Govt Backtracks on ICC Withdrawal

Government has backtracked on its plan to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda told parliament that Zambians had rejected the withdrawal during the nationwide consultation conducted by government.

Lubinda said that over 90% of respondents across the country submitted against withdrawal.
The Justice Minister said that most respondents were of the view that the ICC provided some measure of recourse for internationally committed injustices.

Lubinda said that Zambia would make known its stand to the African Union.
In March the Ministry of Justice announced that it would hold countrywide consultative fora on whether Zambia should leave the ICC or not.

African leaders have often accused the global court of targeting them unfairly, hence pushing for a mass withdrawal.
The African Union backed the push for a collective withdrawal but the decision, taken by African leaders during a closed door session at an AU summit in Ethiopia, was not legally binding.

The continent has 34 signatories to the Rome Statute, the treaty which set up the court.

The debate on the ICC was hugely divisive on the question of whether this should be individual or collective withdrawal.

Burundi, South Africa and The Gambia applied to leave the court – but the case for the latter two seems to have hit a wall.


  1. Amos Chanda

    Zamabia Reports: You are dead wrong on govt’ position on International Criminal Court

    The heading of your article and paragraphs 1 sharply contradicts Paragraph 6 of your story.

    And therein lies my problem with your article which grossly misrepresenta government position on the International Criminal Court (ICC.)

    If your assertion “government backtracks on ICC” remained in the headline only, I would have felt it is your opinion since headlines aren’t facts but opinions of editors. But since you repeat that in the body of the story in Para 1, it has become necessary that this misrepresentation is corrected.

    The fact is that President Lungu took a position that Zambia won’t go by the resolution of the AU to pull out of the ICC but since the matter was now a topical issue in the country m, a form of consultation of sorts neededd to be taken.

    The central committee of the PF debated this matter in March 2017 and guided that Zambia remains in the AU but because justice minister Lubinda had already announced a sampling process, this decision was not announced.

    I personally informed the Minister that as he leads the consultation he ought to be mindful that the President’ s position was to remain in the ICC but it was good to allow this democratic process to run it full course.

    When EU ambassadors sought clarification on the matter, I assured them of the president’s position and when the entire EU delegation to Zambia visited the President in May 2017, he assured them it was not a matter they needed to worry about. He told them the AU resolution in January 2017 was non-binding.

    But your reaction, like that if some politicians and some NGOs, is puzzling because you seem epileptically opposed to government’s decision to allow a democratic process to resolve this matter which now has been put to rest.

    Isn’t it a good thing that this matter has been laid to rest through two elaborate ministerial statements on the floor of Parliament and a public consultation that produced 91 percent endorsement to remain?

    Does this outcome not insulate the country against possible unilateral decisions by any government now or in the future?

    Zambia Reports, can you show me where the “backtracking”is in this matter? Backtracking is retreating from one stated position to a different one. This is not the case.

    Matters of governance are too important to be trivialized and or politicized unnecessarily.

    I hope that you will avail us this right of reply accordingly.

    Amos Chanda
    State House Spokesperson

    • hummer where it hurts

      Hahahahahaha!!…kikiii..if you can beat them surely you must join them. 10% versus 90% yenze inalimba.

  2. Jembi

    Which Zambians? Those sponsored women who even have no clue what ICC is?

  3. jason Nyirenda

    Amos, you are very right. I have equally followed this issue very close and with great interest. I think something is hurting the editor of Zambia reports. I am sorry to say that when you start reporting lies for whatever reason, fewer readers will be reading what you write. Please let us stand on the truth for the truth will set us free.

  4. Simeo Musonda

    Until this clarification, most people in Zambia, and the International community, believed the reports that Zambia, on the watch of the government of the day, had resolutely decided to leave the ICC.
    In the wake of the Oppressive and Repressive culture being perpetuated with impunity in Zambia, most victims and concerned people saw it as a ploy to escape prosecution and conviction of perpetrators behind the atrocities and heinous crimes against innocent people in Zambia.
    Zambia’s dark track record has escaped both National and International Attention largely due to Reign of Terror and Fear with which the people of Zambia are enduring and have taken it as a way of life.
    People in Zambia can no longer tolerate the Institutionalized Torture, Impunity, Gross Human Rights Violations and the undermining of Democracy in Zambia.
    President Lungu is not part to the criminal acts being committed on his watch. The people who are behind these criminal acts have an hidden agenda to tarnish President Lungu’s name, create a Leadership Vacuum and justify their taking over the reigns of power in Zambia.
    There is ample irrefutable evidence to prove the existence of the sordid political intrigue, the main Actors and the weapons of choice being used to achieve their ultimate goal of seizing power in this country.
    Let us help President Lungu in stopping this from happening.

  5. Truzedian

    Someone please help me. Paragraph 5 talks about the PF central committee. What wing of the Zambian government is PF central committee?

    • Zamoa

      Amos you are equal to the task.very intelligent, I like the you articulate national matters.

  6. norris phiri

    Government Of 2day Why?

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