OPINION: State of Emergency Should be Last Resort

The call that the country should be placed under a State of Emergency deserves a lot of thought. It is very clear that the country is slowly sliding into very dangerous waters. It is very clear that the divide among the traditionally peace loving Zambians is widening with people treating each other with suspicion.

Every sign of calamity is quickly blamed on politics with one divide of the country launching into celebratory mode while the other quickly points fingers at the other. So has been the script that there is no distinction between a calamity of natural causes and one instigated by criminal elements. Even when there is a chance of stringently getting to the bottom of problems, politics tend to impair the judgment to those whose duty it is to find solutions to the on-going problems. It is very clear that some acts that have happened in the last few months border out rightly on criminality and have political signatures written all over them.

That is something that should get the authorities working and working quietly and not seeking to alarm the nation every time something happens before investigations are commenced. If there is anyone that holds the balance in this entire delicate situation it is the authorities. They cannot take the front seat throwing tantrums when the atmosphere is already emotionally charged and ripening by the day for disaster. This could be the hour that they show the true mark of statesmanship and reasonably deal with this crisis. After all there have been many versions to these calamities and only the professionally trained authorities could unlock this puzzle.

It is our prayer that this matter will be soberly appraised before drastic action can be taken. There is no doubt that if the matter is addressed professionally there will be a solution soon with the criminals caged if that be the cause.

Surely a State of Emergency will set us way back in the dark UNIP days whose story is well known. After all, the country still bears the scars of a One Party dictatorship. To the brothers and sisters that lost property we stand with you in your loss.
Good day.


  1. Bk

    The pipo behind this are known,these are frustrated guys. What should the Gvment Do?State of emergency. let’ the bring Scortyard, FBI CIA and Mosard of Isreal to come and investigate the arson cases in Zambia

  2. Jk

    Changwa, he has failed to run this country, the only job his doing this to divide the country with tribalism, corruption, hatred & burning properties of innocent pipo.

    • Fernando chisenga

      U fool u are heartless biggest bog

  3. louise halw

    I would want to appreciate you writing. But surely, there is no doubt on the part of criminality in the way things are happening. What has people in all the affectedbareas got to do with politics? Zesco lines being cut off,buildings burnt and now city market. These are acts of selfishness. May God punish anyone behind everything. I curse him!

  4. Fray Dox

    ))))0NLY GoD Kn0Wz((((

  5. Findeco Njeleka

    Well spoken and points taken

  6. chachacha

    Well spoken my dear. You know my fellow Zambian we must not rash in pointing fingers at one another. At the moment the cause of the yesterday disaster is not yet discovered lets wait patiently for zp to investigate on this issue.

  7. Agogo

    Alarming statements from mweetwa are very foolish.

  8. Commando

    The only guys who want to put Zambia on fire are the UPND guys,one doesn’t need to be educated to come to such conclusion.After it was announced that ECL had won the elections,in certain areas,though not many places of the UPND strongholds there was victmisation of people mainly who hail from northern and eastern parts of Zambia and the leading opposition party the UPND was quiet about those incidences.We Zambians whether in the ruling or opposition are seeing what is happening,it’s obvious that the UPND is behind this inferno.Ba UPND you are just scoring your own goals and making you party very unpopular.Abanenu balafisako amaala [claws] only to expose them when they get into power but for you,you’ve shown us you true colours even before you have formed government,thanx 4 having shown us you party colour red which means blood or danger,PF green for life elo ba MMD blue for life.Ba UPND,who can trust you with their lives and property.Finally we in the opposition and ruling party should be patriotic.

    • chuungu

      idiot don’t judge wait for the police to investigate the case

    • Good Fellaz

      Please it is time to be very wise,we need Wisdom to handle this kind of situations , to be wise doesn’t mean to be stupid, pointing fingers wil not help,city market does not belong to PF or UPND or any other party but all Zambian citizens, pointing fingers will just bring more divisions, KK ruled this nation in a one party state but very peacefully, but why today ,don’t squeeze the ball too much it may just bust….Wisdom comes frm God.

  9. my diary

    the government is going to help all the traders that have been affected. I think it’s high time to build a morden market

  10. Awa na moyo

    If city market was not Morden,what was it?even a child knows who deed the burn it.

  11. itx enock coolz

    Comment we jx hv two find the route out of this distar before it fors out of hand!!!!

  12. Ulemu ni cinthu chikulu

    Where is Peter Adamu? Masiku bano ni Chris Phiri chabe, eeh?

  13. ECL

    Commanyo u are very stupid. Even you ,your anus has got red colour which is danger. Pora!

  14. soloka

    This is serious We need to see culprits behind bars. Mukobeko is Waiting for those who will be found wanting.. Enough is enough

  15. smart simasiku

    Where z our mother land peace,love and care we had 4 one other are has it gone Zambia z ours nt 4 any party

  16. THE DEMONIC CHILD (Who uses the BIBLE for Toilet papers)

    ba #HH baikuta amafi ya majele boys batampo koce fintu

  17. lucid

    yah we are waiting state of emergency

  18. cry

    this is our country no one will build this country if we can’t build it ourselves.

  19. Gibson Zulu

    Chaipa mwebanthu

  20. Zeddy banda

    Please let’s not finger point one another the cause of the fire is yet to be established. And as for the state of emergency the president thinks it’s in the people but for some of us who understand it think it will be a regrettable declaration but i respect his opinion thank you

  21. Aswell Montana

    eyeeeeeeeeeee by fire by force

  22. mark

    Its been long that laws and rules to b followed

  23. Pk

    If bible prophecies are not occurring then the bible or God’s word can be proven invalid or false.
    “kingdom against kingdom”
    It doesn’t mean chitimukulu on Kambiji.But a certain angry group on another one, conflicts with in yards either for power or racial fights.
    Fili ekotuleya!!?? Ichalo cili nemitima iyakalipa ngashi,tribal wrangles.
    God help us.

  24. jk u are not a heartly Zambian hw could u say such things about a president whose trying to unity?you are supporting pipo who are doing everything to get power.

    Zambia is a peaceful nation whenever we face problems wer there is no peace we need to solve it ,so if there is no peace in the like this then let him the president declare a state of emergency.

  25. Beatwell

    We need to pray that city market we be in a good conditions

  26. Beatwell


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