State House Gobbles K1 Million In Maintenance Every Year

A report by the Parliamentary Committee on Communication, Transport, Works and Supply has revealed that State House spends K1 million per year on its maintenance, hence the recommendation for the construction of a new modern structure.

According to the report submitted to the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development through parliament, during the first session of the twelfth national assembly, the Committee Chaired by Chikankata UPND Member of Parliament Douglas Syakalima toured State House and noted that “the foundation of the current building was weak, and the wood holding up the ceiling had been eaten up by termites”, further saying that the whole building was leaking.

“Apart from being old and damaged, the building was small and not able to fully cater for various State functions. The State House lacked a conference room and banquet halls, forcing the Government to incur high costs for hire of these facilities. The building had undergone several piece meal maintenance procedures. Unfortunately these procedures had not improved the situation. State House had to spend a total K1 million annually in maintenance,” the report read in part.

The Committee further observed that there was a separation of some columns in the cabinet room leading to several cracks on several supporting walls which had increased overtime.

“There is a failure of foundation supports. The walls have begun to crack due to the old age of the structure. The roof leaks despite various remedies that had been implemented. The heavy leaking has led to fungal growth of the wall of some rooms and these rooms can no longer be used.

The electrical systems in parts of the building are not functioning.

There are constant blockages in the sewer system. The structural timber is heavily damaged due to termite attacks and seeping water from the leaking roof,” further read the report.

“The building is overloaded-above its carrying capacity. Certain rooms are being used for other purposes other than what they are designed for. The dining hall is used for public functions causing further strain on the structure. Private engineers had been contracted to carry out a thorough assessment of the situation. However there report was incomplete as they did not have access to some rooms. The State House is a health and safety risk to the end users. The situation as State House is dangerous and it requires urgent attention.”

The committee however recommended that land should be found for the modern, more spacious and safe building house for the Head of State.

“Engineers should be allowed to have access to State House, in order to carry out a full assessment. The assessment will guide whether the building should be brought down, or kept as a national monument, with very limited usage. The Ministry of Works and Supply should ensure that the process for funding of the project is transparent and approved by the National Assembly,” recommended the Committee.


  1. clinton lupenga


  2. igi chiso

    just build a new one bcz that is dangerous

  3. Shawn

    ati the whole building is leaking so how was Edgar lungu surviving during the rain ☔ season.

  4. jj

    Comment they would have complaining during rain season,now it’s dry season that’s when they can start complainin? mmmmmm……lies are being exposed now ka.

  5. gogo

    The people who built that later disappeared for it’s turnal issues do mean even this time

  6. patson

    Comment just build a new one

  7. Simon

    yaa just build a new one coz its dangerous

  8. Chipo Ganja

    I totally second the proposal nomba show us images for the intensively described situation or else.

  9. Daywalker

    Buckingham, Balmoral, 10 Downing or ever the white house are older buildings. Charter house the old Ministry of foreign affairs was the 1st defacto state house. But our hurry to erase historical buildings to replace them with cheap Chinese synthetics will cost us.
    We should not pursue projects because our middle management is motivated by kick backs. It’s easier to create wealth than to create illusions of prosperity propped up by brown envelopes.
    The maintenance regimen at state house has been unfortunately left to operationally incompetent people with good qualifications and no idea of what they are dealing with. Imagine the white house getting renovated to replace the marble floors and walls with pocelain. The rich oak wooden inlays with MDF chipboards and the exterior Kimberly brick replaced with silver aluminium and plastic cladding.

    The White House was rebuilt after the British burnt it down in August 1814. We must not have the development agenda of a hunter gatherer when it comes to income and prosperity. We must establish sustainable income streams in the production of goods and services of which foreign regardless of shape size or format bribes are not.
    A bad approch to a good project is just as bad a a list project in the 1st place. Greedy selfish people who when put in charge of the kitchen can only feed themselves should be put in charge of cleaning up leftovers and washing dishes.

    The President is surrounded by too many hungry and desperate mouths and desperate and hungry people don’t make good advisors.

    We can do better in many areas but we end up “ukulya ne fibishi”. Our leaders need to be encouraged to remember that they are there to serve all the people 1st and not to treat the needs of the middle classes and entrepreneurs like it’s is an inconvenience. Our policy makers need to give solutions and not alms and handouts just as they need to caution themselves on receiving alms and handouts from outsiders.
    Don’t turn us into beggars. Follow the Kenyan budgetary example, The Rwandese investment approach, the Tunisian monetary concepts, the Zimbabwean eco cash success, yes Zimbawean.
    We are only limited by imagination and what we choose not to copy paste.

  10. Kalok

    What kind of logic is this? So you mean when you build a new one it will be maintenance-free??? Eish! Now I understand why Zed property looks so shabby – cars even. You run things until they break apart! Has anyone looked at the White House lately? That is an OOOLD building bana!!

  11. Rasco

    As Zambians we should blame ourselves for being unfair to our own kind. We are too hard on one another. People ascend to power only to suppress others and not to assist others. Building of a new STATE HOUSE will only leave the country poorer than it is now because of the trail of corruption in giving contracts. U BUTUBULU NABWENA NI CITO

  12. Friday

    Comment: Jus build a new one for Petes sake.

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