Tilyenji Responds To Tayali: Don’t We Blame It On ECL… Why Stop Now?

THE titles freelance, cadre, propagandist are all just titles I seem to have inherited through this journey I seem to have embarked on and before realising it, I am knee deep.

But my favourite is Diva-cadre; However, It is not blind loyalty that makes me follow Ba Lungu, No! Or money bags, handouts or whatever speculation many of you hold. As Chilufya Tayali highlighted today and is not far from the truth, I am not a rich girl, neither do I currently have streams of milk and honey at my feet.

I work hard and fight to make ends meet for my babies and family. But truth is hard work does pay.

Anyway so yes what makes me a Lungu cadre?

Well, it simply the economical direction that the country has taken under his leadership. It is the selfless, humble, God fearing man I see and funny but true he tosses in a strong, upright character in looks and deeds that is what makes me support President Lungu.

However, Tayali your empathy on my welfare touches my soul but knowing the chancer you are hmmmm I wonder whether its empathy or your sexism character in you knocking. But knowing you, you probably purposefully parade women in your post to get a higher engagement. Kind of smart though.

Fortunately its not cause you wrote my name that am responding to you but because you are talking about the status of the economy a matter that affects every one irrespective of political affiliation, gender, sex or age.

However, Tayali in your quest to paint PF and President Lungu bad from what everyone assumes as bitterness because someone two played you or you just overrated your contributions your post has still affirmed the most important thing I was making home about.

President Lungu and his government have managed to pick up the economy and are walking in the right direction. In case you did not realise you have admitted in your article by stating that the Kwacha has appreciated, mealie meal has come down, load shedding has reduced to almost zero if not zero, inflation is at single digit and so on and so forth but what you are failing to come to terms with is accepting that the man you call a bad leader has made this happen.

Lets take a trip down memory lane even though I hate even looking back at this time end 2015, today you unashamedly say it was a world economic recession yet all you people did was blamed it on President Lungu.

Copper prices went down on the global market and so can be said for other metals, China’s demand for the commodity slid… the Kwacha started going haywire.

President Lungu tried to panel beat things to keep the nation afloat trying to make mining investors happy as well as the Zambian people.

Thousands of workers on the verge of unemployment, investors threatening to pull out, I could see they were making probably day to day decisions to make both parties happy and you gave my President a name, Mr Inconsistency.

However, Mr Inconsistency made sure employees did not lose jobs neither did investors pull out and for me that did not mean he was inconsistent but rather flexible and lets applaud the man.

Yes copper prices have generally improved but you forget one major thing the PF has done economic diversification and right now our agricultural sector is booming and has since seen an influx of investors in this sector. Baby steps they are but they are steps in the right direction.

Going back to copper, under the leadership of President Lungu that we actually embarking on value addition of the material since ZAMEFA days, I know you did watch news and saw the newly operating cable plant in Ndola.

You further state that because government has reduced on borrowing there is less pressure on the dollar now leading to an appreciation of the Kwacha so how is this a bad thing. So lets blame it on Lungu like we do… “President Lungu you have stopped over borrowing so the Kwacha is appreciating, stop it.” That’s how you sound my brother.

On mealie meal prices coming down I remember when President Lungu said he was engaging millers, government to sit on a table you laughed at him even the solar mills are making a contribution. And I am trying to understand you are you complaining that we had a good harvest? The good harvest has been achieved because yes we had favourable rainfall but government had to secure this yield and so lets blame Lungu for ensuring we had food security and a surplus. What is it exactly you want my guy.

Load shedding has reduced to almost zero and zero in most places because for the first time we have a government in place that did realise that the demand for hydro electricity had grown and the sector needed to revamp. As first measure President Lungu took advantage of our many natural water supplies and opened up more hydro stations additionally government has begun to explore solar energy and we have heard of nuclear energy in long term plans.

Additionally he took what he terms political suicide and scrapped off subsidies in the sector forcing the price to be cost reflective and evidently they went up and now the industry is more attractive for investment and we can already see the results. So BLAME IT ON LUNGU I SAY.

I do not need to sugar coat anything the man sacrificed his political career by picking an unpopular decision to try better the welfare of Zambians.

They called him Vasco Da Gama and I remember rejoicing because they equated President Lungu to a great explorer who opened up the continents for trade.

This is exactly what Vasco Da Lungu has done. Our foreign policy has never been better, look at investments coming from Saudi Arabia and Israel. Look at Africa’s realisation of Zambia being strategically located how many countries are entering and renewing our bilateral relations, Come on yes lets blame it on Lungu, why should we change now.

I deliberately decided not to try talk smart and talk of lending rates, Kwacha appreciation or inflation coming down from 20 to 6 percent because I usually like to seek proper explanations from pundits than sounding like an expert. However, I do know that these things equally are happening because of governments deliberate policies of which I will surely explain once I break all the technical, economic jargon.

I also know President Lungu is insistent on creating a favourable business environment for not only you and I but investors too. This is why he is curbing lawlessness and the business and diplomatic world has applauded him; to mention a few the Britains, The World Bank, Africa Development Bank, Bankers Association of Zambia, Commercial Banks and if I may divert the United Nations and the African Union have praised his policies as well as his zeal to create a conducive environment.

Na naka mweh bye Tayali but before I pen down here is some free advice which I would usually charge for because baby journalism for me was a course I studied under the umbrella of communication, yes am boasting because I am proud so here it goes: Your slogan touch n go, nigga it gat to go. Your reputation, your sexist nature is so dented to hold such a slogan, no one is taking you seriously you sound like a wanna be womaniser a desperate attention seeker than a presidential alternative.

#PFDiva out



  1. scorescore

    Excellent , tayali kuwaya yafye .

  2. Joe

    Changwa, he had failed to run this country, only too much cadres, every where u go.

  3. Innocent

    Wise beings frm East.

  4. Kambanyele

    Learn To Appreciate, Our President Has Done A Great Job. Tayali Is Too Primitive

  5. mulase

    Walasa madam!How I wished we had MP’s in PF who could defend and analyze nd articulate issues the manner u do but alas ECL appear to be fighting thugs like Tayali through this economic growth alone iya njotwiita mu chi tonga na mu mulaka wa chuundu ategwa “one ball

  6. mulase

    Tilyenji ivi ndiye vi ba muna vakuti chasiya ndalama ya rape Ku mukazi chikapeza mukazi alwiisha nkuku chikudya but nodandaula kubantu.Forget about them Tilyenji the good news is that Lungu e uleteka nd they will die in opposition. Remember too that the Dog with a bone does NOT bark but the one without does so goes the ADAGE.Let them continue barking as others ar chewing.. Who cares?? Ikamu nyokole njala aka joine PF nawe.nanga 2021 nilelo?Former PF IPS Chipata central.

  7. тихов

    So ba

  8. steezy

    Joe wat r u trying to say?

  9. skb

    ‘President’ Tayali tries too hard to make himself relevant to the politics of this great nation. Unfortunately he lamentably fails to be a factor in the political equation!!! DISGUSTING!

  10. Muzo

    My sweet sister abantu bamo nga balebosa don’t answer them back. They are afraid that things are being done right. They enjoy seeing Zambians in poverty. Concentrate to

  11. vern

    Tayali Twin to HH.

  12. job 13:13

    Get out kachikala. who d u want to shinga butter? you Lucifer just continue enjoying moni with your tribal mate but remember that your destine is so near.

  13. The voice of Reason

    Tayali is bitter he was not employed and now he claims to be speaking forthe people. Zambia … awe mwee

  14. Junior economist

    What a stupid girl.
    Lungu did not bring down the price of mealie meal.
    The price has dropped because south Africa has a bumper harvest of 15 million tonnes and will flood southern Africa with maize and mealie meal.
    Every grain holder and miller is getting rid of stocks to guy cheaper stock from south Africa.
    The farmers in Zambia are trying to sell this years crops fast and they are not getting anywhere near the prices they got last year.
    So don’t try to claim lungu is responsible for the price fall.
    Only a very ignorant young girl would say that as she is just a cadre.
    Also can this dull girl talk about the continued power outages across eastern Lusaka over the past week?
    Up to 5 nights now with no electricity during cooking and nightimes when people need it most.
    The constant failure of Zesco has now resulted in lost business again.
    The kwacha strengthening is due to slack markets in the country and many business needing to pay taxes for the end of financial year.
    The kwacha has only moved 0.30 points so its nothing much to claim for lungu unless this young female cadre is telling people that lungu has become an economist without advisors from BOZ and banks.
    The debts for Zambia are rising and the nation does not have exports to makeup contracted repayments of the two eurobonds.
    If the IMF fails to deliver then the kwacha rate will return to k10.4 by the end of august.

  15. OneNation

    Tilyenji – An opportunist that Tayali is, he has noticed that there are foreign interests with money who are busy calling Zambia under President Lungu a dictatorship – and we have come to learn the reasons why. Tayali has seen this as an opportunity to make money by parroting their misplaced message in order to win a sponsorship (he is not alone). At the rate Mr. Tayali is going, he will be in problems very soon.

  16. Shawn

    This bitch needs a horse fuck

  17. skb

    HACHILUFYA HITAYALI, sober up! What do you drink? You do not need specks to see that our KWACHA is better today. MWANA WAMUNZAKO AKACHITA WACHITA!!! Ata iwe. Please learn to appreciate.

  18. jason Nyirenda

    Tayali, what is the relationship between Creg Mills?

  19. Franktok

    Price of mealie meal is not as big an issue as price of relish. We all end up paying heavily for meat, fish and taxi/ bus fares. I recall how excited I was when I heard a litre of petrol was gonna drop to K5, but you can imagine how I feel now having to part with K14 daily just so I can commute to and from work. These are the real issues that government should tackle. These are issues that are tightly tied to minimum wage and insignificant salary increments. Many companies are happy to pay their employees just above minimum wage even when they rake in millions.

  20. Redblue

    Mmmm! Junior economist are u telling the truth?

  21. jerry

    I have just got sippoked ? Who are you?and what do you do?

  22. Rabson Kaluba

    Thumbs up Tilyenji.

  23. citizen

    You are a cadre mama just accept and enjoy while it lasts. Thankfully Lungu is not a God.

  24. TJ

    For one to become a President is GOD given and nothing else!

  25. Achzo

    Comment don’t mind them sister

  26. perry dawson

    all eyez on jst tellin us the truth

  27. Taabi mooba

    Hh chabe

  28. domi

    Hh chabe

  29. cts

    Tilyenji,,u r just a pfool prostitute wat can u say idiot .maybe lungu is yo boyfriend we can’t kno .just sit back foolish lady

  30. B.K

    What an idiot u little facking bitch think that u can outsmart the innocent people of zambia just as cts said u might be boyfriend and girlfriend. U might never no. Just keep your stupid words with your leader. Enjoy life while u can my dear cos HH is up next.

  31. Awa na moyo

    Girl,u are stunning hot in all your analysis extra good today the dola ,kwacha,supa splendid.ECL and team.ecl what a captain

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