RB Urges Hichilema To Recognize President Lungu’s Victory

Former President Rupiah Banda has advised incarcerated UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to recognize President Edgar Lungu as the winner of the August 2016 elections.

Banda who himself conceded defeat to late President Michael Sata said that Hichilema should accept results as others would also be expected to do the same if he won.

Hichilema and his UPND have strong headedly refused to accept the outcome of the results that President Lungu won.

“When we have had an election and it has been declared we are supposed to accept… Dr Kaunda did it, I did it and I hope the others will learn to do that,” Banda said.

“Let’s assume he wins the election in five years and the current government loses and he wins, our brother who is in prison we will expect that people should accept. If he does not accept now why would he expect people to accept when he wins?”

“When I said it last time I was attacked by Mweetwa from UPND. I felt sorry for him because I was trying to open a discussion. The elections are over let us move on.”

He urged the church to counsel Hichilema over his refusal to accept the outcome of results.

Banda also rubbished claims that Zambia had slid into a dictatorship


  1. MutopolaMutopola

    We all know mr ruphia that u are in favour to pf because you have been acquitted in all charges that you been committed, etc Nigerian oil deal .

  2. Mutopola

    We all know mr ruphia that u are in favour to pf because you have been acquitted in all charges that you been committed, etc Nigerian oil deal .

  3. Mr Justice

    RB u ar a fool, just keep quiet.

    • pin point

      i like the comment RB doesnt know anything…. T.T

  4. hummer where it hurts

    Umozi Ku mawa,fight one fight all.

  5. Mwami

    who doesn’t know u? even a chicken knows yo crookedness.

  6. Boko m23

    Fuckyou rubbish boy rb fuck ecl

  7. Igweee Aliwatsons

    You can’t bite a finger that feeds you period

  8. combat

    Look at you! you knw nothing nd you were supposed to be arrested coz of oil just keep quiet

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  10. Awa na moyo msadala

    Today Banda is a fool because he has voiced up,shame upnd cadres.

  11. maz power

    u brali fackin rupiah, why are you so fulish xp u, faker

  12. Justin Maseko

    Iwe Ci Banda just keep quiet you are a fool. we all know you that, when you speak you speak senseless and rubbish even when you rough your madness arise that is why you speak as if there’s someone chasing you.

  13. fest

    nyamasoya just keep quiet!! you are also a thief’ like your friend lungu who are you and you are not even ashamed with you’re age.

  14. promise

    Boko I believe u are a parent what do u gain by those insult

  15. wizkid

    it seems our courts support illegality.The truth will always remain the truth.No matter how they might change it.it’s a known fact that R.B and F.J.T stole from our coffers.But people want to pass things like water under a bridge.We have a corrupt and unfair judicial system which favours the rich.Hence we even praise criminals and name universities under their name.What legacy has these criminals left.

  16. Awa na moyo

    RB and FTJ stole ,why leave your HH out yet you know he was the engineer.be truthful idiot

  17. Mr Justice

    Awa na moyo u don’t know what u ar saying zip yr mouth

  18. Anny

    Just accept and we move on please. Why do you think only UPND voted? I also voted and so please respect my vote! You can’t keep talking about your Boring stolen votes, we are now getting tired of your silly insults and have now become immuned. You claim there is dictatorship, I do not think such insults to the head of state would be published and go unpunished if for sure dictatorship existed! Freedom of speech has now gone to the dogs! Shame on you for insulting elders! We were brought up with manners and one was never insult adults. Make your point and you will be respected. PERIOD!!

  19. Simeo Musonda

    RB Banda didn’t concede defeat willingly.He was scared to step down, even after having lost , for fear of being locked up, by Sata. It took the former American Ambassador and former President Kaunda’s persuasion and assurance that RB Banda would not be locked up by Sata and that he should peacefully hand over power to Sata. RB Banda unwillingly handed over the mantel of power to Sata, as the last resort, after the Zambian intelligence /OP had failed to rig the elections in his favor; the refusal by the then Army Commander to mount a Military coup which would have kept RB Banda in power, under the umbrella of the ” state of Emergency”; and the failure to assassinate Sata just before the election results were announced.
    When Sata took over as President, RB Banda was destined for prison cells for corruption of the worst kind. RB Banda ‘s incurable Ethnic Bigotry; Lack of even Basic Leadership and Fatherly Qualities; Corruption; and condoning of Human rights violations , led to the down fall of MMD. The country ‘s economy which had earlier been stunted by Dr Kaunda’s Normative Economic Policy – populist; plundered by Chiluba’s Kaboke Dynasty with its ” Kuba na mayele” (steal cleverly or wisely), the Zambian economy had collapsed under RB Banda and his “Wako ni Wako and Umodzi Ku mawa or Eastern Dynasty. With no Charisma and what it takes to be a leader, RB Banda will go down in Zambia history as one of the worst President so far. The electorate rejected him and most people wanted to see the last of him on the political platform or public life. Alas , most people are shocked and taken aback by the continued repulsive presence of RB Banda in the political limelight.
    The Zambian intelligence /OP was behind the coming and staying in power of RB Banda. His poor performance as Head of state was a positive on OP’s Hidden Agenda ‘s Check list.
    The ultimate goal of OP’s hidden agenda is to seize power indirectly and then directly, just like has happened and still happening in Turkey, Romania, Egypt and other countries where their intelligence exert undue influence on their governments.
    The OP has undue influence on the Zambian government and the political leadership; It is has a track record of influencing all election results in Zambia; It is the Electoral College in Zambia where Popular Vote doesn’t count at all; it decides, on behalf of the electorate, who should be President and who should occupy strategic ministries – in keeping with OP’s hidden agenda ; OP is the de facto Appointing Authority -only those who wouldn’t be a threat to OP’s hidden agenda are appointed – both The Presidency and the Electorate are virtually being help to Ransom, by OP.
    One of OP’s strategy to achieve the goal of its hidden agenda is to create a Leadership Vacuum. This is to justify its taking over power, just like it almost happened in Egypt, where the Chief of Intelligence was to be President but couldn’t, because he died before he could become president.
    The untimely death of Sata , saw RB Banda rushing for the Presidency. RB Banda had become a darling of OP . Amid alot of confusion in MMD, the OP assured RB Banda another way of achieving his intended goal of becoming President after which he could waive or squash off charges against him.
    To cut the long story short, today, we are witnessing a conveniently tailored Trinity – The Fathers ( KK and RB Banda); The Son ( guess who) ; and the Satanic Ghost (The OP).
    The OP is the most powerful in this Trinity. It is merely using others to achieve the ultimate goal of its hidden agenda.
    The OP is in fact at the core of the current political turmoil and gross human rights violations in Zambia.
    The OP has continued undermining democracy in Zambia by influencing Election Results. Recount of Election results of 2001, 2015, and 2016 would have confirmed the real winner.
    To achieve the ultimate goal of its hidden agenda, the OP is perpetuating Political Assassinations; Torture, Impunity; Use of Planned Air and Road Traffic Accidents; Smear campaigns and Disinformation;Isolation and alienation; Use of Radiological, Chemical and Biological , and Psychological weapons; Human, Air and Electronic Surveillance;etc
    Many have died and many are being tortured by OP. The victims include: Two presidents who were duped and hoodwinked to their untimely deaths by OP. Some victims have died without knowing what had hit them. Some victims of OP ,who are still alive are suffering and need help.
    There is ample irrefutable hard evidence to prove the atrocities and heinous crimes being committed by OP, against innocent people in Zambia.
    Please note though that President Lungu is not part to the Atrocities and heinous crimes being committed by OP.He is also not part to OP’s hidden agenda and its sordid intrigue. In fact President Lungu is also a Targeted Individual and will be discarded by OP, just like his two predecessors were, namely, Mwanawasa and Sata. These two didn’t die of Natural Death. Forensic postmortems would confirm foul play.
    Similarly, thorough medical checkups on victims who are still alive would also reveal the play of the unkind hand of OP
    OP is dreaded by many in Zambia. Under the sway of OP, Zambia has been turned into a land of Torture and Death, spiced with selective justice, total disregard for the Rule of law and Due Process.
    Zambia has never been and is not a Democracy. It is a Savage democracy not committed to upholding its own Constitution and both National and international laws.
    RB Banda is not in a position to advise the church, HH or anyone, for that matter,including his own children.

    • Triple B

      Simeo, your dreams are very dangerous.You live in a world of your own.

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