Suke Chile Reportedly Eyes Political Office In DRC

Popular nightclub DJ of the Chez Nthemba fame, Suke Chile, has reportedly gone into politics in his country of birth – the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Suke Chile, who has lived in Zambia for over 20 years entertaining patrons at Chez Ntemba, is among the parliamentary candidates vying for political office in the general elections expected later this year.

The well known DJ who also sung a hit number Papa Chiluba praising Zambia’s third Republican president will be a candidate on the UDGBG ticket in the elections billed for December 2017.

Chez Ntemba’s popularity is synonymous to Suke Chile who has served the Congolese international entertainment chain for ages.

He arrived in Zambia in the early 1990s when Kayembe Kaloji arrived to open the rhumba influenced Chez Ntemba.

As the night spot shifted base from Kamwala, Thornpark, Downtown and Kabulonga over the years before spreading to other cities in the country, Suke Chile has remained the main attraction on its menu.


  1. PADRE

    So this means that Zambia was once ruled by a Congolese by the name of Tshiluba?This is funny considering the fight against one talented player who many Zambians feel he more of a Congolese than the late former president Tshiluba.

    • Chisenga


  2. Mpombo

    Suke Chile you can’t tackle Congolese poverty just continue with your current career

  3. Hamz Oscar

    May the good Lord be with you SC with your good decision ,Zambia and Congo we are friends that why you managed to stay here for 20 yrs .

    • Luwingu Lwansase*

      Bemba we are proud of being a family of congolese nation .
      Mwana Lubemba mankangala munshifukatilwa…… Twalifika mu zambia….. { Congo@zambia.Bemba.com}

  4. chitamawe

    Zambia iz all embracing. Mbeki, Tambo, Mseven name them…..

  5. sillen

    SC plz leave politics to politician u can’t form a political party to day an d u expect to win election,just concentrate in your career,nga mwaimba sana ikalenifye,Let people who ar wise and visionable run that country.

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