Journalist Tilyenji Mwanza Fires Again: The Telesphore Mpundu Statement

After enduring massive abuse on social media for her opinion on the three church mother bodies’ statement declaring Zambia a dictatorship, journalist Tilyenji Mwanza is unfazed.

She is back, this time, stating the position by the church should be categorised as The Teleshore Mpundu Statement.

Tilyenji has openly declared her affiliation to the ruling Patriotic Front


I did say I would dissect the statement issued by the three Church Mother Bodies, oops did I just call it that after revelations that have been occurring and seems more to come.

Well, firstly Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia has distanced itself, The United Church of Zambia has distanced itself and on the hush even some Catholic priests are not in agreement with this statement, so today let’s call the statement;


By Tilyenji Mwanza

“The country is in all, except in designation a DICTATORSHIP and if it is not yet then we are not far from it.”

Obviously being a social media enthusiast I went onto Facebook and a statement by Copperbelt University graduate Levy Sakala caught my attention.

He writes:

If dictatorship means letting the courts do their works without interference and letting the speaker of the National Assembly execute his duties independently without any due interference then I support Dictatorship.

If Dictatorship means letting ZRA, the authority charged with collecting taxes exercise their powers within the confines of the law then I support Dictatorship.

And I add on to Levy’s statement if dictatorship is letting the judiciary operate independently without the executive interfering ‘HOORAY!!!’ I equally support dictatorship.

This is the state of affairs in Zambia and if this is what dictatorship is then so be it.

I will tread carefully on submitting my comment less am cited for contempt of court.

Archbishop Mpundu in his 20 point statement has a very interesting heading for point number four.

_Zambia Motorcade Treason and Plot_

My radar just goes off when I see the word plot, does the Archbishop know something that we all don’t know. The bishop in his statement goes on to question how Muvi TV was not allowed to film the Mongu saga but am wondering how Muvi TV could have been able to guess what was going to happen and has he ever seen the speed at which the presidential motorcade moves, for camera men to realise what was happening but wait, Brian Mwiinga managed, whether he knew the plot or not I will leave that to your judgement.

As I write this please forgive me for infusing in some local phrases or words; manje this call sure ati President Lungu must release Hakainde Hichilema. This just disappoints me because it begins to make me question the level of intelligence or educational background of those fanning this statement and awe I can only wish the Archbishop’s hand was arm twisted in making that statement.

Any person with a little Social Studies or Civic Education background should know that the President does not have any such power, kapena am behind, especially that I really hate law arguments, but the best I can do is throw it back to the Archbishop and UPND to please explain to me what legal or lawful backing President Lungu can use to release HH.

_Zambia eminently qualifies to be branded a dictatorship._
The Archbishop vehemently made this statement crowning President Lungu a dictator.

This man you call dictator appended to one piece of legislation that to this date shocks me because if I was in power hmmmm I think I would thought twice.

President Lungu agreed to the 50 + 1 legislation a very unpopular decision for a sitting government and I wonder what dictator allows such.
What more is democracy than seeking the majority to determine the way???

And this lie that the Church has been seeking audience with the President and they failed.

I clearly remember seeing Catholic Bishops at State House, I think commander Eddie Mwanaleza should recirculate those images but more importantly and I quote in parts.

“The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue should set an agenda and help us dialogue between parties…. I also call on the church to come and act and play a reconciliatory role….” President Lungu said at the Kenneth Kaunda international Airport.

Did the church make follow ups? If they did then President Lungu needs to question his aides for defying his directive.

And on an issue close to my heart “Media”.

I simply ask is media freedom equal to tax avoidance, or is media freedom equal to airing news falsehoods in order to insight uprisings.
If insisting that media coverage is truthful and responsible then so be it, I welcome this Dictatorship.
I don’t believe in being balanced or neutrality, journalists should strive for the truth and be responsible in their reportage because good journalism, good television, can make our world a better place.

Now that am speaking on the truth let me get back to Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu’s statement which at this point I will now call Archbishop Mpundu’s BIASED, UNTRUTHFUL statement.

The bishop claims Hichilema was being picked up in a police vehicle littered with dog faecal matter, I do not even have to question Officer Katongo on this absurd claim but will apply rhetoric.

Ninshi police are immune to the scent of faeces because they were in the vehicle too, so what the Archbishop is telling us is that our police don’t mind the scent or sight faeces because I have seen the vehicles that carry HH they have quite a number of officers in them trying to keep unruliycadres away.

Well bit by bit I said we shall dissect but before I pen out the Education Ministery needs to relook the English syllabus because I can not understand how we are failing to define Dictatorship.

And together we say Thank You!!!


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    • Shu shu shu

      Tilyenji is right. Telesphore is full of himself thinking he is next to God. Telespore should speak on his own behalf not for the catholic church. He should behave like other fathers that have quit and come out in the open as homosexuals.

    • @jefferson

      Intelligence is about challenging yo oppozer with intelligence debate n not insults..

  2. OneNation

    Hahaha Tilyenji!!

  3. Jay Jay

    We are behind you young lady, hammer them to pulp until they say “Inde Bwana”.

  4. Justin Maseko

    Imwe Ba Tilyenji, Are you a journalist or a politician? because we are seeing your unbalanced action as a journalist you surppose to be on both sides instead. If you joined politics then i feel sorry for you because you are still young in that game. But what i can ask you is this; stop arguing with the bishop,” Telesphore Mpundu, He is a man of God.

  5. Kabanshi

    Such is the case when patriotism is replaced my a citizenry hungry to benefit from the government than fighting for the long term prosperity of the nation .In the entire statement does this journalist only see dictatorship?Does she only sees that dictatorship comes overnight ,or does she gave a blind eye to the fact that whatever wrongs are done even to the smallest of democratic freedoms give rise to dictatorship in its place .Its journalists that should be helping us the citizenry in checks and balances on the govt but if the very people incline towards a political party then its scares me .Today i don’t buy news papers because of people Like Ms Mwanza .Its a sheer waste of time because all of the papers in Zambia have taken a side .Indeed the profession of Journalism is a massive let down.

    • mailon

      I could not have said any better.Most of the journalists from compromised media Times,Daily Mail,ZNBC and even the Nation have wisely kept quiet.When you see someone stand on an anthill to defend the indefensible the first thing you do is question their IQ.I have no doubt that if i inquired from an independent fellow journalist of hers they will tell methat she is dull.

  6. JK

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    • @jefferson

      Be careful with insults bcoz some of u pipo ar cursed due to lack of knowledge.. Read yo Bible to guide u in yo day to day living than insulting leaders blindly.. Please seek spiritual advice n then come back online debate wisely without insults

  7. mpeta

    Comment kkkkk….pure tribalist( MWANZA)

    • @jefferson

      Challenge her against her observation of the bishop statement than insulting her n calling her names..wen will this kind of checks n balance in Zambia in terms of insults come to an end..brethren let us fear God by respecting one another as the body of Christ Jesus.. Please please let’s stop insults

  8. hummer where it hurts

    Awe mune you are doing fine in your propaganda lessons.you have not left out any hint from your mentor.The way you twist and Annalise issues to seem true, tells it all that you’re becoming a sophisticated propagandist. But be aware that though you can off-load volumes and volumes from your propaganda manual book,this won’t change the fact that majority Zambians now know that pf does not mean well for this country.It managed to stir Devisons across societies. Now it is deviding the churches. What will be left for pf to govern if not a bunch of your type.

    • @jefferson

      Challenge her against her observation of the bishop statement than insulting her n calling her names..wen will this kind of checks n balance in Zambia in terms of insults come to an end..brethren let us fear God by respecting one another as the body of Christ Jesus.. Please please let’s stop insults

  9. JM

    What has come to pass in my belief is, when a Bemba found something the people in Eastern province take it and use it in their interest.
    In Zambian politics Wako ni wako have never supported a Bemba tribe in politics.
    During the struggle of independence Wako ni Wako were ANC. When Kapwepwe formed UPP Kaunda was threatened and arrested Kapwepwe and crafted a decree or draconias law which lasted for 17 years.
    Wako ni Wako joined UNIP and abused and silenced all dissent voices. The Tongas and Lozis were given Prime ministership and Wako ni Wako were at the upper echelon in Party and it’s government.
    Bembas were completely chased from government.
    But when the economy collapsed in the 90’s , the Tomgas and Lozis joined Bembas to remove a dictator from power.KK.
    Today history repeats itself Wako ni Wako are back in power. The party that was formed by Bembas. Wako ni Wako is riding on Bemba popularity to govern. He is using divide and rule tactics. Bembas here , are being used or let me say abused by Wako ni Wako. Bembas wake up , all those who supported Lungu are now a threat to his crown. He has started firing Bembas , he wants those stupid ones like Kampyongo and Davies Mwila who sing praises song.
    Lungu has already shown hatred to these three provinces. Now he is picking a fight with Bembas , one by one .Bembas do not support brutality and intimidation, you shall fall in that trap. We suffered under KK before, never again. Say NO to Dictatorship.

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  13. peter

    Good one… Mpundu needs to be cited for sowing fear and falsehoods.. can the police please call him in for questioning

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  15. Sir win

    Only the truth..

  16. PM

    What a load of bullshit from this SHALLOW journalist. Is what you call analysis. You are on a PF straight line which does not even try to explain or attempt to i.nterpret what is going on outside that straight line. Young lady, all I can say is that You are pathetic as a journlist. Try prostutution

  17. bigee lusaka

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  20. chachacha

    Tilyenji you don’t understand the issue at hand. So my dear sister your job is just to inform us the happenings NOT to make any judgments to us. Give time to us lawyers to do our job. Coming to issue of lungu to release HH, YES Lungu have powers invested in him by our constitution to pardon an inmate

  21. Mr nice

    Let the tribal complain tongas hahahaha

  22. Gerald Nyambe

    Tilyenji You Are Too Young And Beautiful To Go That Way.We Have Good Female Politicians With Good Morals You Can Copy From.The Is A Saying In Chewa To Say.Njoka Yopusa Ilumila Kumuchila.Dont Be Corrupted,let Love Lead.

  23. Franktok

    I enjoyed reading the first half of Tilyenji’ first write up which she spoilt in the second half. As for this one, our journalist is completely at sea. Her arguments lead her nowhere, leaving the keen reader lost among her many sand dunes.

  24. Topgun

    Rule of law is the basis of democracy. Well done younger lady

    • Rakkies

      Agreed bro and the lady journalist is spot on .How can blind person lead another blind?

  25. OneNation

    The young lady has actually put up a better expose than most useless so-called journalists on social media.

  26. hamududu

    Tilyenji, we fully support your input on matters of national importance. Please know that the coalition of cynical will attack your point of views, left, right and center, but remain focused and strong. There argument is not based on merit but mediocrity, remember bad things happen successfully in societies because good people are not willing to stand up and resist. Finally my beautiful sister remember that the concept of stupidity index is real, a pathological truth, endemic on certain continents/countries/and regions, Zambia is no exception.

  27. Igweee Aliwatsons

    Idiot trying to survive

  28. muta

    The absence of war does not mean that there is peace and justice. Even during the brutal Kaunda regime when no newspaper could criticize the BOSS, but National Mirror was able to publish in a dictatorship.The Catholic Bishops were able to issue Pastoral letters and there were uploaded for being brave. Today, people are inclined and are calling the Bishops names…Zedians, selective amnesia..as usual.
    Let us push for justice for all.

  29. Triple B

    When HH and GBM reflex their financial muscles the corrupt Archbishop and his minnows play puppetry by creeping on their bellies for crumbs.

  30. winnperg nyirongo

    my sister, a journalist…………should be non-partisan for him or her to cover the article without being bias.

  31. YHW


  32. Awa na moyo msadala

    Tilyenji Girl, i said keep up with good work thank u for being truthful.Telephone Mpundu must do lik frank bwalya.

    • Luks

      Our Bishop is very old now..he needs help..mwebapatili multi kwisa? Mwaleenga shikofu ukutukwa……

  33. kachepa

    She is spot on. None insulting her have countered her arguements. Just venting unreasoning anger. “Can one play with fire and not get burnt?” Playing with the law is a dangerous game. Dont complain if the law finds you wanting.

  34. Awa na

    Telesphore mpundu is not God,tilyenji expose him to the fullest. He is useless he has lowered the dignity of bishops

  35. Jp

    kudos TM,thats objective jnlism.

  36. Awa na

    Girl keep up with good work .expect more insults but dont mind

  37. omie

    This report sure knows more than she’s stating. Being a reporter doesn’t mean that you have now become a politician, writing three paragraphs of your views.a reporter is an independent body that remains neutral for both political parties. Which side are you on woman, or are you against who?a concerned Zambian citizen.all from the United States of America

  38. Chesnart

    These are jurnalists to recon with big up Tilyenji

  39. omie

    A dictator is a president who rules with an iron fist.he jails his political opposition, he jails anyone who has a different opinion from his views. No one has a say in the country and people living in fear of speaking up. That’s exactly what Mr Lungu is doing and yes he is a DICTATOR. you feel me?

  40. OneXOne

    Iam just sorry for you young lady.. illusions in your bedroom ain’t good instead imagine the whole country and try placing each happening event you will find the source that it’s all 1+1

  41. Awa na moyo

    U break the law u get caged weather dictatorship or not.u ambush the ballot boxes,u block presidential motor convey,u murder mapenzi one of your own,u burn government buildings God will expose u then you book yourself a room in one of the hotel prisons.

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    Miss Mwanza you are like a condom, soon you will be be throw in bin, your ending will be very bad, this is politics my dear.

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  47. Mike

    I beg to request that we do not insult each other including the lady writer of the story. In the same vein , can we desist from tribalistic talk it is not good for this country .

  48. Kunda

    It is our nation keep it cool Zambians

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