PF Aligned Journalist Narrates Experience At Church Bodies’ Presser

Patriotic Front journalist Tilyenji Mwanza has written a narration of her experience at this morning’s press briefing held by the church mother bodies in Lusaka.

Tilyenji’s narration suggests the briefing was more of a UPND presser held on a neutral venue than what it has been portrayed.

The three church mother bodies have declared Zambia a dictatorship and demanded the release of opposition political leader Hakainde Hichilema who is held on treason related charges.



By Tilyenji Mwanza

A befitting title is not a statement by three CHURCH MOTHER BODIES but instead;


I reluctantly drove into Kapingila house because instead of seeing my fellow media colleagues, the grounds were flooded with UPND officials and cadres guarding the grounds.

A few cadres spotted me and knowing my affiliation to the Patriotic Front they begun to exhibit an intolerance and from their faces I could draw out their desire to chase me from the vicinity but at least we all observed we were on holy ground or what I previously thought was neutral ground.

The high table was set and as I peered at my watch, I looked at my invite which had said the event was slated for 09:00hrs and Rev Suzanne Matale, Rev Pukuta Mwanza and Fr Cleopas Lungu were scheduled to address the nation.

As time ticked on past 11AM I stepped outside and decided to call Rev Pukuta Mwanza.

Tilyenji: Good morning Rev, we are awaiting for you. Will you be arriving any time soon for the state of nation address.

Rev Mwanza: my dear I am a bit lost, what state of the nation address.

Tilyenji: But Rev I have an invite sent by Mwenya Mukuka highlighting that the three Church Mother Bodies will be addressing the media giving a state of the nation address and from EFZ we are expecting you.

Rev Mwanza: Tilyenji my dear I am not aware of this address neither have we sat down to craft a joint statement. I mean I am General Secretary and if they are saying three Church Mother Bodies I think we should have sat down and all contributed.

But well my dear, I am looking for reconciliation of the nation, for healing that is why some of us do not agree even with terms used in the circulated pastoral letter such as dictatorship and demeaning language on the head of state. That for me is not the role of the church. The Church is supposed to be a reconciliator and not the one to be in the forefront igniting the fire.

However, please keep me updated.

Tilyenji: Thank you Rev but I wonder then who is coming from EFZ.

Rev Mwanza: I wonder too.

After saying our good bye’s as I was about to get back inside I saw him, like who would miss him.

GBM pouncing his way through with Gary Nkombo, Douglas Siakalima, Mutale Nalumngo the UPND chairlady for women affairs forgotten her name ( kikiki).

I decided to observe at a distance and I saw the UPND entourage ushered in as VVIP guests and it was then I realised the function had delayed because we had been waiting for these VIP guests.

Oh yes my friend Chilufya Tayali was also present sitted elegantly but funny even he did not spot me.

Media was pushed to the back as the UPND officials took the front row.

From fear of possible political victimization, I went and parked my vehicle outside by the filling station (easy escape).
And like in movies got big black docky looking shades and wrapped a showel around my hair and stood right in a corner.

Finally, they walked in, but well instead of the advertised trio to address. I noticed Bishop Alfred Kalembo, Paul Mususu and the Archbishop take up the high table as opposed to the secretaries.

Oohhh and as the church begun to read the statement instead of being in awe, I felt sad for my beloved CHURCH LEADERS.


Awww how GBM nodded and applauded as the statement was read… several times as the bishop was reading you could see him look to GBM as if looking for approval of what to say next.

DICTATORSHIP, POLICE BRUTALITY, INTOLERANCE, NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, INJUSTICE, INTIMIDATION these are words they echoed, I held my head and at this point could not take it anymore and slipped away.

I just have one question if we have a dictator for a President would they have even been able to assemble as they did.
I turn to my favourite social media site and look at how people freely speak on Facebook. Radio station, TV stations are carrying these bogus statements so is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu the kind of dictator who let’s you assemble, speak your mind and whatever nonsense was at that presser.
Is that what you call dictatorship?
I will dissect that statement bit by bit but for now let’s us agree that was not a statement by three Church Mother Bodies but it was a UPND BRIEFING.


  1. Pm

    How can a reporter admitting her or his affiliation to a political party be expected to report objectively? SHAME

    • Chichi

      Her grammar is so horrible for a trained journalist. Too many typos, incorrect phrases and poorly punctuated. It makes the whole reading difficulty and boring. I couldn’t read it through to the end. She’s also ugly looking like a slut. I won’t be surprised if she works in a brothel or just being a sperm chamber for all diseased PF cadres. I can’t waste my time on a cheap smelly slut. Go and play with yourself.
      Signs cute Chichi girl.

      • Sage

        So its true… I can judge by looking at o comment… Tranna change the story… As a teacher of English.,.. If not !!! Then tell us the true …us we are really confused about how our own political parents are acting today….. We are scared

      • nox

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        • Chichi

          @nox, so are you together with your prostitute mother who conceived you. What a wasted sperm you’re. I don’t have time for low life people like you.
          As for the poorly trained journalist, we don’t say “sitted” but seated. Just one of the many terrible typos in her narrative. She doesn’t look clean at all. Her hair style is out of ordinary and looks like a starving homeless.
          Signs cute Chichi girl

          • Jovita

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          • char

            Good analysis may God be with u dear.

      • Solomon Kalandanya

        Is there anything like PF/UPND or whatever Journalist? I’d love to know which School trained you!!

      • Awa na moyo,Moyo Msadala

        You have just described yourself Chichi,a slat in UK,your grammar has never been good ever yet you claim to have PHD,etc i ve said it so many times you are a sex worker in the uk

      • yes boss am OK

        u are very right chichi baby

      • Ine


      • 0977473242

        U r the slut ,fuck u

      • captain

        Chichi….. Your observation is on point……….. Her grammar, really it’s pathetic altogether………. Tilyenji is one of the few journalists in this country who depends much on the editorial team to correct her poorly written news articles!!! Poor old lady!

      • arena

        English chichi is not our mother tongue ,but for your great parents as you are not a Zambian!But even yourself it’s the same, we just ignore you!!!

    • Chisenga


    • Living Legend

      And exposes Pukuta Mwanza by bringing him in the open. Foolish girl and foolish Pukuta. The real church spoke. Not the church that meets on October 18 to clap for Halos in the sky…misrepresenting a halo 22 natural phenomenon…not those silly ones, but the true church which declared Zambia a dictatorship

    • Ine

      At least, she is being honest. So, her write up should be seen as the work of a party cadre, not an objective report. No wonder, it is so full of subjective irrelevants

    • Pamela

      Exactly my thought too . Baised reporter .. take several seats .. you are equally not right in the head … reporters are supposed to be neutral .. Shame on you

  2. virus

    Ama politics

  3. virus

    Tabalyamo ba ka cathric

  4. Nchimunya Mweene

    She is entitled to her opinion

  5. bosses nifwebo

    The pf journalist is just doing that to impress her boss..wat do u expect frm

    • Franktok

      The PF cadre journalist is frightened from the very start, according to her story, but she doesn’t show the source of the fear. Any reader can see that she is scared by her own prejudice and her attitude could be a danger to herself. Why should she be scared of bishops? I doubt if Rev Pukuta would feel comfortable at such a gathering

  6. Bwembya Mutale

    Cogent and insightful report. Thanks sis you are a professional Zambia patriot. Telesphore Mpundu has sold his soul and voice to anarchists. He has forefeited a role of peace making arbitrator in event of a real crisis. Big miscalculation yet posterity will judge him harshly. How will he seek an audience with No. 1 when he has signed up to hatred, subversion, anarchy and unGodliness publicly?

    • Man

      Useless journalist can’t you see Wat is happening in our country, judicially is being controlled by pf regime even your reporting is after a promotion. You’re not weath to be a journalist by a money digger pro****.

  7. Awa na moyo

    No weapon formed against the just shall prosper. I mean against Chagwa Lungu

  8. Mike

    I am a catholic and do not agree with a few sell out priests with political ambitions or inclinations to abuse our church . Those who want politics leave the pulpit and join politics and leave us to worship in peace because all church congregations in this country cuts across the many political parties domiciled in our country

  9. henry zulu

    It’s very sad to read the story of this young lady Mis T Mwanza.This is the sad reality consuming this nation today as people go all the way to ensure that they have food on the table.there is no such thing as PF or UNIP journalist in Zambia.Am a PF member and its bad to see people scheming to tarnish the name of the PF this way. So T Mwana want the nation to believe since PF we turned down the invitation in fear our superiors than the Bishops are wrong and are paid by GBM..shame on you T Mwanza

  10. mulase

    U did a gud job.Expect several of such meetings madam but be careful not to be noticed. I wad

  11. mulase

    U did a gud job.Expect several of such meetings madam but be careful not to be noticed. I saw u though I doubted whether u wea the one.Don’t worry about them we ar on the ground.

  12. Bokoho

    Chikala journalist

  13. Emmanuel

    Firstly thanks author for acknowledging that you are a journalist affiliated to PF.That on its own puts you in a compromising situation and you can never present a balanced view over such matters.You sound like someone who is on a double payroll and you are like so many a disgrace to journalism and the Zambian people who gave you the opportunity to be what you are.I haven’t lived in Zambia for more than a decade but am a keen follower of everything happening in our land.Zambia is under siege by political monsters who are ready to do anything and everything to oppress masses.My word to you all is that your time of reckoning will come .Notjing is permanent under the sun.Tomorrow you will be on the other side of the aisle….do not be fooled time is an equalizer.Zambia belongs to us all.We shall be accountable for every deed.God bless Zambia and God bless the great people of Zambia

  14. kokoko

    Hmnmnmnm are you sure this is what transpired or you arw saving ur boses?
    Anyway,still things ar nt going well in our beloved country,we hàv lost direction as a country
    God help us

  15. hummer where it hurts

    Youths who have no heart for the majority Zambians, if they have a job drive fancy cars luxury homes fat wallets inflated bank accounts associates with hard heads of the land. They don’t mind where the country is heading to.They feel at liberty to call the white color men liars.my daughter you are too young to be used as a propaganda machine agent.If you saw opposition figures there, then what is sinister about that after all they are members in these religious groupings. You may call it upnd briefing but it is called something else by the majority out here ,so please yourself as more cash drips into your account.

  16. Man

    Useless journalist

  17. Jk

    For your on information lungu, his not the founder of all social medias. u must even to be killed, idoit son of bitch. becz lungu his your boyfrend, and start open your legs anyway. pf journalism . release HH

  18. Mpombo

    The journalist has brains to expose
    the devious way upnd wants to ignite a civil war in the country when there plan to do so backfired when they attacked other ethnic groups in Mala Namwala more popcorn plitz

  19. Edgar

    Hooligan journalist. Shut your mouth

  20. Wisky

    Hehehe this fake journalist ati I packed my vehicle at the filling station for easy escape she thought they were pf thugs who don’t respect people there was no need to cover your head shame on you

  21. Justice

    mmmmmmmmm pf journalist?

  22. Sage

    …our own parents are acting like now they hate us and they wanna leave us for #money and #power …. … I wish u people could just make peace and unite the spirits of ALL citizens…..

  23. ndolesha

    what do you expect? the PF journalist and the name itself, mwanza, easterners have become more tribal and the government is using divide and rule tactics. never before have we been divided in Zambia than now

  24. I.Q

    Stupid reporter…

  25. Wise D

    She’s not janourlist,
    These are pf spies.
    Why turning the three church bodie to UPND?
    Did you went there as a reporter or as a sppy?
    A reporter has no side to stand for,but to all sides.As i can see your face you are not a reporter,but you are a pf prostitute.

  26. Wise D

    She’s not journalist,
    These are pf spies.
    Why turning the three church bodie to UPND?
    Did you went there as a reporter or as a sppy?
    A reporter has no side to stand for,but to all sides.As i can see your face you are not a reporter,but you are a pf prostitute.

  27. Awa na moyo

    Missed you Mpombo how are you .Tilyenji Mwanza firstly thank u for being honest.you are PF……secondly keep up with good work,keep us well informed sister.

  28. jj

    2 Pac once upon a time said ” wat de he’ll

  29. x-ray

    so pf has got journalist.Too much corruption in polo fish

  30. kbs

    I am a Catholic. I always want to be like that-a Catholic. As long as a church align itself with a political part it brings division in Church. I always like the stance taken by the Jehovah’s witnesses. They are more united always. Reason is they want to be Jehovah’s witnesses. Nothing short of that. The Jehovah’s witness will not open a brown envelope from anyone outside their Church. They are really Jehovah’s witnesses. I am a Catholic. I always pray to remain a Catholic. God will always guide me.

    • Centre Pivot 2016

      Maintain your faith in the Catholic church; am behind you as a fellow congregant.

  31. Solomon Kalandanya

    I totally agree with KBS!!

  32. Tom T

    NCC by nevers mumba,the pastor ended in upnd,they hide in the name church.the journalist is truly honest,she is a PF aligned.what of mmembe ,chipenzi,tayali once a journalist always a…….
    All these who are they aligned with

  33. mutinta

    are upnd saying they do not reporters in their structures for them to say she has to keep neutral grounds?

  34. chanzi

    Chichi girl don’t break my ribs

  35. chanzi

    Chichi girl don’t break my ribs lol

  36. kachepa

    Those who claim to speak on behalf of others must consult the others before they speak. Just being a spearhead does not mean you know what the others are thinking. Wish we had more public hearings and debates and opinion polls then may be someone can trully claim to speak on behalf of others. This is what was done on the ICC debate ( though costly). In the absence of such, who truly can speak on behalf of others. You can only speak on your own behalf though carrying a post. Linde kasonde does not speak for me when she says what she is saying, this group of so called church mother bodies do not speak for me either. I find their views to ungodly though clothed in godly language. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. They call for dialogue but cannot catergorise what it is they seek the dialogue for. Do they expect the goverment to beg HH to respect it. Even in the Church, divisive members are to be put out of the fellowship. That is not dictatorship, it is just the nature of fairness. In the case of HH, it is simply justice. Unless they can contend he did no wrong, but then they would only be deceiving themselves to state that. No story needs be told. we have been hearing and we all saw it. Is it treason? Maybe. Was it wrong. Yes without the slightest doubt. In fact, very wrong. One only needs to read the story of Vashti ( and Queen esther) to see the implications of such actions and failure to address them. I can only hope the trio still regard scripture above own feelings. The mandatte of the church is not to speak out on national issues but to bring the light of scripture on national issues in a way that leads to conviction of sin and repentance towards God. They may not use scripture to cover up a wrong and champion democracy however wrongly perceived, against the clear teaching of scripture. Scripture says ‘all authority is by God ordained.’ any true christian knows our mandatte is to submit to authority and not to canningly usurp their authority by a call to dialogue. Biblical guidance would be telling HH, it is not your type, submit to the authority and try again next time. It is that simple.

    • Sspz

      Wonderful, excellent!!!! At least you are among the few who knows how to articulate issues, I wish this could be little but very important points to take note of to all those who seem to side line the incumbent HH and his colleagues.

  37. Triple B

    Bishops of these days
    carry a bible in one hand and a very fat brown envelope in the other.They walk backwards with their greedy faces firmly fixed on the contents of the brown envelope.What a shame!

  38. jj

    smile 2 o this bu sheet

  39. Bokoho

    Your vagina is smelling us if toilet you dictator journalist with your boy friend fan face ecl fuck you dogs no freedom and is came difficult because pf poor family include the leader

  40. Boko m23

    God help as because Edgar chikala lango he wants this country people to fight civil war so as we are red no mercy

  41. Bokoho

    Your vagina is smelling us if toilet you dictator journalist with your boy friend fan face ecl fuck you dogs no freedom and money is come difficult because pf poor family include the leader

  42. Chisenga


    • Ine

      And Pukuta Mwanza is a Nyanja who is supports …

  43. mulena

    Comrades no amount of insults and unpalatable will make one a hero.it suprises me that last year when Pf was calling fo national prayers some political parties and certain elements shaned such national prayers but to day because they may have comited sin and lost Gods favour they blabery bounce in church and abuse men of God and bribe them with 30 pieces of siver to read there propaganda.pliz politicians come and go.wait for your God s time.

  44. sillen

    The whole story is compromised by your identity u ar a pf journalist what can we expect from you.keep driving if have nothing to bring.

  45. fwebene

    Pukuta Mwanza and Tilyenji go faki yourselves

  46. mengmoreler

    Ha!kanshi there z som jenalist party?so this means even da party midia z there!

  47. Dean Ambrose

    Not fair

  48. OneNation

    Well done Tilyenji – those insulting you cannot even question why UPND was the only Party represented while dictatorship can affect the whole nation. Bishop Mpundu is an embarrassment and has no shame. We remember what happened in Rwanda – up to now the Pope is apologizing.

  49. vian

    give bishop mpundu the position of minister of religious affairs and see if he will call lungu a dictator

  50. jahman matal

    Your comment are bad chichi be a concerned citizen and not an insultive one . Let us becareful people because our words can make us perish.

  51. One love

    You opposser what have you done so far??!!! Your mouth is rotten with insults,anyway sorry for you!!!!

  52. Observant

    This journalist is a skirt raised too high, to see pubic hair. The tree mother bodies she is condemning and so deomising are the ones who have always safeguarded democrasy in zambia.
    The PF is nothing but a bunch of rascals using state machinery to destroy anyone who is against them. the warning to them is this: let them ask kaunda, Chiluba, and Rupiah banda. Edgar Lungu’s nd will be disastrous. the man is being used by evil forces in a shameless manner, and he will regret. the zambian people will regroup and take power and all these hooligans will be trashed away in utter shame and humiliation. On the other hand, the PF is so obsessed with fear of the UPND. they are afraid to their pants. i think they should use their time to do humanitarian work and provide services to the people than being afraid of an opposition. the worst thing is that their brutality will eventually land them in the opposition where they will die a natural death just like all of them.

  53. easterner

    pukuta is not nyanja but senga

  54. Mr peace

    Tilyenji my sister,what u have written sounds jst correct,right and true.Seems like this is the first time zambia is seeing democracy.Seems like it’s the first time we want to change government.Seems like opposition is never wrong,only the party in power is always wrong.There’s no such a thing.It’s very unfortunate to have ladies like Chichi who can jst think and dream insults at all costs but i understand children who were born in kachasu and grew up taking that staff can do nothing better than insulting.A Zambbian idiot will never appreciate u untill u’r dead.

  55. Boko m23

    Edgar chikala lango if you are not going to release hh which means you want hh to sailed foolish president pf


    Sour grapes Chichi this scribe is very beautiful its you who is ugly.You need deliverance and thats very soon.

  57. Kabwe Zambia

    UPND cadres guarding the place?they wanted to chase you due to your affiliation with the pf? Are you a real journalist or what,did you for real study journalism “journalism ethics”? you’re busy tarnishing the name of journalists! Let me tell you chichi journalists don’t defend anyone, a journalist must be neutral in judging others, balance the issue being covered, be independent,don’t let your emotions control your work,stop prejarising things,you are the voice to the voiceless and not a party career!!

  58. arena

    Well articulated Bakachepa,I wish you could do it whenever there is a debate like this of cause not wrong one! Bishop T.Mpundu whants to compare him self like D.Tutu even when the battle was different! I would advise him to reflect on what happened in Rwanda’s genocide and compare it with the SA one!

  59. Mety

    Can do better.

  60. Juzzed

    Ichikwanka, bachimwena kumampalanya. Imagine people who insult if they were in state house. They would even open thepast news paper just for insulting. We should learn from their language who they are.

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