Opinion: Zambia Our Land; We Have To Be Smart If We Have To Shame Enemies Of Peace

By Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba

Peace and justice are two words which are usually abused and taken for granted.

Peace l would say has many faces. These faces either create enemies or friends.

How does peace create enemies? It does because of selfishness found in humans. It does because of bitterness, envy, love for evil or because groups or individuals seek to have or get things they don’t deserve.

Therefore, because of this people with these characteristics have no regard whether life or property is lost or destroyed.

Their aim is to cause as much confusion as possible. They use what l may take as Mafia tactics. They can plan and give instructions from anywhere, anytime.

They can even kill or injure people who are even close to them as long as they achieve what they want.

So as l noted above peace has many faces. Others treasure it; others want to deform it.

Those who want it deformed want the government and citizens to be taken to ransom so that elements like a state of emergency are used.

A smart country and government will read between the lines and see through the plans of evil people.

Zambians want peace while its enemies want the opposite.

As much as it is the responsibility of President Lungu to see to it that Zambians are safe, l also think the President and his team of advisors know that evil people may be pushing him to do something which might make them have their way. Let us be smart.

We want peace because if there is no peace we can’t have elements like a peace of mind. A peace of mind is somehow a by-product of Justice.

Anyone who is an enemy of peace can not claim to be a champion of Justice. If people lose lives or have their property destroyed it means there is no justice in that action.

Love, peace and justice should always go together even in our action. We have to think always in those lines regardless of our political affiliation or what we believe in.

I have always said that we have only one Zambia. Which is our only land. In this regard we need to safeguard it.

Safeguarding it means we have to refuse to be used. Safeguarding it means we have to be lovers of peace by action.

God Bless and Protect Zambia from it’s enemies.

The author is a PhD candidate-Political, Gender and Transnational Studies at the International Postgraduate Centre (IPC), Faculty of Social Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt


  1. jay numbi

    these are powerful and true words.amen

  2. George

    The above article is too judgemental. The president himself is surrounded by people (thugs) with questionable characters. The so called adivisors who are even ready to kill for power. Let’s not judge in advance but wait for a full report from the police though they are also bias. In my opinion, this can also be government move to sought out the opposition because they know most be will be blinded and easily believe.

  3. Bruno mars' the moonshine jungle'.

    Yes we want peace.Not the way pf are acting.

    • mulongoti

      Let every one accept the president those frastràted politicians to wait for their tym at the moment ifintu ni lungu here in Zambezi

      • Maano

        Hero worshipping! What Zambia needs are good governance structures, good governance systems, and good Laws. We do not necessarily need good men. Zambia must be a democracy. Currently, it is a dictatoship. It is a rule by one man supported by a clique. The people of Zambia are the ones that are currently subservient to their rulers. The Rulers are not subservient to the People, and do not fear the People – that is what is called centralism or dictatorship.

        • perfect

          Maano, comment on the article, not on your opinions. The president is right let’s guard our country jealousy

  4. NC

    Well spoken from one of our own learned people we are looking up to such people in our community to safe gurd our peace bravo big man

  5. pk

    Thax Mr President for these words.just for today

  6. JK

    what is the meaning of state of emergency ? if we don’t have we don’t have tension in our country. changwa, has failed to run this country, zambia his not a kantemba, where u drink jemason & you wake up, at state of emergency.

  7. vern

    Nankoko pabana taya. They are failures,their days are numbered.

  8. V

    Musicians you can take an active role to sing songs to unite the nation. Condemn the current happenings at all cost

  9. Jpm

    Thank you mr president

  10. Diamond

    Well spoken Mr President.until 2021 luv u my president.May the almighty God bless Zambia & Mr President.

  11. lawrence chungu

    The good & bad thing about democracy are deffirent opinion.Police u can diffuse same tention & calm de nation by releasing yo reports periodicaly.u r de most reliable source of imformation in this situation because of your profesional analysis.your quiatness in this case speaks volumes.In this great,beloved & blessed country we do not hav iss mentalit people & never wil!,only same broken hearts & they can be healed if only we make them feel they r part of de system &it’s theirs and not outsides!

  12. one chanda

    DO us a favour by scheming yourself first before u Shem others #hipocrit

  13. Mike cazo

    Let it be so. Let safeguarding be so

  14. mulongoti

    Chakolwa or no chakolwa lungu chabe is the father if u think ecl is no good for you then pray to God so that he can raise stones as far as the bible is concerned I mulongoti say lungu is rightful owner of the throne imagine how many good looking pipo we’re there in Zambia for God to raise a chakolwa there’s a reason and purpose akanani kantu Kali pa bwali

  15. Maano

    The Enemies of the Nation are those who refuse to obey the Law and those who frustrate the delivery of Substantive Justice, as Mandated by the Constitution, over and above legal niceties and jargon of the Law. Those people twist the fact that a Hearing is a part of Trial.

  16. metric tone

    jk is myopic & psychopath. forgive this lad.

  17. Cb

    No mimics words about the president.no needs for ways it’s in the past.

  18. Makungu Enest

    Let love lead in whatever we do as Zambians. God bless you.

  19. PF

    This is Best our Rep President.i hope and trust peace and justice will be throughtout Zambian’s….
    But I blame @JK Why U COMMENTED AGAINST E.C.L Y???????

  20. Chanza

    Why are you guy so against the President’s plans if you are not self guarding your own property

  21. Martin

    I really support Maano,the bemba say,”Ubufumu buchindika umwine”how can you respect someone who do not want to respect himself or he don’t want to obey the laws of the nation,that’s being reckless!

  22. vern

    Long live mr. President you have them pinned under your feet. Fantastic works.

  23. vern

    Long live mr. President you have them pinned under your feet.

  24. chagwa icho uyo


  25. chagwa icho uyo

    Common sense is not common

  26. LL

    Let peace prevail…UNZA student.

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