HR Expect Joins PF

Human Resource expert Miyanda Matiwa yesterday announced her political affiliation after announcing her affiliation with the ruling Patriotic Front.

Miyanda who is CEO for a recruiting agency called Prosoft announced her arrival on the political scene at a PF organised event hosted by party Deputy General Secretary Mumbi Phiri.

“I made a decision to join PF because the party and the government are driving initiatives that resonate with me.

“In his inaugural speech, His excellency the President mentioned that he was focused on moving the country from dependency on copper to agriculture.

“PF is also pushing for women empowerment – an area that is very close to my heart. As an entrepreneur over the years, I have accumulated skills and knowledge that I can use to be part of the development of Zambia,” she said.

Miyanda was welcomed to the ruling party by Mumbi Phiri.

“I will immediately introduce you to Councillor Chilando so that you get acquainted with grassroot politics, that is the way to start.

“I wouldn’t mind someone that starts from the grassroot like you to take over from us now that age is catching up,” the former Munali lawmaker said.

Miyanda, a Choma native, is being fronted by the ruling party as one of the ways the PF is all inclusive considering that she hais from a region who majority inhabitants throw their support to opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.


  1. Jay Jay

    This is awesome, this is the way to rebuilding the once mighty Zambia when all tribes lived as one people.

    • hummer where it hurts

      I have better things to do,than comment on a hired mouth seeking employment.

    • mpombo

      The bum is in a funeral dress and her symbol is flashed at half mast.she is not sure of her decision.

  2. Mr Justice

    U ar a fool madam antoomwe ababwa nyoko.

    • Queenbee

      Insult totally uncalled for, leave her alone

  3. Donqueen

    Why is this a headline news?

  4. kelly Mwami

    Donqueen u ar right,y even a headline?check at that journalist also she z dreaming & getting mad day by day,’heee’ these wemen!

  5. Jika

    People let’s mind our commitments.

  6. NOx Nasilele

    Mr justice anduwe uli mubwa kwiinda babwa bonse. Mubwa uujisi mopemo mpati. Atano tukili mukaintu ino wakukaka?

  7. Awa na moyo

    She knew,and she is ready for such insults from upnd cadres even from HH but she is a true Zambian

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