PF Attack Catholic Bishop: Telesphore Mpundu Is On A Lone Path

A Patriotic Front social media page yesterday published an article attacking Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu after he led three church mother bodies in classifying Zambia as a dictatorship.

Archbishop Mpundu held a press conference on Friday at which he also demanded the release of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

President Edgar Lungu however responded to the call saying there was no political crisis in Zambia and those clergy speaking against his governance were paid agents.


First he wrote a letter that was not a pastoral letter but he fronted it and purported it be a pastoral letter just because he is President of the Zambia Catholic Conference of Bishops(ZCCB)?

The Conference of Bishops did not sit to issue such a pastoral letter.

And on Friday Archbishop Mpundu gathered former Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director, Bishop Paul Mususu, in place of EFZ Director, Dr.Pukuta Mwanza and former CCZ President and National Superintendent of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Zambia, Alfred Kalembo in place of outgoing CCZ Executive Director, Suzanne Matale.

For the record the trio above therefore cannot be the representatives of the church-mother bodies!!

Methinks if Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has something to say or wishes to air his view, let him say or speak without wearing the masquerades he is clutching on


  1. yah

    Let the bishop speak

    • hummer where it hurts

      Kaunda laboured to unite the more than 73 tribes, through thick and thin he kept his vision of a united Zambia for 27 years. Chiluba (mhsrip) took on the mantle and because of the unite his predecessor planted he went on a mile and declared Zambia as a Christian nation.Mwanawasa came on board(may also his soul rest in peace) loved the unite that Zambians preserved.He declared war on the emerging cancer (corruption).Banda was called on he made no alterations and preached a Zambia for all.Sata, mhsrip entered the floor with a passive voice.He had more room in his heart for the poor of the poorest. He took the fight to link Zambia and reach the remotest places.There came this man now lungu.From the word Go Zambia was devided at Mulungushi rock.pf was in two segments.A thorny seed of confusion was planted,the unitally Zambia is tempered with .Some tribes wore a new name(dudumwezi),associating is on the chopping board.A vengeful size 11 foot has stamped on the freedoms.A masking tape is now going round to seal mouths that are talking about the demise of democracy in Zambia.On such example is Bishop telesphore Mpundu.If this is not dictatorship, then it is strange to the Zambians they are worried.

  2. N mumu

    Bafikili mulelapila pamo na hh sakala mwebwe ….every time ni lungu mwapya ba imbwa

    • John Kalulu

      The confusion was not from Lungu but Guy Scott who wanted to impose a candidate. Pls get your facts right.

    • John Kalulu

      The confusion was not from Lungu but Guy Scott who wanted to impose a candidate. Pls get your facts right. Ok

  3. Aaron

    Comment no one is above the law.so let the law judge,when we say one zambia,one nation which means we ae one people.let him work with the law..

  4. Man of God

    Comment yayayaya that’s the parental heart we need in Zambia as christian nation go go ahead archbishop God bless u bless also Zambia as christiannation Amen

    • JM

      This is not the first battle Archbishop Teleshore Mpundu has faced. Way back in UNIP he. spoke about injustice. He is always stands with the oppressed. He speaks the truth for he doesn’t need any pieces of silver from the powerful. We the catholic congregants we. look after him as our shepherd and our father. And he stands on the side of the truth, UNIP is gone.
      Not long ago, Bishop Mpundu was being attacked by Rupiah Banda MMD accusing him of being biased because Sata was his brother in law. The bishop was called all sorts of names and MMD is on the record there are on the bad side of history.
      Today Lungu is on the attack , attacking the Bishop that he is masquerading as a clergy.You started insulting our holy father at an early stage, nine months in your presidency. What you should know you remain with four years, and your head is already ballooned.
      We are silent majority and we voted for you but you betrayed us .Zambians don’t like to see there fellow citizens brutalized, we can differ in political ideologies but not to brutalize the opponent.
      And Bishop Mpundu will prevail for he always stands on the side of truth.
      No matter how you going to parade makeshift pastors like Danny Pule, and those pastors who are looking for monetary appeasement will lead you to the ditch.
      Iam just sorry you destroyed our party , you came like a lamb to deceive a lot of us , now we have seen your true character, you are a wolf. And you make us know in your early presidency , so we shall treat you Mr President as such.

  5. Awa na moyo

    No all those who say God,god will enter the kingdom of God.

  6. Mpombo

    HH is an embodiment of dictatorship no cow can challenge him in upnd if he becomes republican president God forbid he may abolish voting succession maybe by the method that propelled him to Ingombe Ilede chiefdom

    • Edgar chakolwa

      Mpombo mean a baboon in one of the Zambia language and so what do you expect from a baboons mouth. He will try to pretend to be human but will still remain a baboon.If you are used to animal language plus leave innocent HH alone.

  7. Hard heart chagwa

    Pipo are dull ,ati let the law take it’s course ,can the law judge a person or a person can judge bias, stupid ba kapoli

  8. jodarn

    Law is law even the church has got it’s rules those who go against the rules are excommunicated so let Hh see the law at it’s cos

  9. jodarn

    Law is law even the church has got it’s rules those who go against the rules are excommunicated so let Hh see the law at it’s cos all animals are equal

  10. Jk

    The truth hates, since bishop has spoken against pfools, then arrest him.

    • Simeo G Musonda Col (Ret)

      All Agents of Change, Visionaries, and both courageous and people with a specific karmic mission tread lone paths.
      Two hundred years before Jesus Christ, an ancient Greek Philosopher by the name of Socrates, taught that ” Knowing Thy self”, was and is the starting point for a Spiritual journey back to God. This didn’t please the people in authority,of the time who believed in Idol worship. A kangaroo court was set and he was sentenced to death. Socrates was forced to drink hemlock, a poison which killed him.
      Two hundred years later and amid Idol worshipers, a noble Nazarene, by the name of Jesus Christ who spoke and preached in Aramaic, told people that they were Gods and that the Kingdom of heaven was within them. He stressed the fact that no one would go to heaven, unless through and by him. Jesus emphasized that Love was and is a prerequisite for anyone to gain access to the Kingdom of God. Jesus was found guilty of Blasphemy and sentenced to death. Jesus, on his lone path, was brutally and mercilessly crucified. And yet his mission was to save mankind and for the highest good.
      Dr Kenneth D Kaunda’s lone path in the fight for independence saw him incarcerated but enabled the people of this country to oust the Oppressive and Repressive Regime of the British colonial masters. Free and Independent Zambia was born. This event kindled high expectations of Democracy and Good Governance; Social Justice; Respect for Human Rights; Rule of law and Due process; Equality; Social and Economic development.

      Alas, these were not forthcoming, under the Political leadership of Dr KD Kaunda and his Government which had swiftly turned into a Brutal Regime and was on its way to become a Savage Democracy (One Party Dictatorship).
      Governments serve all people in the country; Regimes serve a selected few; Savage Democracies serve an Individual and his proteges. Savage Democracies are more dangerous than Regimes. Typical cases of Savage Democracies are: Syria, Turkey, North Korea, Zimbabwe , Romania under Nikolai Ceausescu, etc.
      Late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe couldn’t stand watching Zambia become a Regime and irresistibly drifting into a Savage Democracy. He picked up courage and on the lone path, he challenged KK and his one party dictatorship, by forming a Political party. This was not received well by President Kaunda. Consequently, Kapwepwe was brutally beaten by a mob and later mercilessly tortured to death by a combined team of Zambian intelligence /OP, Military and Police Personnel. Kapwepwe ‘s lone path led to his death but gave birth to Multipartism in Zambia. Kapwepwe didn’t die in vain. He is the father of Multiparty politics in Zambia.
      The late Martin Luther King ‘s lone path paved the way for the First Afro-American President, Barack Obama; the lone path of late Indira Gandhi gave birth to India’s independence. There are countless lone “Pathers” whose personal sacrifices have benefited humanity.
      Archbishop Mpundu’s lone path is for the highest good.He is proactively trying to bring to the attention of the people the discernable Oppressive and Repressive Culture which has taken root in Zambia.
      Archbishop Mpundu and other concerned people, including victims, are trying to help by initiating and supporting a campaign against Political Assassinations, Torture; Impunity; Gross Human Rights Violations; and the Undermining of Democracy in Zambia by the Zambian intelligence also infamously known as the Office of the president (OP).
      President Lungu is not part to the atrocities and heinous crimes being committed by the OP, on his watch.
      Read more about OP’s Hidden Agenda and Criminal Activities in my articles entitled: “Zambia has never been a Democracy and is not committed to uphold the Rule of law”; ” Being Tortured in Zambia”.

  11. OMI

    The archbishop is right, let him speak the truth this is a Christian nation.

  12. OneNation

    Archbishop Mpundu is an embarrassment – totally different from those blessings of Archbishop Medardo Mazombwe and Archbishop Adrian Mung’andu. Is this a man who can bring a nation together?


    I wander y some pipo think backward.if it were u i believe u would hv cryd for law to take its part.the bible sayd do unto others that u might want them to do unto u.what ever we do there is a reward behind it,a gud or a bad one acordin to what we did.HE MR E.C LUNGU may God bless u with so many years in leadership.even pipo who are so called men of God can b used by the devil so dont mind them move foward with what God talented u with.the all nation is behind u, u have our suport and our votes.

  14. HEARD

    If things are not moving we we just have to express our feeling let the bishop speak justice be

  15. bront

    Am not a politician bt I have a question mark with this government.this is not the idea micheal sata left that one was a real president we lost May his soul rest in peace.jamerson where have you taken the peace for our lovely mother Zambia.look what you are causing in the country.

    • Wise

      Iwe, Data is the cause of all this confusion. He is the worst President Zambia has ever had.

  16. Mr think twice

    Let us treat other people fairly and consider them as real human beings of god bcoz u don’t know about tomorrow wil bring be careful please god is watching every step ohoo please! zambian god sees you.

  17. Stephen Banda

    My Archbishop I don’t think this a fair statement. There is no dictatorship in Zambia. What HH did to the presidential Motorcade during the last koumboka ceremony in whatsoever reasoning was a danger and provocation to the Authority on a national duty. Are you still bitter with PF president Sata? Or transferring issues to the republican President of Zambia Mr.Edgar Chagwa Lungu? We hear you were not in good books with the former President Data?

  18. skb

    Which mother body is this archbishop representing?WHO is paying them to hold partisan press conferences?Lomg before their boss was nabbed, it was comon knowledge that HH was playing Monkey tricks with the barrel of an SMG . He insulted IG with impunity, did shaddow boxing with C/Justice and put the life of the PRESIDENTat risk in Mongu. Where were you Archbishop?Why are you being REACTIVE instead of being PROACTIVE? Why didnt you advise then?

  19. Mumbeti

    Surprise! But the same Archbishop Mpundu was one of those Men of God who favourably spoke for the PF IN 2011. Today just because he has spoken the truth about current happenings in the country he has turned an enemy of the PF IN just a few minutes! PF grow up. Be tolerant to divergent views. Don’t think your views are the only ones that matter! It’s absolutely wrong!

    • Pro-poor

      He’s only saying this because his in-law Sata is dead n he’s one of those family members who wanted one of his wives to succeed him.
      His sister was Sata’s 10 wife

  20. Noah chirwa

    Political and a church never met it’s parallel lines

    • Legendary Northern Kicks

      @Noah CHIRWA, how dull are you, you are saying church and politics never met, they are parallel. Am sure you are cheating yourself you dull chap, why do you then claim that the presidency of 2016 was God given? Or maybe a small god given? Why do you also claim this country to be a christian nation? Wasn’t the one who declared this country to be a Christian nation on the seat of the prsident? Open up your eyes and look within, then you will see that that the bishop as on the right truck, the work of the church is to see to it that pease is observed in this our lovely nation since it was declared a Christian one. Don’t forget that the bible says partly that in the last days brother will rise anginst brother……….we people who poses wisdom agree to what the bible say, and, we now brace ourselves and hold on to our faith in readiness for Jesus Christ’s arrival. Think twice before you utter soming, you also to ponder the matter with deep meditatio.

  21. NC

    Is it a big problem for the Catholics to leave politics to politician’s? Let the follow the teaching of Jesus

  22. mm

    Ba Mpundu, ikaleni fye twapapata. there is no crisis. There is no dictatorship. Go to Islamic countries and speak like that, ala bakalamba they will shit on you. Rejoy that you even managed to gather like that and managed to open your mouth. Forget about hh, the law will sort him out. if he is innocent Jehovah will be with him. If he can not respect the president what more us common people. If you want politics remove your uniform and join UPND and fight politically. Let hh pay for his wrong or carry his own cross. He should have created his on Prision in advance where he should have lived in comfort .

  23. jason Nyirenda

    The Catholic Bishop is off key. He has been condemned even within the Catholic Church. He did not seek the views of the church before giving that statement. The Catholic Bishops have since called for an urgent meeting to bring back the bishop to his senses. He has strayed twice in 2 months. It is worrying the flock now. If the Bishops did not meet to discuss the statement, who was he representing? What about the so called pastoral letter, did the other bishops sign it? With due respect to you bishop, please reconcile the nation. Only a few weeks ago the Pope was apologizing to Kagame for the role the church played in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Do you want genocide in Zambia? Bishop, why did you not condemn what HH did in Mongu? Did he do the right thing?

  24. Wizkid

    Ba kapoli Ba-Mumbafu you p.f thugs have brought misery amongst the Zambians.let the church voice their concern if there see illegality.

  25. Edward

    Politics and Christianity can be one thing in a Christian Nation. .Those who lead Israel where Christians . Like King David is the one who united all the tribes of Israel. Indeed if Zambia is a Christian Nation the Leaders should be Christian.

  26. GBM

    Bakolwe nishi mulesabaila MWe Nana babakapoli let the application of law be abide by any citizen of zambia.

  27. sillen

    Can a church bring peace or it will just add confusion,what is the role of the church especially the catholics and ucz

  28. sillen

    You wil die for nothing,leave am politics kubene abena chagwa na hh,if hh is being nuetrolised like that what about u sir next time be careful.

  29. Bengy

    Mpundu and his hired fools should concentrate on preaching word of God than issuing statements on matters before court of law.Their agenda is a failure and your incaserated boss will be judged accordingly.If indeed zambia is a dictatorship,mpundu and your collegues wouldn’t be given such space to issue fabricated stories against the state.Dictatorship is in upnd where members have no say but carried in a pocket of hh.

  30. Mr Justice

    Being the President it doesn’t mean u ar above God .mind u He z watching on u. One day you will reap what u at sowing.

  31. Awa na moyo

    Telephone Mpundu is a politician like Nevers Mumba but hiding in church.i salute Frank Bwalya for coming on open.telephone should do the same

  32. cj

    mphundu is right pf are dogs

  33. Mpombo

    This Bishop should emulate the SDA Bishops who don’t criticise their own even when he has refused to concede defeat Pa last baisanga ku mukobeko

  34. Mr nice

    Ba bishop u shud think before u talk jst come oit and join politics raza zan biting abt the bush if u want cattle frm hh join upnd and take them to yo farm yayaya ati ba bishop

  35. Awa

    When did TELEPHONE MPUNDU become God ? Why he never advised HH to respect authority because it comes from God

  36. chungu lawrence

    this is what happens when u mix governance with de church it has never worked even in de west

    • Chisenga


      • ignatius

        It doesn’t matter how many are against Archbishop Mpundu,some times it happens like where there are 100 people,95 of them are fools,this is what is going on here,it is a lie that the majority always wins,Example is Jesus Christ,the entire world turned against him,these were billions of people who thought were the ones who knew,but what they did not know was that,they were all evil ones,and Jesus Christ did not give up to please their evil way of life,He kept preaching love and justice,so you people continue insulting the Man of God,KK said bakatolika bakendela pali kolona,pope head that,and that was the reason why the pope came here in Zambia for the first time,it was that same period of time where kk was kicked out,wait you will see.

  37. James Badoo

    ishop Mpundu is an indpendnt hman being and together with his fellow church leaders are entitled to their own opinions. Given that they are the custodian of large responsibilities, it’s my belief that their considered views were not taken lightly. Those that have eyes let them see and those with ears hear.

  38. Wise Me

    Bishop please carry your own cross. Are you failling to see the real problem? The problem is you could be fighting for your own survival. Black mailed? Turn to Jesus and believe that at the moment there’s peace in Zambia. What do you think you are doing by joining those who are burning and infrastructure, insulting others, threatening violence and repraisal when they get into power. Why have you decided to play to the gallery when a person like you can access the president if you wanted. In reality do you see any tension or, you learn about it in the media. Please take a walk in Lusaka, or go to other places in the country and point at any other situation that fits your view dictatorship and tension apart from the difference between UPND and the state. Be and teach the UPND members to be humble if they need to succeed. Who do you want to be released Jesus Christ or Banarbas? Check your conscious and pray so that you identify the real problem at the moment. Surely, it won’t help to condemn every institution of governance in the nation and weaken them. A good shepherd secures 99 sheep before pursuing the lost one. We have a large degree of peace at the moment and you could just be disturbing it. May God Bless You

  39. Muna

    Apakomaila nondo ninshi pali ubulema. Mushebwa aile namafi kubuko. Well to God its not about the majority voice but the truth if one man out of million is speaking the truth God ll answer him & punish the 99999. Bishop don’t let your candlelight die.

    • Wise Me

      Let’s wait and see whose action is backed by the true God rather than idolatry.

  40. Ktc

    A lot of fellow citizens are not visionary you’re not thinking about the future of our country or you say is law is law even if others are abrogating the law open your eyes and don’t just talk because you’re a cadre we need peace in our country any form of dictator can not be allowed

  41. Ktc

    I think I will go to ECZ and claim my ballot to be nullified what kind of a government that doesn’t respect the church? They want to politicise everything. PF respect the Church if you want God to be with you otherwise you will regret

  42. Ktc

    A true cadre analyse before talking, now cadres who don’t know anything or they need is ka telela chitenge material they talk any how without looking into the future think before you talk because it is you and your children who will suffer

  43. Awa na moyo

    Many are quoting the bible,but failing to believe God can uplift a murderer to be a preacher of peace and love,so was chakolwa uplifted to presidency.Hail ECL TRUE IS THE GOD THAT YOU PRAY,Dont mind that telephone mpundu he is not God

  44. Awa na moyo

    Ktc you are one of the useless upnd cadre,go to ecz you vote didn’t count that’s why HH is not in state house

  45. Catholic youth

    Ba bishop mpungu…you made a mistake to promote chaos in this country your words are chaotic such that u do not qualify to be a bishop an embarrassment in our church…even if we say churches are pressure groups..you are not suppose to spearheard mattersvof chaos instead you could harmonize the situation….you are not a bishop as I know George from chipata diocese…embarrassment

  46. Awa

    Is Vatican a city or a country?Rome ,Italy hmmmm the roman Catholic !no bwino bwino.that Desmond Tutu has never liked Jacob Zuma but his tribes men Mandela and Mbeki.(ama Xosa) .umZulu no shame to bishops of today

  47. gift

    lungu 4rom the start he took leadership by force so this is it remember the division in kabwe which he brought so the bishop is right this is wrong leadership we have in zambia we a going nowhere with leadership!!

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