Tonga Ceremony Put Off Over HH Incarceration

The annual Lwiindi Gonde ceremony of the Tonga people of Southern Province has been put off this year on account of incarcerated patron Hakainde Hichilema.

Senior Chief Monze has informed his subjects that the ceremony cannot go on as according to him “half the country is in mourning”.

The traditional leader said that the ceremony was celebratory in nature therefore could not go ahead in the absence of its patron who is facing treason charges and has been in incarceration for over three months.

Lwiindi is an annual festival of the Tonga people of southern Zambia. It is a thanksgiving ceremony which attracts people from around the country. It takes place at a Place called Gonde, near Chief Monze’s place in Monze District.

The dates for this ceremony are normally, the first weekend of July during the country’s Heroes and Unity holidays.


  1. Demet Mambara

    So,who cares.let him rot in jail.How many people hve been jailed in Zambia?

    • Bleble


      • Jevious banda

        Just go ahead with it never mind about him

    • Teddy Munkombwe

      The same people who have cancelled the

    • muntu one

      You who is saying that hh should rot in jail….what have you achieved in your life…that same man has a family..a village where there are traditions… Let’s respect our traditions and people who are older than us

      • arena

        Even you muntu one what has hh achieved?or what have you yourself achieved in life?Only causing Armageddon in our country !

      • shadreck

        My dear who do you think has no family let Him rot in Jail because he is now becoming big headed over nothing

      • gamc

        tonga’s there dog ineeded together with with their fucking old chef fuck you Tonga sack me if you can fuck you panyopanu

        • One Jo

          Hey! U huz saying that Tonga’s are dog respect other peoples language ok… Naiwe wine dog

          • nivah

            every one wishing hh to rot may god give u long life.

          • Benny benny

            Yes my brother u are saying de truth

        • Chile pule

          M a qualified teacher of Zambia n I thought maybe I could help u n one way o another especially wen it comes to English

        • Collins

          Kkkkkkkkkk lol tell them

    • Bk

      You are Right mwana who cares?he failed to condemn the beating of Eastners and Bemba’s

    • 666

      May the blood that dropped from your mother’s womb during labor raise against you!!!

  2. soloka

    So no thanks giving this year?

  3. Za hechelema

    I won’t say much wait 2021 even the cow will cry it will mo then jailing yo God hh insult me bt I will only slap u with a one vote ni lungu chabe chikubabe season

  4. Muzo

    Too bad amfumu unite the pipo by helping them to respect the President in power so that they can be recognized when they take over power through the ballot box not ifikansa twapapata please it’s your duty to do that

  5. pk

    Domet mambara u a very stupid including your bed & your blankets foolish

  6. Simulwi Nchimz

    Twalumba ba chief Moonze kukwambaulakwanu

  7. cephas kazomboh

    so what if HH is released will the ceremony take place?

  8. hambaba bruce

    The annual Lwiindi Gonde ceremony of the Tonga people of Southern Province has been put off forever due to incarcerated of HH . the case treason meaning his coming out is not known. so no more ceremony. when 10 tongas are arrested, we cant stop the ceremony but wise and great tonga has been arrested, the ceremony has to put off

  9. MT

    Good move Tongas, that confirms you are tribal. However we dont care about tour ceremony for it doesnt add economic value. putting it off has saved national resources. Soon we wil hav kulamba ceremony, ours is for unity of purpose…..Is HH the only the only Tonga in Jail? Shame.

  10. Derick mwindilila

    Kkkkkkkk one zambia one treason

  11. David Jacob Siame

    It means if HH is jailed for life Lwiind Ceremony won’t be there?

  12. tembo chawill d

    let us be careful when commenting God is watching us and he is hearing us.Let us comment to the fear of God

  13. mulongoti

    I think you can tell by the illiteracy the tongas have how can they call off the ceremony because of 1person katele kalumba was jailed for a offences he committed no bemba ceremonies was put off why are the Tonga pipo so personal Zambian swear a lot of things will b at the stand still it will b today one cow has died tomorrow this suppose if died this ceremony cud have bn cancelled for life lifestyle of the tongas pr

  14. HH Junior

    it doesn’t matter,and government should not pay this guys there salaries i mean the Tonga chiefs because they are not working, they get paid because of the same ceremonies they are boycotting,nangu nimfumu shakumyesu we can’t support this nonsense

    • makungu enest

      I think you dont know what you are talking about man. First you should understand the role which the chiefs play in governing the country.

  15. Chaona muzako

    If u don’t care , why are u commenting?

  16. pardon mwansa

    Its true, we can’t be celebrating while our president is suffering….

  17. whyz

    Dont wry pipo God z in contral, evrthng has a solution

  18. Awa na moyo

    So be it.some other tribes will always celebrate theirs in peace and harmony

  19. AK

    Why High Court Is Delaying To Hear A Case HH is facing?

  20. Benghazi

    Shut up!!! Bulldog….

  21. kanyama veteran

    Good move,let those who are happy cerebrate.even me i m an eastern but i am not attending kulamba

  22. Topgun

    It doesn’t matter ;after all its a Tonga ceremony. Who cares if it’s cancelled. It just shows how irrelevant it is.

    • Sky

      What do u mean it doesn’t matter?u are the same people who are creating troubles in Zambian

  23. nshilimubemba

    Imagine if all Zambians were like the tongas what kind of zambia could we have!

  24. danny

    It’s confidential in politics watch and see

  25. Chisenga


    • Ghetto boy

      tell them off

    • Centre Pivot 2016

      In their own language, ‘tabagisi mannu’. It just shows how shallow minded some people can be. I will continue enjoying their women in the meantime. More cows but less brains (more cows than brains).

  26. HH Junior

    no problem it doesn’t add any value to our country Zambia,all I hope now is hh to be sentenced to death so that their ceremony ends tabakwata incito muno Zambia aba even though that’s my tribe I wish I was not a tonga

  27. Agogo

    If hh dies in hospital tomolo then no traditional celemony in southen forever.

  28. carol bunda

    Foolish Tonga chief….

  29. D.Zone

    Let’s think twice

  30. happy Musanshiko

    Comments ceremony were to go on, coz its yo year to event and is were u were to talk sense there not in yo bedroom u are a leader and that is yo duty death or no mobilize pipo,

  31. Chiyengo K Blair



    HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS MONZE HAS DONE IT WRONG WAY. We all need hh out bt let jsts prevail

  33. BKC

    Ignorance is the highest pay of the problems we are facing in this beautiful nation Zambia, who speaks better terms suffer something. What is celebration if we can’t feel the joy inside…

  34. lawrence chungu

    One Zambia One Nation!,two wrongs does not make it right!

  35. mtumbuka

    pa thako pinu

  36. gy

    MPs boycotted ECL and Tonga Chiefs boycotted their own ceremony. Shame at them. Let them boycott their wives now I will……

  37. Yungo™

    Imagine if it were you.

  38. indoshi palupe

    wajata ng’ombe,,,

  39. Aaron Zimba

    This is a very sad development indeed. What could have happened if UPND had a none Tonga President and that President was incarcerated? l feel this is a bold confirmation of tribalism and division in our country.

  40. V

    Ba Chief mwasokoneza the ceremony was there before hh was born and it will be there forever so why call off?

  41. dingo

    this is a serious level of ignorance and stupidity…these fools hav been tottaly brainwashed by hh. yu will die wit yo asses open yu foolish chiefs

  42. Bk

    Who cares and half of the country is mourning which half?and mourning over hh who is burning market? Or what?Mr monde let me remind you that hh won in three provinces only just drink mabisi and munkoyo

  43. Chinyonyo

    Lekeni ukutukana abakalamba fikalafyenu. HHol na lungusha banenu? Sicopetyyyy

  44. Bk

    Who doesn’t know that hh is a god of southern province sorry Mr monze your committed a heinous crime you have to wait for many years to come. Gudnite and can condemn the burning of the city market like your friends have done Instead of telling us about useless things

  45. Pkm

    am atonga or bemba /eastener but tongas are useles

  46. Putru

    All those insulting Tongas are all stupid idiots.

    • Topgun

      Where did you ever see a clever idiot?

  47. job or yobo

    Sadnews…….I really like your comment mulongoti Kaka wesu populary known as katele Kalumba wen he was jailed builile wasn’t stopped now look at this pipo.my question is those mps boycottd H.E ECL parliament are they gona boycott their wifo….kikikiki if yes send them to me.its like Tonga’s are becoming slaves of boycotting I wonder how they can even boycott Jesus Christ meeting………….. Sorry Tonga’s for us our crucial ceremonies,important are coming in Kazembe kingdom and chienge

  48. ck junior

    Now who care about it tafikwete ne ncito rubbishnl.

  49. shadreck

    Let them boycott we don’t care,we are only concern with the peace and stability of our beautiful land ZAMBIA,if u lose u lose it is not his time why causing chaos

  50. tasha pa sell

    One Zambia One nation



      They’r very traditional & primitive living people on earth. I dont see the meaning of cerebration, which only promotes WITCHCRAFT. Its better to stop for good. How is HH ? nefimishi fyabuloshi, he was told not to cut HAIR for him to WIN elections, but its opposite. Thats why GBM alifisula sana ifibantu ifi.

  51. titima

    its mans inhumanity agaist man.it was foretold.but behold i come quickly.

  52. Chanza

    Even if the so called Tonga ceremony takuli no benefit kashi kuwayawafye if you want you can call the cells man to come and officiate the called lwindi ceremony if he can come 2021 still no show 4 you so called Tonganis ni ELC chabe guys rain or no rain.

  53. Chanza

    President Lungu is very humble man and God what’s the people who are humble and in the when Solomon was asking God to give him knowledge not wealthy and can’t led the people pliz you so called tonganis with yo so called hehe(hh) if you respect and recognise President Lungu mwe batu you can’t die and change you tribe but you still called Tongas bane icefenifye and God will reft you.

    • Nana

      To all of u talking stupid thinking about the same ceremony and my precious president HH the only patron u have insulted yourselfs panyo penyu

  54. Njebeebe

    I thought HH was arrested in April and the market was only gutted on 4thJune, who released him to go and burn the market? Can’t we just be honesty to ourselves. How can a normal person celebrate without happiness? Celebrate you who are happy with the happenings. God will judge.

  55. ranger

    there is nothing good this year.

  56. captain chanda

    Lack of common sense is always punishable. Who is this tribal chief without knowledge. Tonga will never rule Zambia. Hh should be give 80 years in jail in mukobeko.

  57. Jbl

    Lets respect chief monze’s decision

  58. Chichi 2

    And when is hh going back to his home Mukobeko since the case which brought him to chimbokaila was discontinued? We need him in kabwe maximum prison.

  59. Nchimunya

    Say half of southern province not half the country when did southern province become the country? Your useless decisions make us tongas look stupid

  60. vern

    Thanks, for saving the taxpayer’s hard earned cash.

  61. vern

    Tax payer’s hard earned cash saved.

  62. vern

    Uwakano kwela, akana nokulya.

  63. iven

    Palekaniuko matuvi yan’go’mbe

  64. jr

    Useless man and stupid man

  65. Ghetto Boy

    I think this chief is goin insane, instead of taking advantage of that you’re busy critisizing the government. Mmmmmh.!! Kaya mweee!

  66. Mwila John

    Fuck them all

  67. fest

    lungu will never do anything good in his leadership.because this was not happening in past days, that’s shows clearly that he will never rule for five years, then zambia will remain empty..

  68. Open Analyst

    Country men mwampapusha! If all Zambians were thinking like this small chief, we would rewrite our History and have no destiny. How many people have been incarcerated before our brother and heritage has prevailed? BuChief bumo…………..!!!!

  69. DJ Tito


  70. Benz

    forgners always celebrets whn something bad happens .If god gave zambia to easterners & bemba we ve no option let it be .who are we tongas to say no.if u want u can even start killing us god bless u big pipo

  71. Smith Bernards

    to all those insultining tongaz, what do u understand by the word “ceremony?” only a fool can cerebrat wen things are not good! yo president said zambia is devied, 4get about the slogan of one zambia one nation. so keep on cerebrating while insulting other tribes but dont 4get that they are created in the image of God. if u fear God Comment With Respect And with the fear of God. Good Night God Bless u

  72. Bk

    It’s gud you cancelled the lwiindi. It is a small ceremony chief I’m sure you know that Think if Kalonga Gawa Undi cancelled the Nighty Kulamba ceremony? Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique would be affected. Or if Mwata Kazembe cancelled the Umutomboko Zaire would be affected.so canceling the lwiindi affects no one.even if you suspended your ceremony for 50 years one can cry.

  73. mbewe

    If Tonga Lwiindi ceremony had values to Zambians, and to the chief and his ancestors, even without HH u would have done it. . am sure it’s a useless ceremony and no meaning to the ancestors for the Tonga and Zambians people at large. ..This is the end of the ceremony ba Chief coz we don’t know what tomorrow may bring. ..

  74. mwenda chief

    war of magidone is coming with this week if you don’t release hh. careful with your. comments.otherwise even now we can fire

  75. PF

    LET H,H this curprity RIOTS IN PRISON,
    This is Chikubabe Season.com
    He had nothing to develop our Nation……

  76. Jevious

    Just 4give him

  77. Bemba


  78. Mwacha

    Boza,,,,, I watched this ceremony on TV on tonga section


    Just leave hh alone

  80. Centre Pivot 2016

    In their own language, ‘tabagisi mannu.’ More cows than brains. As a Northerner, I will continue enjoying their lovely & sumptuous women who happen to be very hospitable (in everything). After all, that ceremony is just characterized by immorality typical of the Tongas – having lived with them since mid July 1997 till late January 2016 when I relocated, I can even acquire a Ph D about their culture (& conduct).

  81. Bk

    Enemies of Peace .your subject’s were beating bembas and Easterners you could not talk but you just tell us about lwiindi.

  82. maiwano simong

    just let him go

  83. maiwano simong

    just forgive him

  84. simonga

    just forgive him

  85. paster elliot

    Hi, Guys we need to be matured in life. Let me tell you my fellow friends in this lovely country we should take every person equally in terms of living .
    We take same oxygen to breath in.
    So you if you were used to breath in carbon dioxide then you are not a citizen of this country, then please you may vacate and leave as we unite in transparency.so if you are here to criticize then you are wrong my dear friend. Let as no be like pharaoh in the bible he punished the multitude until one day he realised that knowledge without sense is useless in our dairy life. So do not mock, insult nor oppose please I stand and shout for my mother Zambia.indeed we are elder enough to make decision and no one can false you to make your decision perfect so we should learn to behave like people who are matured. So please if you are not matured found someone who is matured to help you in terms of maturity.am sorry for what I have seen here in this webpage I didn’t expect that it will bygone like this. Remember what goes up it goes down, and those who walk in darkness they will fall one day so if you are here to insult one day you will fall and cry forever just wait. Thank you for your reading,may my God bless you.

    • j chanda

      Comment thanx pastor elliot God bless you all the time

  86. britias kachesa

    If you were not born from a human being then continue saying bad things about others because you were created by God and he can do whatever he wants to you

  87. AVIC

    To bad that the ceremony cannot be held this year, this is so because of the incarceration of hh and the political tension we are having in the country.
    The same thing could have happened if a political leader from northern or Eastern was arrested.
    To make the matters worse if a bemba political was in custody by there would have been a civil war in the country, Bemba’s are aggressive.
    Eastern is quiet, nomba Ku origin kwa pf that’s a where trouble has erupted from since the two election ( this includes copperbelt)
    Bemba’s hate to be the tails, always want to be heads, especially with certain tribes which are not on their menu.

    • Bk

      Laying Sata was once remanded no bemba damaged public property RB was in Court no Easterner burned the markets because they are civilized

  88. vern

    HH supporters,wait for 2021just burry your heads in the sand.

  89. Ask my friend

    wat the **** ar the tongas thinking?

  90. Zambian

    One Zambia,one nation! my beloved fellow citizens of this great b
    nation Zambia let us unity ourselves and preserve the peace that we’ve been enjoying since the strangle for identity,we are all Zambians regardless of our political affiliation,religious,tribe or language we are all one.

  91. Jonathan Ngoma

    Go to hell with your ceremony
    It’s not even known

  92. chichi

    am bemba, the thing I have observed is that Tonga’s are very humble and peaceful people, I don’t know y u hate them not only that they are the most hard working people we hear bumper harvest because of them, have you ever heard of serious violence in southern province ? no y because of the self respect they have so stop this criticism the ceremony was put off not that hh is the upnd President but the patron of the ceremony . think wise blabbing

  93. Mwansakabwe

    Its Beta 2 B Quiet Than Lash Insults At 1 Another,th Truth Of Th Matter Iz Wateva Goes Up Must Com Down.No 1 Hates Tongas But Iam Sure No 1 Likes Ignorance,i Expect Pipo Of Chief Monze’s Calibre 2 Encourage Nd Embrace Th 1 Zed 1 Nation,mind U We Only Hav 1 Mother Zambia Nd Surely Not Any Ready 2 Forcibly Relocate,cancelation Of Lwiindi Iz Quiet Irresponsible Jst As Racing Alongside Th Presidential Motorcade Was Equally So Childish,,,aya Malibu Yakuilombela,hop Som1 Learns A Lesson.Wadelela Boma?? Boma Ni Boma.Ichefyeni

  94. Awa na moyo

    The same boiling water that hardens the egg,will always soften the potato.so traditional ceremonies will take place.they just know that they are supposed to invite the heard of state H.E ECL but opt to do otherwise.shame Chef moooo


    Lolo lolo imwe guys can u lebrate when your father, s life is in danger honestly speaking sunless sum one who is childsh sencodly why have you decided not to mind yo business

  96. Friday

    Don’t mix Tradition with Politics.

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