen is equally subject to the rules and regulations that guides the land. But its very incorrect to manhandle the law through interference in a bid to reinforce it. Let the seperation of powers be appreciated by every citezen. This enable transparancy,freedom of assembly,expression of opinions,movement and provision of objective checks and balances to the govt of the day. Tyrannism comes into play when any objective criticism of the govt is deemed inimical to the nation. Why should everyone be a follower of one political party,why should people be repressed on basis of holding divergent views from the rulers,why should everyone be silenced to protect the image of few individuals. No its not right because its undemocratic and unhealth for the nation considering itself as a democracy..If any of us whould pretend not see the wrong in what is happening in our nation ,we are being unatriotic to our nation and to the beliefs and tenets of democracy.
    We demand fair trial for everyone irregardless of the opionions they hold.political affiliations does not bring about change if its birthed by repressions and compelling citezen to follow suit of what they could never consider right. Development is more prime than anything else a developing country like ours can harness for its betterment. The observation of the EU PARLEY is pointing to something that is truthful and emanating in our nation.. Justice must prevail not perveted by those in authority. And true authority means service not despoticism or tyrannism. @Bring back democracy that our people always craved for and subsequently sacrificed their lives for…zambia will never degenerate into a chotic nation because of a rational grouping of people…

  30. Sylvester Kambowa

    Sampa, you say zambia is a sovereign state, but not pf state mind you.The EU is concerned about the conduct of pf hiding in the name of the state, the incarceration of HH is politically motivated as everyone outside and inside inhabitants knows. zambia for all, not for you who is concerned with yourself and your family. wait time is essence.


    Put trust in God guzy HH is the one of us

  32. barak

    Our country has gone to dictators


    well said sampa wamulandu amangiwe let anyone who breaks the law be jailed

  34. MBeki

    if Zambia was a country of laws it would never allowed foreigners without legal status to own land and businesses in Zambia.Our country has turned into a repressive state.Hence our state institutions are decayed and corrupt.Ba S ampa the only form employment that takes people away from poverty is joining a political party in power with no vision for the Zambian people.I personally praise EU for taking a assessment on our human rights record.The only reason you are doing this is to praise yr master who signs yr cheques.

  35. JK

    Even the kids knows, that our is under dictotarship

  36. EL JAMIE

    Wats the big deal kanshi….weather wat EU parliament is saying is true or false.. .it doesn’t matter…Zambia is a sovereign nation let them not interfere with the judiciary system……we don’t need there interference they just want to take advantage of the situation let them wait for the court to pass judgment that’s when they can rate Zambia….though we don’t care.

  37. Anthony nkonde

    Lungu and his minion’s will reap wat they are sowing,its just a matter of time.god is watching

  38. Sampa

    Samoa my son I thought I had a normal child who bear my name wll but now I regrate to note that a have a rubbish of a son. How can you defend such clear and evident hatred in Zambia if you are in your right mind! I am very disappointed wee… Chinbwi mwana wandi!

  39. Ngulube J.

    Law is Law and whoever abrogates or breaks it is punished 100% correct. Now, can someone tell me who FIRST broke the LAW between HH and ECL?. The CONSTITUTION a Supreme Law of the land clearly states that a thief is an honourable person ai? That during election announcements, there shall be a person in the saverroom tampering with figures ai?. That some 8000 votes shall be deducted from the winner after public outcry ai?. That the president elect shall be sworn in by the highcourt registrar instead of the chief justice or deputy because those two had performed the duty before ai?. That the 14 days petition period shall include saturdays and sundays but without court sittings ai?. That the speaker shall not act as president during the petition period ai?. That the president shall have TOTAL control over ALL arms of government without interference during election period ai?. That Ministers shall continue holding positions after dissolution of parliament ai?. Finally all this is seen as NORMAL or NOT breaking LAW ai?. EDUCATED FOOLS or EDUCATED ILLITERATES by Felix Mutati.

  40. ok

    The mirror helps when dressing up for public appearance. There is a problem of carrying small ones compared to mounted ones. Others looking at you can be helpful to spot out dirt behind your jacket. Someone told me that one Zambian saying states that,’ Icipuba caile na mafi ku buko’. I know there is wisdom in listening when other continental bodies spot out some dirt. Mr MP kindly listen and check without taking sides.

  41. D zulu

    I don’t know were we ar going Zambia under pf govment has came wesy

  42. D zulu

    I don’t know were we ar going Zambia under pf govment has came wesy

  43. chabinga

    forget the EU we re zambians because of we what are, Peaceful! the Eu debating about our human rights goes beyond HH’s imprisoment.

    • Prince k

      Remember ladies and gentlemen that Zambia is not an island! Don’t be misled by few selfish individuals who think they know it all. If EU has spoken about our low regard for human rights, it is because they have seen it in our country. For argument’s sake, why didn’t EU raise this concern during Mwanawa’s or Ruppia’s reign? We should know for sure that Zambia is in the wrong hands (corrupt dictators). So, sampi or whatever you call yourself, the best thing you could do is to advise your boss to put his house in order instead of you issuing a cheap and baseless self defence as if you were talking to blind people! In fact you are not a well meaning Zambian.

  44. Napoleon

    Most people p.f blind supporters don’t know the difference between right or wrong.They pretend that 1+1=0 yet the answer is 2.That’s how small minds act.This thing called poverty can lead someone to kiss the high heeled shoes for Dora siliya because someone is incapacitated by a regime that’s bent on stealing and abusing state institutions.Don’t support illegality because your wallets or bank accounts are getting hefty.Try to be purposeful by thinking what is ahead of yourselves.

  45. Chibwe John

    No one is above the law, and we should not mistaken this two things, politics and law, by then no one is above the law not even president Lungu himself, so let’s be fair if our comments, UPND is just a party and HH is a just initials of the name of a person as a citizen of Zambia just like you and l we are all citizens and once the government are not getting in touch with the law breakers probably we will lose peace that our parents faught for! So let’s try to remember that their is time for everything time to vote , to sick , to get well , to Born, to die and to work,! Elections are over and we should think of the ways to improve our country, and don’t forget to respect the president as the head of the nation because one time HH will be in power and he will need respect from people so let’s be one and realise that we are one and take hypocrite away from our hearts.

  46. mafuta

    Leave him, he has AIDS. He is hallucinating. Maureen Mwanawasas boyfriend has nothing to offer.

  47. ifyamanofyena ndasuminisha

    Whatever u may think ….the fact is EU should respect the Zambian crime protocol. . ..any1 who break the law deserve to suffer the reparations .

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