Paul Kagame Heads to Zambia on State Visit

Rwanda President Paul Kagame is expected in the country today on a two day State Visit.

President Kagame will join President Edgar Lungu in bilateral talks with a state banquet scheduled for Inter Continental Hotel in the evening.

On Tuesday the two Heads of State will tour the Kafue Steel Plant before Kagame heads back to his country.

The President of Rwanda is also expected to visit and lay wreaths at the Presidential burial place at the Embassy Park where three late Zambian Presidents are buried.


  1. JK

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  2. chiyengo k henry


  3. Chichi

    Oops! Another dictator heads to Zambia: Fom Mugabe to Museveni, Togolese President and Equatorial Guinea now Africa’s blood thirsty dictator Kagame doesn’t want to be left out from familiarizing himself with a new dictator in the south-central of Africa ruled by one idiot Edgar Lungu. This is Zambia’s new status on the international political arena. This will mean more deaths, mysterious road accidents many of them through rituals, arbitrary arrests, police brutality etc while the fool at state house rests on banquet funded by wasting tax payers.
    Not a country to live, horrible.
    Signs off cute Chichi girl.

    • One love

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    • chipya mulilo

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      • Anny

        Don’t fall In the trap of this Chichi whatever she is called. Bitterness will always haunt her. Meanwhile PF continues to govern while their President will never small the seat!

    • ajah

      Please prove he is a dictator…

      • Umupomdo

        He does not want give other a chance to rule rwanda..

    • Anny

      Why all this hatred please! Why all this bitterness. Nothing good come out of your mouth. We all pay tax please. Let’s debate with respect please.

    • Jovita

      @Chichi.. madam swearing pussy… take note these guys are coming to seek advice from a quality leader trying to get there shit leadership skills improved. It’s the way look at it madam dry pussy…

  4. Sir win

    For Bilateral talks

  5. mulenga

    Comment a well known dictator in world abwela kuchita chani?u will agree to pundu’s stance.

  6. mwape

    Comment a well knwn dictator in the world abwela kuchita chani?as days goes on u will agree to pundu’s stance

  7. Muleyamfwa

    Two dogs are looking foolishly and are stinking lyk rotten feaces let ecl leave the country in peace than in pieces. Stupid President.

    • Anny

      Shame on you! I am sure you insult your parents in the same way.

  8. Boko m23

    You dictator’s Edgar chikala lango and your friend is also a dictator so which means lungu you want to bring civil war in this country because you love the leaders who are dictatorsthere countries now you want to bring toilet manners in this country fuck and your friend foolish money is now become difficult because of you Edgar chikala lango

  9. Boko m23

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    • Mmp

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  10. Awa na

    No amount of insults will detract HE.ECL from doing his job.Upnd cadres swallow your prides other wise God will punish you More

  11. Marker

    If you are a man you still have the so called chikala,it’s not Lungu you are insulting but all men.just say yo point instead of using vulgar language

  12. Maseko Justin

    Better to keep a dog than holding paul kagame here in zambia. there is no reason for paul kagame to visit zambia, a dictator is a feaces like paul kagame and his friend whom he come to visit. ecl cannot manage to help Rwandan pres. because he has no vision nothing to offer to the people only jamerson,black lable, castle etc…
    stop your dictatorship discussion you imbaciles.

  13. MNS

    Wat z he coming here to do

  14. MNS

    Stay to ur courtyard wat do u wat here

  15. mm

    OK,……we are living.

  16. Simon

    Paul kagame a dictator who has been in power for more than 15yrs, and is still seeking onother term, a president where no opposition party exists in his country wat can we learn from him, honestly?

    • ajah

      you obviously know nothing about Rwanda hahaha… check your facts bro

  17. bigee lusaka

    Nangu mumutuke ECL is the president even 2021we are voting 4 chagwa wanu uuuyoo roting bye maimbwa imwe

  18. Anny

    I dare Zambia Reports to answer me on whether this site was created to insult the President or debate maturely cause they do not seem to mind all these insults attributed to the Head of state. They have our emails and so why can they not control the insults. Is this an opposition site of I may ask. Zambia Reports I will be grateful for your comments. Thank you.

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