President Lungu Declares State Of Emergency

President Edgar Lungu has declared a State of Emergency by invoking Article 31 of the Zambian constitution.

“There is no doubt perpetrators of this act is to make the country ungovernable. As president, I will not tolerate this lawslessness,” he said in a national address on both radio and television.

President Lungu says it was not an easy decision to make but was left with no choice as the primary responsibility is to protect life and property.


  1. Nchimunya

    That’s the only way the country will be saved from the thirsty destroyers. Thanks MR president for the tough decision it’s for a better Zambia and together we can save our country.

  2. daisyndhlovu

    I like the idea

  3. Richard chishiba

    Yes Mr president you look to you and no one can condemn your actions because this people have gone too far. Protect us and who knows their next move.

  4. Mike cazo

    Yes pliz let make it tigh. There is no doubt

  5. Chilungu

    Foolishi lungu do wt u thnk we ar nt scared of u satanist u hv no life bt waitng for the day to depart yrs is only here kawaa

    • Vic vic

      It’s foolish to condemn the president on this move. Do you want people to continue loosing property and life?

    • muma

      kwena nasumina ukuti mwe batonga mulefipubasa attomwe a hh mulibayanga manigi lungu wimufulya pakwati bapwe ukocha ifintu foose tukamone.

  6. chipata

    Comment there is not state of emergency in zambia whatsoever,unless within pf party

    • Evans Mambwe

      Since its for the best interest of the nation, I see nothing wrong.
      No political inclination.

  7. Mundemba

    You re a Father who cares fö his children’s LONG LIFE MR ECL MAY GOD BE WITH U.

  8. Jk

    the wise men, have advice you, solve the tension in our country, but say you, the tension his in theirr heads. we told, changwa u have failed to run the country, zambia is not katemba, where u drink jemason, and taiktive like preganant

    • JoJo

      Dont bi too hate for nothing,wat the president has done is a very very good move.Why is yo hh not talking about the continuous sabotage actions in zambia?

  9. Pakomaila Nondo

    There is something totally wrong in our country today and leadership needs to prevail.There has to be law abiding from the citizens and fair play and justice from those in power because you can never oppress people and expect them to remain silent for life.Unfortunately to some they do not understand the language of peace when they are aggrieved and that’s where we are today.Someone has to rise above politics and know that we only have one Zambia for us , our children and the future generations to come.I have lived in UK for more than a decade and one thing am proud of is I have never come across a Zambian Asylum Seeker here.Simple as that may sound but it means a lot because may times I have been asked as to how we as a nation have managed to live with peace when we are surrounded by some of the troubled unstable neighbors.This is a sense of pride for me living abroad and I believe for may others in the diaspora.Zambians lets rise above politics and promote peace, fairness and justice without looking at the side of the aisle you are standing because life is a journey and it changes.Today its HH and tomorrow it will be Edgar Lungu.God bless the land of Zambia and God bless the great people’s of Zambia.

  10. chitamawe

    Theirs iz 2 mek de country ungovernable 2 enable them point 2 say, ‘they hv failed’.

  11. Christopher Chikwanda

    That is very wonderful your Excellency to protect your innocent citizens and their properties. A well meaning Zambian should support you.

  12. Mwila

    Comment Its a very welcome move mr president. Thats the only way pipo and property will be saved.

  13. Mwila M MUSWEMA

    The President’s decition has been long over due as it’ll help inforcing law and order. However, the President shoul have exercised similar powers to cleanup his own house by disciplining his party thugs so called “cadres” in order to set good precidence. Party cadres both in the PF & UPND are well known of being in possession of dengerous weapons including fire arms,and the state security is fully aware of this but looks at it as normal. Lastly, we are fearful of availing sensitve security information to the police because of their unprofessionalism and brutalism, “aiziba bwanji ii nkani bazungu,cioneka benze pamodzi ,first angene muma cells”.

  14. Mwila M MUSWEMA

    The President’s decition has been long over due as it’ll help inforcing law and order. However, the President shoul have exercised similar powers to cleanup his own house by disciplining his party thugs so called “cadres” in order to set good precidence. Party cadres both in the PF & UPND are well known of being in possession of dengerous weapons including fire arms,and the state security is fully aware of this but looks at it as normal. Lastly, we are fearful of availing sensitve security information to the police because of their unprofessionalism and brutalism, “aiziba bwanji ii nkani bazungu,cioneka benze pamodzi ,first angene muma cells”.

  15. mwale thomson

    Comment its a good idea this will help curb crime and stop pepetrators of
    Crime from destroying property



  17. Elias siluma

    Comment, i hve gone thru most of yo coments guys, it seems like u don’t understand the meaning of state of emergence is all about (it brings war or comflict in the country) u shouldn’t suport that guys coz u will suffer,i will suffer, him and his children will not suffer.the first step he was supporse 2 tke is to diolog with opposition party leader and officials who seemingly 2 b his biggest competitor. When walking we start with step 1 nt 2. GOD BLESS Zambia.

    • shalawambe

      Nothing to dialog, a bitter person is bitter,that chap grew up a saddist he can not change,ask Nawakwi,they were at the sane school,the whole entire sch days they didn’t see his smile what kund of a person is he?

  18. Chisenga


  19. Muntu

    What is state of emergency?????

  20. sam

    Comment Article 31 [Declaration Relating to Threatened
    (1) The President may at any time by the Proclamation
    published in the Gazette declare that a situation exists
    which, if it is allowed to continue may lead to a state
    of public emergency.
    (2) A declaration made under clause (1) of this Article
    shall cease to have effect on the expiration of a period
    of seven days commencing with the day on which the
    declaration is made unless, before the expiration of
    such period, it has been approved by a resolution of the
    National Assembly supported by a majority of all the
    members thereof not counting the Speaker.
    (3) In reckoning any period of seven days for the
    purpose of clause (2) no account shall be taken of any
    time during which Parliament is dissolved.
    (4) A declaration made under clause (1), may, at any
    time before it has been approved by a resolution of the
    National Assembly, be revoked by the President by
    Proclamation published in the Gazette.
    (5) Subject to clause (6) a resolution of the National
    Assembly under clause (2) shall continue in force until
    the expiration of a period of three months commencing
    with the date of its being approved or until revoked on
    an earlier date of its being so approved or until such
    earlier date as may be specified in the resolution.
    (6) The National Assembly may by resolution, at any
    time revoke a resolution made by it under this Article.
    (7) Whenever an election to the office of President
    results in a change in the holder of that office, any
    declaration made underthis Article and in force
    immediately before the day on which the President
    assumes office, shall cease to have effect on the
    expiration of seven days commencing with that day.
    (8) The expiration or revocation of any declaration or
    resolution made under this Article shall not affect the
    validity of anything previously done in reliance on such

  21. captain Chanda.

    State of emergency is the only solution to curb thee idiots. I like that. No unnecessary movement. Not only in Lusaka , even in Nakonde.

  22. Mpombo

    Good move ba President these Satanists have no feelings we’re behind you UPND should also be banned to bring sanity to Zambian politics

  23. Major

    When we just focus on an individual we’ll miss it, whether the people who are doing these misschiefs are it still requires investigation, the state of emergence as come with advantages and disadvantages but nevertheless what is happening in our country is pure inhuman, you can not have two heads and expect things to be okay but rather let there be one. I may say the president has been patient enough so for act to take place I think its reasonable. Look at many arsons which have taking place in our nation and rumors of people been killed like animals and of the recent incident on our electrical company, this should sure indicate that the people involved in this matter are well informed and on their drawing board they have planned a lot more which we don’t even know and they are everywhere gathering information and on what is the next step, so its not a simple matter to ignore but this is ungoverning the nation, which should not be tolerated and I urge my fellow country men and women this is not the time to be partisan but let us come together and handle this matter, imagine if all those happenings happened to you, none of us is clever but to those where all the happening as come to be rest assured that true Zambian citizens with the heart are behind you. One Zambia One Nation, GOD IS THE MAN INCHARGE.


    France has been in a state of emergency since the Nov. 13, 2015 . It was done to enforce peace and order in that country.
    NOTE – president did not declare a state of emergency. Read through his speech …………

  25. pk

    This is totally wrong Mr Lungu

  26. vern

    The scarecraws are worried, as snares are laid. Catch the vimpires.

  27. Kwa muntonyo

    These same minions who are supporting the state of emergency will cry one day. The state of emergency will not only target UPND cadres but everyone. How many people doing business in the night will be affected by this; chain stores, night clubs, restaurant etc. think before your support

  28. Nkandu

    These people deserve death Mr president, show no Mercy to these criminals

  29. ndolesha

    When Elephants are fighting its the grass that suffers .Let the president release HH and all the tension will cease

    • Fya kubantu

      Hh was a free Mason did he not go ahead and commit a felony? Pipo let him dance to the tune of his own music.

  30. DM

    Enemies of peace are against. EL has not failed but the some oppositions are not mature and are not fit to be in government. I didn’t support EL but now I do.

  31. amos

    Mr president c lungu thats a good move but had decision

  32. Musonda

    Great idea,long over due. No more night shifts when duty calls.

  33. jr

    Ecl I love you,God bless you.compesert da pipo in city market.way to go,

  34. Kundo Sina

    First and foremost there is no tension in Zambia,the perceived crisis is only in the heads of a few people who only want to please their paymasters lol… The state of emergency has been declared,the question is on what grounds?
    Has the police or fire experts proven that the cause of the fire was an act of sabotage?Whats the evidence?
    My understanding is that the cause of the fire is still under investigations.But how come we have influential figures making statements that make it look like they surely know the culprits? Will these ill-conceived statements not jeopardize the investigations?Does this kind of attitude not have potential to make these poverty stricken investigators wanting to please their appointing authorities? Could I be wrong to conclude that this is was a planned move? Anyway, i smell something fishy here..

  35. MC

    This is the way to go……look at City Market,the infrastructure,the goods it is so sad. So many pipo depend on the market for livelihood and all those pipo have lost everything. So before you condemn this declaration, put yourself in their shoes and for once be sober.

    • Daniel Simbeye

      E program iyo mr president, I salute u!!!

  36. moses mwansa

    But opposition party will take it as dictator and it can cause war

  37. momo

    awe twanaka

  38. mengmoreler

    Ya!ya!the pland move and nw i hav com 2 realiz that o wat was happening burning things it was not oposition’s act bt pf pland move in oda to dclayr our lovly country state of emegnce,tiyeni nayo no fear now now Zambia will no longer a christian nation and ooo!that’s y they stated by burning the bible house so that they can practice their satanic power nicely now God z God b careful.

  39. conrad

    What do u want the President to do now

  40. timberland

    wat does the article says

  41. kennedy mulenga

    That is ok just see to it that there will be peace in this country

  42. Awa na moyo

    Only idiots won’t support the state of emergency.how many buildings have been destroyed so far,who burned villages in namwala,maala etc.HH mentality every upnd cadre.whatever the idiot must die in jail.

  43. Mwape Kapaya

    Good move Mr President we are with you come rain come gas

  44. Farmer

    What of us coming late from work,when you say it is state of emergency ?

  45. clara chilambe

    I think the President has been patience enough and pipo has forced him to this decision, so its great move

  46. Mabutu Seseseko

    But You Says There’s No Tension in The County But Now Why The So called State of Emergency

  47. Chewe Kennedy

    Our president we thank you for the move. Go on sir its too much for our country….

  48. slim d

    thnx for maintain da peace mr lungu….wickedness will neva tek over a good heart…..u need a heavenly hug

  49. CG

    hh umabiyevya nkati mutu wofuta

  50. Muzho


  51. Triple mj

    What you pf fools don’t know is that the state of emergency will reduce production, which will increse the number of poverty in Zambia, country men thick.

  52. wise zambian

    I want to state that, the president has not declared a state of emergency but soon it will be declared official. It is sad to see that pipo want to continue burning gvt as well as innocent pipos propeIrties, as zambian we are not going to seat idol but take an action by allowing the president to go ahead with his good idea of declaring a state of emergency. If u are not comfortable with this move, go somewhere and form your own country where you will allow inhuman, shedding of blood, then it’s fine but if you can’t, then close your dirty mouth

  53. vern

    Plse ban this Ugly animal called UPND in Zambia.

  54. Fred


  55. lawrence chungu

    Dear Readers,Don’t b wise by yo selves.search with De Holy Spirit(God’s searchlight)b4 u choose sides.The Bible is the only book u can trust not any writer,it will teach u who stand 4 de truth &justice from their language.FOR IT IS WRITTEN,”U SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS’.THE FRUIT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT &DE GREATEST IS (LOVE!).

  56. Smart Wayne

    thats the only way 2 save me and my wife’s life mr president.
    just go #ahead.!.!.!.!.!.!

  57. Fatima

    Our president I think thats the only best solution to solve these problems going on in Zambia. …I support u

  58. Kleyholly


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