Civil Servants To Get Electronic Payslip

Government says it is in the process of introducing electronic pay slips for public service workers.

Smart Zambia National Coordinator Dr. Martine Mulenga says government spends about 7.2 million dollars per year on printing pay slips.

Speaking during the launch of the Ministry of National Development Planning Website today, Dr. Mulenga says the contractual obligations with the suppliers for paper is ending this August, and that the contract will not be renewed in view of the introduction of electronic pay slips.

Dr Mulenga says government has done all the quality tests and has distributed the memo requesting all government workers to submit their email addresses where their pay slips will be sent electronically.


  1. martin mweshi


  2. Sindwa Nganga

    went to submit my email to be receiving my payslip. How should I send. And the challenge we have is am working from sikongo were we do not have internet kindly advise.

    • john ngoma

      U will print wen u go ku Internet cafe

    • john ngoma

      U will print when u go ku Internet cafe

  3. masters

    you have a smart phone which you used to type that comment .. so use the same to check you email ….nganga

  4. chimbini k

    How should l open the email?

  5. chimbini k

    How should l open the email l am in luapula

  6. mulase

    There is need to educate these pipo wat an email is /Electronic mail.

  7. Edgar chakolwa

    Stupid kaponya how do the rural / remote folks get those so called electronic slips. You have manufactured another skim for stealing public resources . Tiye naabo pf!

  8. chiinda brian

    The world has gone modern…..lets move with technology

  9. mike kangwanda

    Trouble Has Come

  10. matthews khondowe

    Great idea let’s move with technology

  11. chungu lawrence

    good news!,hope de system will also solve de ghost workers problem & serve tax payers money.i also wish de government will publish later how much they will serve & where de money will b chanelled

  12. civil servant

    I recommend the system, its good, will now be having latest payslips. KAPUTA always behind.

  13. Wiinchy

    This is the best thing that will happen an electronic world era is need , too much paper work

  14. CBN

    100% supported

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