Pres. Lungu Says There Is No Political Crisis In Zambia

President Edgar Lungu has said that people calling for inter-party dialogue should first tabulate issues they want to be discussed.

President Lungu said he has for a long time been talking about the need for dialogue which some political parties have not taken seriously.

He was speaking at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly after arrival from Lesotho where he had gone to witness the inauguration of Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.

The President Lungu dismissed assertions that there is a political crisis in the country.

He said he would not have been travelling abroad if there was a political crisis in the country.

President Lungu said people wishing for a state of emergency do not mean well for the country. The Head of State said people are enjoying their democratic rights because he believes in democracy and freedom of expression.


  1. Truth

    Who is this hypocrite trying to fool?

    • hummer where it hurts

      Blunk or pretending to be blunk?..mama me! Maloza my nziko.

    • Chichi

      How can you see economic and political disaster you fool when you created it? This mother fucker talks like he has put the whole of his foot in his mouth. He stinks thus not fit to be a president but a wizard. His balls will be chopped off at the end of his criminal trial when the resolved masses rise against his poor leadership. Idiot of a president with a tiny penis.
      Signs cute Chichi girl

      • SonOfdeUpnd

        Tell man, he thinks he his every special. In 2021 he will Link his ass!

  2. ce

    True, that’s why others are even always insulting leaders at will on public platforms like ZR.

  3. Jonathan Ngoma

    The President has spoken

  4. Awa na moyo

    Mr president concentrate on your good work,the God who gave you a mandate to govern will always be will you.

    • Chanza jc

      Our President has spoken the truth and his working 4 the pipo of this great nation Zambia.

    • Chiminya

      Is not easy to concentrate his work coz pipo from different political parties we

    • Chiminya

      it is not easy to concentrate coz pipo from different political parties did not accepted his declaration

  5. Dilax Ngwala

    Mr president sir just concentrate on the national matters don’t listen to them they are just time waster’s every time they are crying like a premature baby ?.

  6. Mr fucker

    u`re just scared of 2021 general elections if u`re not scared at all stop playing dis planks & grant amnesty to comrade H.H tx one z one nation but wat ar Yuh showing us”discrimination”

  7. Robert miston

    Yeeee. Lungu

  8. MAU MAU

    Very disheartening tho

  9. joel

    Mr lungu don’t cheat people since you became us a president of zambia in 2015 up to date zambia is no peace those who are side we are enjoing peace their liars at all just because their fathers are pf cadres maybe.

  10. Jk

    IDOIT PRESIDENT KAWAMA HAS PRODUCED, instead of solve the problem our country its facing but his busy moment up & down, like preganant women.

  11. Mpombo

    Mr President if upnd don’t believe in election by rejecting the outcome why hold them let us just scrap voting until the idiots agree to respect the outcome otherwise they’re making a mockery of democracy in our peaceful country More popcorn plitz

    • TJ

      @mpombo.You are quite right and in addition,dictators are people like HH who are arrogant and believe that whatever they do even wrong is right.Arrest him if proven wrong!

  12. D.Zone

    Its very bad,

  13. Wisky

    This dictator he thinks he can fool the world of course you can’t stop traveling when you think everything is okay but when in fact not if you didn’t stop traveling when the country was experiencing economic crisis ,what can stop you from traveling? Absolutely nothing kaili ifyakumwena kubuku. Fruitless travels we are still waiting for Saudi Arabia deal

  14. Dr Andrew Anderson

    We don’t know what he’s talking about.

  15. Muzo

    Welcome Back Brother Mpombo.Long Time! Fools N Selfish Ones Ar Crying @ Moooo…

  16. ok

    Plz Mr President we are not blind

  17. ok

    Who are you trying to fool

  18. Bokoho

    Foolish President very idiot nonsense no vision you people who support Edgar chikala lango do that if your fuckin leader rule this country up to2021 poverty is coming in this country because USA there refused to give him money fuck the dogsand frogs who support Edgar chikala lango

    • Dennis jr

      So u ar Tonga or lozi ,shame on you man,u are doing anustical politics,supporting him even when he z wrong,let’s just pray that things gets better for him,u moron

  19. Bokoho

    Pf cadre’s brushes your teeth’s think before you support Edgar chikala lango you dictator’s as here we are wanting for guns to state civil war because Edgar chikala lango us bringing poverty in this country

    • Trump Mazoka

      @bokoho & jk, you guy beter xpress your selves in your native languages. It does’nt hurt. Your english is terrible. Makes your ideas distorted. I beg u use local after all local is laka. Y use a language in which you can’t put your ideas across clearly


  20. Awa na moyo

    God works wonder,the way this Edgar Chagwa Lungu ascended to the throne,in difficult even today some people are still not believing that only God choose leaders.he is hated by many who even quote the bible trying to justify their hate.who are you to fight with nature

  21. Gds


  22. mugabbe Robert

    Lungu yr days r numberd u cnt fool God coz u n yr ecz u hv stolene our votes thats y zambians we r complaining about u just do wat is right otherswise u be punished for yr wrong doings

  23. chiyengo k henry


  24. Rachael

    eople its quite interesting u know. Each time am going thru the texts,awe mwandi its not things…

  25. chichi

    Try to understant the reason why i hate ECL. Its becouse he has locked up my sugar dady(HH)………..signs cute chichi girl

  26. M......JR........E

    Edgar lungu u ar so stupid to let u knw da truth.dnt expose ur foolishness to da zambia pipo.u thnj we dnt knw wat u ar doing.oooh its enough bt soon truth shall prevail….edgar chakolwa lungu..an imbecile wat knd oe a presidnt ar u ? foolish die soon oooh ok short live iwe chi lungu…….


    May God bless you my president

  28. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

    Imwe bacakolwa Nishi muletukauka!!! Try to respect every opnion passed by the president and accept that every leadership comes from God. Naturalism is the only truth to go with. I and opposition leader Hon Hakainde Hicilema we are of great patience to every decision made by the bodies of the government, but we try to not accept the presidency of 2016 because pf had to play cards of MMD all on all Wait for the next presidential election.

  29. Dinon

    Lets Not Insult Or Hate Mr Lungu E C, But Tell Him The Truth/ Fact.

  30. C. K

    People of the great Christian nation where are all these insults coming from. Please stop and speak responsibily many are read

  31. Antonio

    Tiye Nayo ba Lungu we love you all
    ??????????Why not joining us imwe ba HH na Chi (
    GBM) chi prostitute?

  32. Antonio

    Tiye Nayo ba Lungu we love you all

  33. the intruder

    Those of yhu who thnk yhu can fight wth the government yhu will end up knwng that a child can play wth his mother’s breast but not his father’s male hood.

  34. Marcelino

    U pipo r forgotten that the country is at peace just because of ur tribalism u r diffending something which will make u start running in ur on country think pipo plizz for gods sake ,,,,?

  35. Pilato

    Ba Lungu inga mulelya mwaitako nabanenu mwabetakooo mwabetako
    Nabanenu bashetako

  36. Dennis jr

    Ur father z in the house then u stand up n tell ur brothers that there z no father here,sure if he beats n lock u up,can you say he z a dictator? Can u say he z violating ur rights? Can u xo that as freedom of expression?unless are an idiot

  37. GBM

    please, jail chichi she is teaching us insults

  38. doshman edma

    it’s time…….so far so good we love chagwa

  39. Marker

    You insult or not remember God is in control thru his chosen leader.just use S.W.O.T analysis if you know what’s wrong or right in yo life,otherwise there is no crisis in Zambia it only pipo wanting hand outs without their input.

  40. MUNSANJE Chafwakale

    teacher: who is the President of Zambia
    class :HH
    teacher: good. what is the capital city of Zambia
    teacher: excellent. who is the most liar in Zambia
    class: znbc and lungu
    teacher : perfect .now what is the sum of 3+3
    class: 33
    teacher: good class you are going to be stupid like that until the pf government increase my salary

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