Citizen’s View: UPND Can Win 2021 By Dividing Bemba Vote

If the Bembas split from PF, they will take with them Copperbelt, Luapula and north.

If I was a UPND strategist I would be talking to the guys who founded PF and have been denied bread on the table. Fund them to start their own political party.

People on Luapula or North will never vote for HH even with GBM as a rubber stamp. Only way to take those votes from PF and weaken the Bemba-Nyanja alliance is to divide and conquer.

Anyone, ideally a Bemba, who can leverage the metamorphosis of PF into MMD and argue that the revolution of 2011 has been sold out can manage to split PF along tribal lines. The Nyanja chaps can’t win without the Bembas. The Lozi and Tonga groups have a common enemy so nothing can split them at the moment.

UPND has to focus on the disgruntled former power kings like guy scott, Chishimba and others to leverage them to cut through the votes on the Copperbelt, Luapula and North.

East and a majority of Lusaka remains the play ground of the bwanji crowd.

For the next 10 years you will not be far from the truth when you analyze politics and election outcomes based on tribes…

Bembas remain the King markers in Zambian politics.

George N. Mtonga


  1. Christomab

    No triblisim

    • Senior Citizen

      Does this young man you call Mtonga write with his brain turned off? Ignorance is protruding on his head. After recovering please let him come back for a lecture in real clear politics 101 on Zambia.

    • Moses

      That is the simple reason why African states are always begging because they cannot even solve their own political differences they have to call an intelligentsia from some where else and that is total nonsense.How can a normal person be thinking of dirt methods of division of the country and be proud to call that a strategy. Zambia should reach a stage where voters are moved by development and not tribalism. Please stop suggesting nonses for mother Zambia.

  2. jason Nyirenda

    George Mtonga, I share your view, I have several times said it on this platform, but no one listens. We should not be wasting time in court. Sata never did that. Immediately after losing he would start campaigning seriously. Even most of us never thought Sata would be president, he beat us cleanand became Zambia’s 5th president. So what UPND should do is to start campaigning aggressively. There are a lot of issues that UPND can capitalise on, eg, high cost of road construction, lack of medicines in hopsitals, unemployment, fact construction deals, contractors going scort free after failing to carry out works that they have been paid for, etc. Please let us start campaigning now!

  3. Peter


  4. Lyson

    Rubbish instead of preaching peace you are busy dividing the nation, speak one Zambia one nation peace.

  5. Open Analyst

    ba Mtonga you are too tribal, thinking like that in this era is dangerous.

  6. Lyson

    Rubbish instead of preaching peace you are busy dividing the nation, speak one Zambia one nation peace. Your views are evil not good for the nation like Zambia.

    • Luwingu lwansase*

      Ba Mtonga mule ikalafye tapali ifyo mwaishiba .

  7. swift change

    Good analysis by Mtonga.

  8. Thaleah

    Rubbish post


    Ba Mtonga don’t think that Bembe’s are fools, 2016 elections GBM and NEVERS SIKWELA MUMBA tried to divide votes in Bemba Land like year analysis, but they failed including Guy Scort (umusungu)


    Bembas are good peaple they don’t vote on trible line. Wat happened in 2016 wen GBM, GUY. SCORT and NEVERS SIKWELA MUMBA campained againet PF? Didn’t they failed? Wat more do want Ba Mtongo? Fool.

  11. Husayn

    The red beast can not and will never rule this country if he keeps on inclining his will to promoting his tribe over others.

  12. Frankestian Johnson

    I can still see Ignorance in Tonga’s

  13. TJ

    Imwe a George Mtonga ndimwe andele nadi.Zambia had if not mistaken one or two presidents who were not bembas nor neither a nyanja.A mtonga muli nakapataula and you are real a tribalist and shame on you.

  14. leon

    Mmmmmmm people

  15. Not with zambians

    Not with Zambians

  16. Mwalix

    Not with Zambians

  17. Vital

    Take a bull on its horn and face consquences mr mtonga,be vital and gental with your speech.let us make peace not war

  18. Kid


  19. fest

    let’s just divide Zambia into two parts so that Bemba’s will remain in Zambia and z people of southern, western, north western, central, party of Lusaka and copper belt will be in barolse with our HH. there is nothing like one Zambia ,one nation coz Bemba’s are too much of tribalism. and if it will not work out now, I hope in future Zambia will be divided into two parts.

  20. Christopher Colombus

    Ba Mtonga,thinking like a kindergarten chap,I’m dissapointed with a shallow thinking
    It’s 1Zambia 1nation

  21. Ken

    Pf will win in 2021 only if they work hard and deliver according to their promises. People need jobs, good health facilities, Pay retires, lower school fees, mealie-meal and many other

  22. mengmoreler

    But im suprizd u say tongas’r tribolistc z dat nt tribo problm.

  23. mengmoreler

    If bemba and nyanjas vote 4 da bemba or nyanja nizi,bt if tonga and lozi vote 4 their tribe ati ni tribolism!ninshi chilibwanji apa pantu?

  24. Lawrence chungu

    Mr Mtonga &Mr Bwembya Tutale,a good combination of name’s 4 yo topic.r they yo real names?if so,what wil b yo reaction if it was lozi tonga combination?u wil lebal them tribalist i guss.STOP this please!divide &rule is old fashion.Sata won because he had de message.Zambians r not fools they can read between lines.they know whom u r workin 4.As for 2021 elections they r in GODS hands,b ready 4 anything!

  25. Oooops

    imwe bafikala, I’m half bemba half Tonga. when I was young I was taught to hate tongaz. not directly per se. and because I have a bemba first name I have had direct opinions of bembaz on Tonga people. even Christians. the level of hatred is quite alarming. unfortunately Tongaz are too busy to waste time on such nonsense.

  26. Mk

    Bemba most tribalistic. They vote for fellow bemba or check for president whose founder or predecessor was bemba. Always think they are perfect.

  27. Awa na moyo

    Another HH was born,President Hive Hamududu.if you think u can influence Chishimba kambwili,let’s wait and see

  28. cts

    Foolish mtonga u r childish, u r busy boasting yoself there not knowing wat God has prepared fr 2021. U even don’t kno wat ll bring ,reason like a matured man not like someone wu z being used fr nothing .tribalism z de only thing in yo mind ? Shame on u dandahead who doesn’t think abut young ones future but busy preaching tribalism. Things r not ok school fees r so high even in govt schools, y can’t u tell yo prsdt to work on economy not this rubbish u v posted ? Think b4 u doing nthing .stupid man

  29. One Zambia

    You guys are forgetting that there are 72 tribes in Zambia, but you keep making Bembas look bad,Bemba’s are the most Hospitable where ever you go around the country,Zambia can never be divided no matter what God made it one and no one can do nothing about it… Mr Mtonga good article. God will chose the next Leader,Like He chose Lungu from a nobody to somebody ,let us just humble ourselves….. And either supporting Lungu or HH these guys will never recognise you.

    • amigus

      BAMUCHIME! fear not for this while,BUT munatipuzisa,munatilangiza HOW to vote,due to the voting parten of past and present,it clearly shows that you have never voted for a BEMBA uko ku maba as we did in LUBEMBA for KK,RB and ECL the current one,ababonse nibanu. you never followed FTJ all heartedly let alone CHILUFYA whom you use insult instead of praising! let history reapet itself BEMBA-MUCHIME war!! tukamonepo ABAPONDO! BAMUCHIME stop shielding in us BEMBAS when fighting TONGABULLS stand on YOUR WANU!!

      • Jerry Mashamba

        UPND still using tribal analysis. Please remove your tribal spectacles and will be able to analyse how other tribes think.

        You are wrong again. Bembas are not fools. You will lose again.

  30. Mr nice

    Ndimwe bazeleza a mtonga vinjelu mulije

  31. Joe

    its true, bemba’s are the most tribalism, corrupt & hatred. together with baku chipata

  32. Mnx

    Mwanta mtonga wake up!we don’t write while asleep kkkkkkkkk.we are not here to preach tribalism or to device our country,NO!so if you have nothing to contribute just switch off your phone and continue sleeping.

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