UPND Is ‘Irretrievably On A Shameless Mission Of Embarrassment.’

Former ZANASU Vice-President Prince Ndoyi says the opposition UPND is ‘irretrievably on a shameless mission of embarrassment.’

Commenting on the trip by UPND’s top brass who visited South Africa’s opposition leader Julius Malema, Ndoyi said the UPND have turned themselves into a political is now shooting in all directions for political relevance internationally.

He noted that as opposed to visiting opposition political parties abroad the UPND leadership should have taken advantage of the visits by the three Presidents who have visited the country in the last two months and asked for audience if indeed their motive is to find someone to mediate for them regarding the incarceration of their leader.

Below is the full statement as Mr Ndoyi.

We want to comment on the trip by the UPND leadership to visit South Africa’s opposition leader CIC Julius Malema. It is worrisome the amount of desperation we are witnessing from the UPND in the last few months.

This is yet another failed desperate attempt to try and set a stage for themselves into international politics, as well as set a tone to portray themselves as though they have grown into international politics. The UPND must not rob Malema of the integrity he holds among South Africans.

UPND are irretrievably on a shameless mission of embarrassment. They have turned themselves into a political lose cannon, shooting in all directions for help, even from places and individuals that nobody in the world would consider.

Their actions in the past months are a thorn in the flesh of people that laid the foundations of politics in our country, people like Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Mainza Chona and others. We can’t imagine for a bit, if Anderson Mazoka were to rise today to see what his party has been reduced to, evidenced from the political immaturity they are exhibiting.

We urge the EFF not to stoop low to the levels of UPND, who in their desperation called a stooge of Hellen Zille, Mmusi Maimane to try and gain political sympathy from the international community. The move failed because Zambians from the onset understand the interests of Hellen Zille, Mmusi Maimane and their Democratic Alliance(DA) party.

Infact these are some of things President Lungu mentioned during the Press Conference that there a number of business men who want to usurp political power in Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and our country.

We are of the view that the move by the UPND somewhat exposes them and vindicates the President, and Zambians should be weary of these moves. We urge the EFF who represent the genuine interests of South Africans not to fall into the trap of the UPND.

The EFF practices practical and logical politics, and they would be dammed if they began courting a political party that is hell bent on polarizing their own country. It is surprising that the UPND has no friendship with any sitting head of state, but have gone on rampage meeting opposition political parties.

Their aspirations for leadership and national office do not represent the interests of the indigenous Zambian people, but those of the opposition political parties in South Africa and we are confident no jokes that Zambians could not be fooled in that direction.

The UPND have entered a Political mode destructive; not only to themselves, but to the nation at large. They no longer represent the values and rich heritage upon which the Zambian politics was established.

Lastly, if the UPND are genuinely looking for people to mediate over the incarceration of their president HH, they should have taken the opportunity to talk to Presidents who have visited the country.

In the last two months, we have received three Heads Of States and we are sure President Lungu would have taken heed of any advise coming from any of the three regarding their issues. Our advise is let themcalm down and genuinely reconcile their actions over the last months with the Zambian people.

Issued by;
Prince J. Ndoyi


  1. Hakainyela heka

    Well said Ndoyi.

  2. Mwenya

    UPND are little chancers. Even their HH, his good performance in the last two elections was based on the misfortune of MMD and fights in PF, not because UPND is popular. Their immaturity is now clear to those who supported them. Wait and see how they will crumble in the next elections.

  3. Prophet

    Ndoyi, you are coming from chitapa. changwa, his nothing but, just to arrest innocent pipo. you an idoit pfool cader.

    • Chanda chembe

      The only thing upnd can do is to insult

    • chishanga

      You are very good at shooting in the dark!only God knows when you will hit the target.continue trying baba

  4. Awa na

    Your english proves idiocy.are u prophet or profit?

  5. Otis Chishimba

    I’m sure ndoyi means that the President is very correct in his actions and everyone else is wrong. To me ndoyi is a pf cadre.

  6. fest

    lungu will never finish his course and if he will try to force himself to be there,aaa I don’t know how Zambia will be with lungu in Short pf and there people have failed to run z country. nothing good comes out from a thief!

  7. C$

    Comment,the only thing upnd can do is to insult, which will not help them. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk…………………..

  8. Shawn

    Fuck every motherfucker who hayes HH

    • mulongoti

      If every Zambian president has failed us the best we can do just wait for the king of kings to come aleisa yes kristu

  9. Bishop Abraham Zulu

    Bro Shawn’s please don’t use these foreign insulting language. You can still bring out your point for us to appreciate even by using civil language, reflect over it. After all we are one people.

  10. Eternal Livet

    Only God Knows to do with us christians

  11. Musena

    Iwe ka Prince, how does the opposition seek audience with visiting heads ,Do you even understand the protocol of such VVIP? Empty time make the loudest noise.

  12. TJ

    GOD also loves Zambia with its people and we should guide our Zambia jealously because its the only Zambia Zambians have.

  13. Madiba

    I am collecting statistics of which party sympathisers insults more. My vote will be on the party with the most sober sympathisers. On you marks, get set,….

  14. Madiba

    I am collecting statistics of which party sympathisers insults more. My vote will be on the party with the most sober sympathisers. On your marks, get set,….

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