FDD Wrangles Deepen

The disintegration of the FDD has continued with the warring factions refusing to reconcile after the High Court quashed Edith Nawakwi’s decision to expel her vice president Chifumu Banda.

Nawakwi’s camp has appealed the High Court decision that quashed her expulsion of Banda and also sought to stop any challenge to her tenure that has gone beyond three terms.

‘Save the FDD’ campaign spokesperson Yotam Mtayachalo said that Nawakwi was interested in any dialogue but wanted to maintain her grip on the party leadership.

And FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza who is in the Nawakwi camp said that everyone should wait for the Supreme Court to exhaust the matter before they could sit down and discuss the matter.

The FDD wrangles have reduced Nawakwi’s stock on the political market having appealed to the neutrals as being devoid of violence in her style of politics.

Her sidekick Mwanza has also been placed in an awkward position with his polished political image compromised in rendering a voice on the ideals of a democratic party.


  1. Awa na m

    Zambian politicians,it’s not only HH who want to party president forever kkkkk

    • truth

      Your English can tell which political party you belong to, shamele

  2. awa na

    How many seats in parliament

  3. Mille

    ‘Ni mayo fye ‘ was her slogan.
    I think it’s time up madam . She cried the loudest when Chiluba attempted a 3rd term .
    Yes , free donor money is sweet without tilling the land during elections but nothing lasts forever as such face up and call it quits while you still have some credibility .


    this woman has not even paid for the cars she hired during elections.

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