UPND MP ‘Goes Missing’

UPND Namwala Member of Parliament Moono Lubezhi has never returned to parliament despite having been reinstated after being wrongfully suspended by Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini.

The matter came to light when Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata rose on a point of order and wondered why Lubezhi and Monze Central lawmaker Jack Mwiimbu who is also leader of the opposition in parliament have never been in the house despite having been reinstated, Deputy Speaker Catherine Namugala said that they had yet to locate the Namwala Member of Parliament.

Lubezhi was initially listed on the UPND MPs suspended but on review of evidence it was found that she had permission to be absent as was Mwiimbu.

However the duo has not returned to the house opting to stand in solidarity with their suspended colleagues.
Namugala told the house that the office of the clerk had been unable to deliver the letter of re-instatement to Lubezhi whose phones were off.

An all Patriotic Front parliament on Tuesday voted to extend the proclaimed state of threatened Public Emergency for 90 days.

The motion went through unanimously with a count of 85 to 0.


  1. JM

    Blind loyalty. MPs are the worst boot lickers. No one understands these chaps the role they play. Anyway to be poorly educated and poor is dangerous to our society.
    The MPs don’t even know the meaning of State of Emergency there adopting. Because there are threatened not to be adopted on the next election they have to lick there are master’s a**.
    Going back where we came from in 1991. So for 25 years we’ve made no progress st all.

    • Chichi

      Probably she has been kidnapped by PF thugs and being held hostage at State House. Typical of a dictatorship nation and worse still if the head himself is an idiot.
      They may want a ransom in the form of asking UPND to recognize the fool as a legitimate president.
      Signs off cute Chichi girl

  2. X

    Let dorica go hell

  3. vern

    Hats off gentlemen!!!

    • hummer where it hurts

      Seeming concerned,while deeply celebrating.

  4. vern

    Hats off !!!

  5. Bk

    I pity Jack he is being pushed in the corner yet he knows the code of ethics of the house but he has chosen to be a pant licker

  6. Bm

    Poor gvnmnt

  7. mwewa

    the country belongs to easterners& bemba why are u looking for the tonga mps

    • amigus

      ‘U’! TUBULUAPULANS ‘RE NOT BEMBAS. ftj alitusebenye futi mukonkanyepo,IYOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • u r such fool u mst b a failure in life

      U mst b a moron wat do u want to achieve by issuing DAT kind of nonsensical statement

  8. joseph

    Let them lost they wont even find a find better place in life.

  9. Wise Me

    There was a confusion in one community where people started pointing fingers at each other as the originators of the problem. The chief hatched a plan to solve the problem. He called a meeting and told the community that he had discovered the person who had started it all. People were eager to know who that person was so that they could deal with him or her. The chief promised to do that at an appropriate time. When the day to expose the culprit came, the chief had prepared in secrecy a large box in which he placed a huge mirrow. He asked individual to pass-by the box in silence to see the enemy of the community. Guess whom they saw in the box. Their own images. Everyone was able to identify who was creating the problem. The confusion quickly resolved itself. This attitude of accusing others should come to an end think about how you are contributing to the confusion in the country.

    • Chanda Chanda

      When you are with elders and one of them farts the other one accuses you what do you say? You can’t deny to say ‘ teine uwanya ichishushi !’You will be said to be undisciplined. So you just giggle foolishly but all of you will have known the one who has fouled the air especially the one which come with the sound of ‘pwiii !’This is Zambian politics.

  10. Kaja

    Comment Triblism In Zambia

  11. pk

    Pf government is very foolish

  12. kangwa

    True, there is rampant tribalism in zambian not by bembas but easterners. Bembas are just used by the eastern cousins to denounce other tribes. This is very bad and dangerous for the country.

  13. Joe

    Pf is the worst govt, their jst busy stealing & hatred

  14. Rasco


  15. Go Zambia Go

    Be careful with yo steps and yo language u my be traced…. Go Zambia Go

  16. The great one

    Ba UPND ubupuba bwacila.. Let’s hope these characters who are fanning confusion in the country shall be sorted out soonest!

  17. AK

    They can not return to parliament despite have been reinstated because they want their leader HH to be released

  18. Mnx

    One Zambia!one nation! No decisions we are one,don’t let tribes separate us and mind what u are commenting.ama politics yelufyanya nangu ukonaula bucibusa twakwata nabanensu.let’s love one another,we are ONE despite ukotwafuma olo uko twikala.Love you all my fellow ZAMBIANS.

  19. Taabi mooba

    But pf govnmt,awee mwandi

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