‘Heavy’ Presence Of Soldiers On Kasama Streets Sends Panic

An unusual presence of heavily armed military personnel on the streets of Kasama in Zambia’s Northern Province has sent shivers among residents.

Zambia is under a Semi-State of Emergency and security has been heightened across the country following acts of arson dimmed as sabotage.

But the Zambia Army Command in Northern Province says there is nothing sinister about the presence of soldiers in selected streets in Kasama.

Deputy Regional Commander Colonel Danny Maimbolwa says fears that the army had taken over patrol in the city were unfounded.

Colonel Maimbolwa told Mano News that contrary to the assumptions, the soldiers were on what the army terms as a routine march.

He adds that Wednesday’s route march was held as part of preparations for the forthcoming inter-provincial competitions within the Zambia Army.

The Deputy Regional Commander has since advised the general public not to panic as the walk was purely a military exercise.


  1. mengmoreler

    Yaba!tiyeni nabo,exercising with guns n da street ga!z it dat we hav run out of mountains&bush 4dam 2do exercise there than n street?aa bemba mbuya mwaziwona ga?yes let it frm there bcoz u’r 2 talkertiv,kuya bebele.

  2. Awa na moyo

    Commander in chief.they are peace keepers.only a law breaker will panic

  3. Banda

    These so called “Peace keepers” are in fact the bad guys disturbing the once peaceful Zambia.

  4. Joe

    we have a war in zambia ?

  5. Gunshot

    A mare routine-match… no need to panic.

  6. fetty

    hmmmmmmmm pamunzi pa epa.

  7. isaac

    let them do their duty

  8. Crescent

    Allow them to what is right .Ba Banda you’re coward us Bemba’s are not

  9. m r

    kkkkk its not true. am in kasama

  10. Derrick

    Peace forever declare in Zambia.Balova maningi.

  11. Jonathan

    Zambia is 100% at peace.

  12. Hon.Teddy Mwaba

    Only a dirty minded person can fear The Army serve a purpose to all of us .The situation here is the property and lives of people the poor most Our Elders threatened.so what else can the Head of State do to protect his people.Police and Dolidiers are peace keeper very peaceful.And PF is going nowhere we mean well to the People of Zambia

  13. Cridah

    Am Afraid Ignorance Among People,u Dont Know De Duty Of De Army

  14. John

    really? then tell us

  15. Peace lover

    Some people! Yaba! Ati we are in peace? Idiots!

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